Happily Ever After

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Chapter 13 – the truth is out there
The next morning, me, Clara and Olivia were in the sitting room “when is the appointment T?” asked Olivia “11am” I said “do you want Mike to come?” asked Clara “no just you two” I said “are you sure T?” asked Olivia “yeah I mean wouldn’t it be better if you were both told at the same time” said Clara “no because I am not 100% sure I am and you don’t want two adults disappointed and upset do you?” I asked laughing “I guess not but you are going to tell him right?” asked Olivia sounding serious “yes I promise” I said looking at Olivia “good” said Olivia “we’re better get ready”

We got our coats and as I picked up the car keys. Mike came over “where are you three going?” he asked “doctors” I said causally “why what happened?” asked Mike. I looked at the twins and then Mike “check-up” I said sounding not worried “are you okay T?” asked Mike sounding worried “yes I’m fine. It’s just a monthly check up” I said “okay well good luck baby. Tell me what’s going on? See you later” said Mike kissing me on the check “bye” I said and closed the door behind me

When we got to the doctors surgery, we all sat down “are you nervous?” asked Clara “no” I said “do you want us to come in with you T?” asked Olivia “please” I said smiling
20 minutes later “Tessa Harmer?” said the receptionist “yes?” I asked standing up with Olivia and Clara “the doctors ready to see you now” said the receptionist “thank you” I said

I knocked on the door and waited “come in” said the person in the room. We walked in “hello Dr Miles” I said shaking his hand “hello Tessa” said Dr Miles. We sat down “I have something to tell you but is your partner with you?” asked Dr Miles “no he isn’t” I said causally “oh right but would you like me to tell you anyway? It’s wonderful news” said Dr Miles “yes please” I said grabbing Olivia and Clara’s hands “Miss Harmer, you are pregnant. Congratulations” said Dr Miles “thank you so much Dr Miles” I said smiling and shaking his hand “I’ll book you a scan in a few weeks” he said “thank you, we’ll see you then” I said smiling “thank you”

When we got home, we went into the living room “T?” asked Olivia “yes?” I asked sitting down “you are going to tell Mike right?” she asked “yes liv, I promised didn’t i?” I asked “yeah” said Olivia “I will tell him now” I said sounding worried “why are you so worried?” asked Clara “because I don’t know how he’ll react” I said “he’ll be thrilled I promise” said Olivia smiling at me and giving me a hug

That afternoon I was in my bedroom when Mike came in “hey baby” he said sitting down next to me “hey” I said not looking happy “what’s up T?!” asked Mike “well you know I had a doctor’s appointment?” I asked “yes baby, are you okay?” asked Mike “yes I’m fine, it’s just…” I said standing up and walking over to the window “just what? T, what’s going on? Whatever it is, I’ll be here for you through everything” said Mike sounding worried “I’m pregnant” I said quickly and walked over to my dressing table and sat down and started doing my hair. Mike just stared at me
20 minutes later …
“Mike?” I asked as I turned around and looked at him worrying “you’re kidding right?” asked Mike finally “no” I said “how many weeks are you?” asked Mike “umm I don’t know, I only found out this morning” I said “you mean your doctor’s appointment?” asked Mike “yes” I said standing up “OMG, this is great news T, we’re going to be parents” shouted Mike picking me up and spinning me round “I love you” said Mike “I love you too Mikey” I said kissing him “do you know whether it’s a girl or a boy?” mike asked. I laughed “I only found out this morning baby” I said “oh yeah” said Mike “you are so stupid sometimes” I said laughing “hey, only when I’m with my sisters” said Mike laughing “that’s mean but I love you so much” I said kissing Mike “I love you so much” said Mike and we ended up on the bed

“Max?” I asked “yeah?” asked Max “don’t freak out okay?” I asked “Tess, I’m already freaking out. Stop being weird and tell me what’s happened?” asked Max taking my hand and leading me to the sofa “now Tess, what’s going on?” he asked me “are you okay?” “I’m fine Max” I said “then what’s going on?” said Max “I’m pregnant” I said quickly. Max did the same thing Mike did and just stared at me
I signed “Max, you idoit! Say something?” I asked quickly “are you joking?” asked Max “NO!” I said “OMG!” shouted Max jumping up and down “I know I know, you’re going to be an uncle and Mike is going to be a dad oh my gosh. It’s finally happening Maxie, my happy ending” I said hugging Max “I love you so much T” said Max “I love you so much too Maxie” I said “have you told mum and dad yet?” asked Max “no” I said letting go of Max “why?” asked Max “because I don’t know how they will react, I’m 19 I should be going to university and at least have a job. But I don’t and this is just one of the many things they’ll be disappointed about” I said starting to cry “Aww T, it will be okay I promise. I’m going to be with you every step of the way. It’s the best news ever. Yes you do have a job. You’re a writer” said Max “not a very good one. I haven’t even got any of my stories published” I said “and? They’ll be thrilled to be grandparents I promise T” said Max hugging me “I love you and I’m so proud of you” I wiped my eyes “I love you too and thank you” I said “will you tell them?” asked Max “I’m too scared” I said “yes they’ll be shocked but no matter what, they will be so happy to be grandparents. I’m sure of it T. They are so proud of you. You used to have to look after me 24/7 so you’ll be a fantastic mum. I feel so awful for all the horrible things I did to you and called you and you didn’t dervese it and you are the best” said Max “aww Max, thank you but you shouldn’t feel that way, I love you no matter what you did to me or called me. You’re my baby brother and my best friend. It doesn’t matter. You’re the best ever” I said “you’re welcome T, do you feel a bit better now?” Max asked hugging him “good, how many weeks are you?” asked Max “I don’t know, I’ve just found out” I said “okay well I’m here for you” said Max “thank you” I said smiling “who else knows?” asked Max “Mike, Clara and Olivia “so not the rest of the Solis’s?” asked Max “no not yet” I said. I looked at Max and saw the look on his face “I will tell them I promise” I said “what about Meg and Grace?” asked Max “I will tell everyone after the wedding” I said “why after the wedding? Why not now?” asked Max “Because mum is probably stressing out about the wedding and I don’t want to put more stress on them but I will tell Meg and Grace later” I said smiling “good point and good” said Max laughing

