Happily Ever After

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Chapter ten – Uncle Ben
“Why don’t you like her, mum?” asked Mike later that day as they were walking “don’t like who sweetheart?” asked Mrs Solis “T” said Mike getting annoyed “what you mean Tessa?” asked Mrs Solis opening their front door “yes mother” said Mike now getting really furious “I do like her” said Mrs Solis going into their living room “why say you need to recover first? Yes agree with you but do you think she’s not enough for me? That she is too young?” asked Mike “no she is good enough” said Mrs Solis “then what’s the problem mum?” asked Mike looking at Mrs Solis. She looked at him, signed and then walked away leaving Mike clueless

Back at the palace (yes I got to go home early) I was reading quietly in the garden in the lovely bright blue sunshine. A ray of sunshine. I was reading the secret garden. I was enjoying the book and the peace and quiet but I heard some talking so I went to see who it was. I stopped by the edge of my bedroom door and listened. It sounded like it was mum’s voice “Ben, please” said mum “I can’t” said the other voice “why? Craig is willing to forget the past. Why can’t you? Please Ben. I’m your sister. We haven’t seen each other in years. Your kids are grown up now. But do you care? Nope. Just please come” asked mum “okay fine” said the other voice “thank you, thank you” said mum sounding happy and repeating herself whilst jumping up for joy. She hung up
“Who was that mum?” I asked walking over causally “Tess, what are you doing? You’re meant to be recovering. But it was my brother” said Mrs Harmer “you mean Uncle Ben?” I replied “yes” said Mrs Solis “that’s great mum” I said hugging her “thank you my gorgeous girl. He may even stay for good and come to your wedding” said Mrs Harmer smiling “that’s fantastic mum” I said again smiling “yeah that’s so great Jane” said Mr Harmer coming over “well it wouldn’t of happened with you. Thank you Craig” said Mrs Harmer to my dad and they kissed
I looked away and laughed. That’s so good that Uncle Ben is coming

I walked upstairs, walked into my large out space bedroom all happy and I looked at my cousins Clara and Olivia “what? Do I have something on my face?” asked Olivia rubbing her face “no liv, its fine. You look beautiful. But your dad. He’s coming here” I said “OMG finally! Who? I have to thank them” said Olivia jumping up so quickly, it was a blur “my mum” I said as soon as I said this. Olivia ran downstairs. I laughed and I looked at Clara and went upstairs

As we reached the bottom step, we heard some screaming and we ran into the living room and Clara suddenly stopped and stare
“Hello baby girl” said the voice. It must of been Uncle Ben’s
“Ben, this is my daughter Tessa, who you gave your palace to” said Mrs Harmer “Hello Tessa” said Uncle Ben shaking my hand “Hello. Thank you so much for giving me your palace” I said smiling. I needed to get Uncle Ben to like me just for mum’s sake. “Aw aren’t you a cutie. Your welcome!” said Uncle Ben when we heard the door opened. It was Mike with my dad and Max and came into the living room. Mike came over to me “hi baby” said Mike kissing me. I smiled. But when my dad saw Uncle Ben. Everyone stopped “hello Ben” said my dad “hello Craig” said Uncle Ben. There were lots of tensions in the room. Mum saved the day by interrupting “Ben?” asked Mrs Harmer “yes Jane?” asked Uncle Ben turning the other way to look at his sister “can we just leave the past behind us? Please! Craig is willing to forget about the past and move on; can you just do that same for me? Please Ben? Your daughters are really excited to see you!” said Mrs Harmer “Clara? Olivia? Your dad is here” she shouted to my cousins upstairs and in two seconds we heard Clara and Olivia running (mostly Olivia) downstairs and shouting. They ran towards Uncle Ben and they hugged “daddy” said Olivia “my girls” said Uncle Ben hugging them both but Clara let go and came over to me “T?” she asked “what’s up?” I asked “can I talk to you in private?” asked Clara “sure” I said looking worried but smiled as I followed Clara upstairs

What was going on? Why did Clara let go? Why is she sad to see her dad? What was wrong? Why does she want to talk to me in private? Without Olivia?
We went upstairs in silence but so many questions were in my head and felt like I was going to burst

