Happily Ever After

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Chapter 14 – it hurts
I stood there looking at my mum waiting for her to say something “you should be ashamed of yourself. I’ve never been so embarrassed” shouted my mum. I didn’t say anything and ran upstairs crying
“did you have to be so horrible mum?” asked Max “SHE’S 19 Max!” shouted my mum “yes I know but Tess, she has always looked after me 24/7 while you were at work, she never did anything for herself, you should be proud of her not ashamed or embarrassed just because she’s 19” said Max. Mum didn’t say anything. Max and Mike looked at mum and then walked upstairs

I landed on my bed. I heard footsteps “T?” asked Mike coming over with Max and sat down “T?” he asked again “are you okay?” asked Max. I sat up “Mike, I’ve never seen mum like that. I don’t know what to do. I shouldn’t have told her” I said still crying “ssh Tess, she doesn’t mean it” said Mike giving me a hug “it’s going to be okay princess” he said kissing my head “it’s going to be okay” said Max “I love you guys so much” I said “we love you so much too T” said Mike and Max smiling “I love you more” I said giggling “I love you most” said Mike “Mike, I feel sick” I said changing the subject “so do I, you guys make me sick” said Max. I told Max to be quiet and I looked at Mike worriedly “do you know how many weeks you are now?” asked Mike “yes” I said “I think” “how many weeks are you?” asked Mike “30” I said “36” “and how big is your bump?” asked Mike “it’s like a watermelon” I said holding up my t-shirt so I showed Mike my tummy “do you know if it’s going to be a girl or a boy?” asked Mike “no not yet but I have a hospital appointment this afternoon” I said putting down my t-shirt “is that a scan?” asked Max “yes” I said smiling “so we’ll found out soon?” asked Mike “yes” I said “oh my god T. this is really happening. We are going to be parents. Oh my god” said Mike smiling. I smiled and jumped up and down and hugged Mike “do you want me to come with you princess?” asked Mike “yes please, you are my prince” I said “and you are my princess” said Mike “they’ll put some jelly stuff on my tummy and appartnenly it’s really cold” I said “aww baby” said Mike laughing “it’s not funny you idoit” I said “I’m sorry baby” said Mike giving me the puppy dog eye look “you are forgiven” I said laughing “do you want your mum and dad to come?” asked Mike “no, what about you?” I asked “what about me?” asked Mike “have you told your parents yet?” I asked raising my eyebrows and looked at Mike “no not yet” said Mike “because all of my sisters and brother will want to ask questions and besides they won’t believe me anyway” said Mike “why?” I asked “because mum needs to see proof before she believes me” said Mike “ahh so she won’t be ashamed or embarrassed?” I asked “no honey, she’ll be thrilled to be a grandmother” said Mike smiling “that’s good baby. I wish Mum was thrilled like your mum will be” I said looking sad and hugged Mike “your mum will be thrilled I promise T” said Mike “I hope so” I said and I ran to the bathroom and locked the door
“T?” asked Mike knocking on the door 20 minutes later “Tess, are you okay?” he asked “yeah I’m fine” I said as Mike heard me be sick in the toilet and I opened the door and wiped my mouth “it’s all part of being pregnant I guess” I said “aww baby, it will be okay” said Mike hugging me “so are you going to tell your parents or not?” I asked “no” said Mike “why? You made me tell my parents when I didn’t want to” I said poking my tongue out at Mike “they’re downstairs” I said “what?” asked Mike “yeah I told them that you had something to tell them because we have proof now. A baby scan. We’re having a girl” I said smiling “oh my god babe” said Mike “I know I know baby” I said “I’m going to tell my parents, come with me” said Mike grabbing my hand like I had no choice and I didn’t “do I have to?” I asked sounding sarcastic “yes” said Mike grabbing my hand and I signed and followed Mike