“OMG, that’s great news T, congratulations. You’ll be a fantastic mum” said Meg “thanks Meg” I said smiling “we are so proud of you T” said Grace “thank you, lots of people have said that” I said laughing and hugged Grace “no problem, so they should because it’s true” said Grace “have you told Mike yet?” asked Meg “he was the first person I told honey” I said laughing “well I’m just checking because if you didn’t then you would have to keep quiet and the day you’re quiet is the day pigs start to fly” said Meg. Grace laughed “Megan, what’s your point?” I asked slightly annoyed “my point is, is that you can’t a secret so it’s good that you’d told Mike otherwise there would be drama like in the soaps” said Meg laughing “shut up Meg” I said poking my tongue out at Meg “love you” said Meg “I love you too” I said smiling at Meg “have you told your mum and your dad yet?” asked Grace “oh no not you too” I said signing “what do you mean?” asked Meg “Olivia, Clara, Max and Mike want me to tell mum and dad too” I said “so are you?” asked Grace “I don’t know” I said “what do you mean T?” asked Grace

What should I tell them? I don’t know myself? Should I tell my parents? They would be thrilled right?

“I mean I don’t know whether to tell mum and dad or not” I said finally “you should” said Meg “no” I said “why not?” asked Grace “I’m too scared” I said “of what T?” asked Grace “what’s going on honey?” asked Meg “of how they will react? How would your parents reacted if you told them that you were pregnant at the age of 19 when you’re meant to be going to university and have a job not having sex with your 20 year old boyfriend and get yourself pregnant” I said “they would be over the moon. Mum would start asking me questions. Dad would be so happy to be a granddad” said Meg “what about you Gracie?” I asked Grace “my parents?” asked Grace “yes” I said “they would be the same as Megan’s parents. You have nothing to worry about T” said Grace “yeah Grace is right” said Meg “of course I am” said Grace laughing “they will be the same as anyone’s parents” said Meg ignoring Grace “but Max said “ I couldn’t finished “hold it right there, when have you ever listened to your brother?” asked Meg “never” I said “then why start now?” asked Grace “because it’s the truth. They will be disappointed in me. I’m 19” I said “doesn’t matter how old you are. Well over 18 is a good age. You’re got to tell them, they’ll find out eventually” said Meg smiling at me “I guess” I said “why guess?” asked Grace “it will be okay I promise T” said Meg giving me a hug
Meg and Grace have always managed to cheer me up right from when we were at primary school
“okay I’ll tell them” I said smiling “good” said Grace “we’re here for you” said Meg “every step of the way” said Grace “thank you guys” I said “you’re the best friends anyone could ever have, I don’t know what I’d do without you” I smiled at Meg and Grace “your life would be boring” said Meg laughing “but aww T, don’t go all soppy” said Meg laughing. I laughed “but what Meg is trying to say is thank you” said Grace laughing “you’re welcome” I said smiling at Meg and Grace

“Mum? Daddy?” I asked later that afternoon “yes T?” asked Mrs Harmer “I have something to tell you” I said slightly nervous “what’s that baby girl?” asked Mr Harmer. My parents looked at me as I was looking around for Meg, Grace, Max, Mike, Olivia and Clara and I smiled when i saw them come over to us “mum, I want to ask you a question?” I asked “go on?” asked Mrs Harmer “what were you doing when you were nineteen?” I asked so quietly that it sounded like I muttered to myself “what darling?” asked Mrs Harmer “what were you doing at nineteen?” I asked again “oh umm god I can’t remember, but I was Stanford university, why sweetie?” asked Mrs Harmer. I swallowed and looked at Mike, by the look on my face, both Max and Mike came over and grabbed my hand either side and nodded at me “mum, dad don’t freak out okay?” I asked sounding worried “okay” said Mr and Mrs Harmer “you’re going to be grandparents” I said thrilled that I finally said it “phew that was hard” I smiled at Mike and he kissed my check “well done T” he whispered in my ear. I smiled at my parents. They didn’t smile back. I looked at them not knowing what to say and waited …
I knew they would react like this? Oh damn you Mike, you shouldn’t of conviced me to tell them
We all waited for either mum or dad to speak
I shouldn’t have told them? But they would found out eventually right? Perhaps they’re in shock … hopefully

“mum? Dad?!” asked Max breaking the silence. I smiled at him. mum looked at me and she didn’t look happy. I swallowed “YOU CAN’T BE PREGNANT! YOUR 19 YEARS OLD, YOU ARE NINETEEN YEARS OLD TESSA! YOU SHOULDN’T BE HAVING SEX AT 19, YOU SHOULD BE GOING TO UNIVERSITY NOT ENDING PREGNANT. How could you be so stupid? Tessa, you shouldn’t be making babies at nineteen, you are at university. I didn’t get pregnant at 19. I was at university studying to be a nurse” said my mum calming herself. “I can’t even say anything else” she said sounding angrier than ever. I looked at dad hoping he would say something different. I looked at him and waited. He didn’t say anything but smiled at me and gave me a hug so tightly I had to let go of Mike’s hand and Max’s hand “you’ll be a fantastic mum T, I am so proud of you” said Mr Harmer whispered in my ear so mum couldn’t hear. I let go and smiled at my dad “thank you daddy” I said smiling

Chapter 13 (v.1) - The truth is out there

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