We sat down and Clara looked at me “what’s going on sweetie? You can tell me” I said sweetly “my dad” said Clara “your dad? Why did you let go? I asked “you know about me and liv when we were little and I nearly got run over? Asked Clara “yes” I said “my dad was drunk when that happened and my mum and Olivia stopped me but dad just stood there when mum stood in the road and she got … said Clara looking down at the floor “run over?” I asked finishing her sentence. Clara nodded. I looked at her and didn’t say anything and just hugged her “I am really sorry, that’s so sad” I said “that’s alright T, thank you for listening” said Clara. I smiled “would you like to go for a walk?” I asked “that would be lovely T” said Clara

We walked downstairs quietly and I saw Mike “Clara and I are going for a walk, do you want to come?” I asked. He nodded, he got his coat and keys and grabbed my hand and we quietly sneak outside trying not to make any noise “do you want Olivia to come?” I asked. Clara shocked her head. We quietly went to the door and opened it and went outside

When we got outside away from the palace, we all signed of relief and laughed “why are you sad about your dad being here?” I asked “because of what happened to mum. Dad couldn’t cope so he left so Leah had to look after us three and she couldn’t cope either so she left and we ended up taken into care” said Clara “three?” I asked “oh yeah, you have an older cousin called Leah” said Clara “and she had to look after you and liv?” I asked “yeah I guess that’s why we were taken into care and sent here” said Clara “why couldn’t she cope?” I asked “because of dad” said Clara “I’m sorry about that. But I’m glad you were sent here” I said trying to make Clara happy. I smiled “me too” said Clara “why did you let go off your dad so quickly?” I asked changing the subject “it brings back memories of mum” said Clara “that’s understandable” said Mike smiling at Clara with me “thank you guys” said Clara hugging me and Mike smiling. I smiled at Clara “but why didn’t you want Olivia to come?” I asked “because she doesn’t want to remember mum being run over, dad getting drunk, Leah leaving, Dad leaving and us being taken into care. It upsets her too much. She shouts me at me even if I mentioned them. Does she love me?” asked Clara “of course she does” I said smiling “care?” Mike asked “yes” said Clara “why were you in care?” I asked trying not to sound rude “because daddy used to always come late and drunk and Leah couldn’t take any more of daddy so she phoned the social services” said Clara. I looked at Clara and hugged her. “That sounds so awful. I am really sorry” I said “it isn’t your fault, don’t be silly T” said Clara smiling at me. I faked a smile but I felt so awful

When we got home, Clara smiled at me “thank you T, I love you loads” she said, I smiled and Clara went upstairs to her room while me and Mike went to the kitchen. No one was in there “I feel so awful” I said walking into the kitchen “it’s not your fault sweetie. It’s not anyone’s fault T” said Mike smiling at me. I smiled at him “love you” I said “I love you too T” said Mike “I love you more” I said giggling “I love you most” said Mike winking and now hugging me and tickling me “I have to do something to make Clara smile again. I do not like it when any one I love is not smiling. It makes me sad also we have to do something to remember their mum” I said “I was wondering when you were going to mention me but that’s so sweet T, you’re so lovely. I’m in” said Mike “I love you, you numpty” I said “I love you too” said Mike “we have to think T” he said looking as though he was thinking hard. I laughed and he smiled

Hours later, I had thought of something, I looked at Mike “baby?” I asked “yes” said Mike “I know what we should do” I said smiling but I had that look of cheeky and Mike smiled “what should we do baby?” asked Mike “a photo album” I said “and a finally good bye to their mum” I said proudly smiling “that’s so lovely of you T. I reckon she’ll love it” said Mike “me to, right we can’t tell Clara okay?” I said sounding serious. Mike laughed “what’s so funny?” I asked “you keeping your mouth shut” said Mike “what you trying to say?” I asked “it’s not going to be easy for you, you can’t keep your mouth shut less than 2 seconds” said Mike laughing. I poked my tongue out at Mike but smiled “okay I guess that’s true” I said “I’m joking baby, you can do it” said Mike smiling at me “thankyou baby, I’m only doing it because Clara is family. Should we tell the others?” I asked laughing then looked at Mike. He knew I was serious now “yeah sure” said Mike looking at me smiling and he stopped laughing because he saw my face and he knew I meant business and we went downstairs