When we went downstairs, we walked into the living room where we found Mr and Mrs Solis. We sat down opposite them and Mike cleared his throat “mum, dad, we’re got to tell you something and we’re got proof before you say anything, here you go” said Mike giving his parents the baby scan. They looked at it and we waited
“Whose baby scan?” asked Mrs Solis? We grinned at Mrs Solis and handed each other’s hands “ours mum” said Mike smiling at his mum “your joking Michael?” asked Mr Solis
I don’t think I’ve ever heard Mike being called his full name
“No dad” said Mike “your being serious?” asked Mrs Solis “yes mum” said Mike slightly annoyed now “wow congratulations to the both of you. that’s wonderful news” said Mrs Solis “thank you Mrs Solis, that’s very sweet of you” I said smiling “your welcome, do you know what sex your having?” asked Mrs Solis “a girl” said Mike “oh my gosh. That’s wonderful news. So happy for you both” said Mrs Solis “thanks mum” said Mike “thank you Mrs Solis” I said “we’re proud of you Michael” said Mr Solis “thanks dad” said Mike “it was lovely to meet you T …?” asked Mr Solis “Tessa and it was so lovely to finally meet you Mr and Mrs Solis” I said “thank you” said Mr Solis “welcome to the family Tess” said Mrs Solis “thank you so much guys” I said hugging the three of them and smiled “You are amazing” said Mike “aww you cutie” I said “it’s true, my parents love you” said Mike “aww I love them too. Especially your mum, she’s not ashamed or mad at you. She’s proud of you and so am I” I said giving Mike a hug “your mum will calm down I promise. She’s nice too. I love your parents and Max” said Mike “Max?” I asked looking shocked “yes, your little brother” said Mike “oh him, he likes you too and my dad loves you too and are you sure mum is going to calm down?” I asked looking at Mike worriedly “he likes me?” asked Mike “yeah?” I asked looking at Mike again “likes me?” asked Mike again “yes, so?” I asked “so why doesn’t he love me silly, like a big brother” said Mike tickling me “because he’s Max” I said “so?” asked Mike “SO he doesn’t show his emotions and he’s never like any of my boyfriend’s anyway so think yourself lucky and ssh” I said poking my tongue out at Mike “wow” said Mike sounding shocked “yeah I know, it’s almost like he’s a different Max” I said “or he’s growing up and you don’t want him to” said Mike raising his eyebrows “maybe I don’t know. It was so lovely to meet your dad at last! You are so much alike, almost like twins. It’s strange” I said “he enjoyed meeting you too and yeah ahah strange isn’t it because my dad isn’t a twin but my mum had twins Gabbi and Bree” said Mike “you and Max look a lot like ea … “but he couldn’t finished his sentence because I’d have covered my ears “la la la I can’t hear you la la la” I said giggling. Mike came over to me and took my hands away from my ears “each other” he said finishing his sentence “ew gross I don’t want hair growing up my nose thank you very much” I said “oh T, I love you so much” said Mike “I love you so much too Mikey, I am so proud of you. You’ll be a fantastic daddy” I said hugging him “oh someone just kicked” “let me feel” said Mike and I put his hand on my tummy “oh my god, that is most amazing thing ever. You are creating a little human inside of you. You’re going to be an amazing mum to our little girl T. I’m so proud of you” said Mike “yeah I am indeed creating a little human inside of me. Aw thank you, I’m going to try and thank you. Have you thought of any names for our little princess yet? Do you reckon she’ll be tall or short? Or have brown eyes or green? What about a lazy eye? Will she need glasses?” I asked without taking a breath “we won’t know anything about her until she’s born you plonker and yes I have, have you?” asked Mike bending down to my tummy “hey little one, your mummy’s a bit of a plonker isn’t she” I laughed and kissed him

My life is going really well at the moment. I am so glad I said yes to Uncle Ben’s offer to live here otherwise my life would be a nightmare like before and I don’t want that. I’m so lucky
But should I tell Mike about the exes? No I shouldn’t. It might make things worse and I’ve never seen him so happy. Yes that’s right I won’t tell him and anyway I don’t even remember any of their names

Chapter 14 (v.1) - And it hurts

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