When we got to the kitchen, we saw Olivia on her own so we walked over “hey liv” I said causally “hi T” said Olivia as we sat down at the table “we know what happened to your mum” said Mike. Olivia looked shocked but gave us a half smile “Clara told you?” she said and sounded cross “yes but ...” I couldn’t finished because Olivia went so Mike and I followed
“Why did you tell Tess about mum? I thought I told you not to tell anyone” shouted Olivia “I know liv but you …” said Clara but couldn’t finished “Clara, I told you NOT to tell anyone ... Do you understand what that means? It means NOT TO TELL ANYONE okay? Do you understand? Next time, keep your mouth shut understand?” shouted Olivia. Clara nodded when I walked in “liv” I said trying to calm her down “please don’t shout at Clara, she was only telling me. I’m family. I won’t tell a soul I promise” I said. Olivia looked at me. I waited hoping that Olivia will apologise to Clara. Olivia looked at Clara “I’m really sorry I shouted at you Clar” said Olivia “it’s okay liv” said Olivia. They hugged. I smiled “she only told me because she was upset about your dad being here?” I said as Clara went “if I knew it would upset you guys, I wouldn’t have ask mum to call your dad” I said grabbing one of Olivia’s hands “it’s not. It’s just Clara. Don’t worry T, I love having my dad here. You did a good thing” said Oliva smiling at me “well we thought of how to cheer up Clara. I told you T, you worry too much” said Mike “hey stealer, I thought of it. Yes but I just care about people” I said giggling but smiled at Mike and Oliva “what’s the idea?” asked Olivia “make a photo album of you and your mum with Clara and say a finally goodbye to your mum” I said “what about dad?” asked Olivia “yeah sure” I said “aww T, that sounds so sweet. That’s so lovely of you. Thank you so much. She’ll love it. We didn’t get to say good bye to our mum probably so that will be really nice” said Olivia “that sounds so awful” I said sounding sad “you are literally the best” said Olivia smiled at me and I hugged her “well done T” mouthed Mike behind Olivia

Mid-afternoon, the Solis’, Mike, Ben, Olivia and I were all very busy making Clara’s surprise “I wonder what happened to Robert and Harriet” I said “I don’t know T” said Olivia “that’s a cute picture” I said holding up a picture of the twins and their mum dressed as fairies and their mum as a princess “thank you T” said Olivia “do you reckon this should go in the album?” asked Lynette “YES” said Olivia smiling “thank you so much for doing this T, it means a lot” she said smiling at me “anytime liv, I just wish I knew I had cousins back then and your parents, you know” I said “me too” said Olivia

When we finished the album, it was so big; it was as big as my Uni folder. It was that big. Insane right?
Olivia and I went to go and find Clara and give her the album
When we found her, she was in the living room watching Coronation Street “hey” I said causally “hey T” said Clara as I sat down next to her “Clara, I got to give you something” I said smiling and Olivia and everyone else walked in and I stood up and Lynette gave me the album but secretly and I pulled it out behind my back and gave it to Clara “what’s this?” she asked “a photo of you, liv, Leah and your parents” said Susan “and all of you made it?” asked Clara flicking through pages of pictures “yes, it was Tess’s idea” said Mike “oh T, can you get any more sweeter?” asked Clara hugging me “it’s okay. As you didn’t get to say goodbye to your mum probably, would you like to do it now?” I asked “I would love to” said Clara smiling “thank you, you guys are the best” she said. We all smiled and hugged

When the Solis’ went home, Clara, Olivia and I walked down to the graveyard and found their mum where she was buried “loving mum to twins Clara and Olivia and oldest daughter Leah Hunter and wife to Ben Hunter” I read “always remember Amber Kate Hunter, never forgotten.” We all bent down on one knee and Clara and Olivia just looked at the name “mum, we’re never ever forgotten and we’re never stopped loving you. We miss you so much; hope you’re okay up there. We have a cousin called Tessa and this was her idea. We will always remember you. Good bye mum” they said “she would have been so proud of you both” I said proudly “thanks T, let’s go home” said Clara “hang on, I just need to tell you both something” I said nervously “what’s up? What is it?” asked Olivia. I looked at them “well I think I might be pregnant” I said sounding worried. They didn’t say anything. They just looked at me “wow” said Clara “with Mike’s baby yeah?” asked Olivia “well obviously, I took a test and it said positive” I said smiling “oh my gosh, wow congratulations” said Olivia and Clara “thank you” I said and we headed home arm in arm

When we got home, we heard shouting and rushed upstairs to see what was going as we went inside, we walked to the kitchen “so are you going to tell Mike?” asked Clara as we reached the kitchen but Olivia and Clara stopped “guys?” I asked them laughing. No response. “Guys?” I said again now sounding serious but waved my hands in front of their faces. Still no answer
What was going on?
I looked up and saw a tall beautiful nose pierced grown up girl. I thought about this for a moment. This must be Leah. Olivia and Clara’s older sister
But what is she doing here?

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Uncle Ben

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