Happily Ever After

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Chapter 16 – I am in love with you
“I told you your mum would be happy for you” said Mike. I giggled and smiled at Mike

“Lynette” said Mike later that morning “yes Mike?” asked Lynette “I think I am in love” said Mike “really” said Lynette not sounding too surprised “yeah, aren’t you surprised?” asked mike “no, not really” said Lynette “are you jealous?” asked Mike “ha-ha no I’m not jealous and I’m not surprised either” said Lynette “why?” asked mike “because it’s obvious” said Lynette “go on” said mike “Mike, come on we all know you’ll in love” said Lynette “oh is it that obvious?” asked Mike feeling embarrassed “yes mate, it is” said Lynette laughing “oh dear” said mike “it’s a good thing douchebag” said Lynette “yeah?” asked Mike now smiling “yes” said Susan coming over “everyone knows bro” she said “do they?” asked Mike “yes” said Susan “expert…?” said Lynette “T” said Max coming over smiling “where is she?” asked Mike “guess” said Olivia “the garden? Reading?” asked Mike. They all nodded “thank you” said Mike hugging all four girls “just go loser” said Susan. Mike ran upstairs to put shoes on

I was, meanwhile outside in the gorgeous sunshine sitting on a sun bed reading with Max and Clara. They knew something was up because I wasn’t talking “T?” asked Max finally “Max?” I asked now stopping reading and bookmarking my page and I sat up “what’s going on?” asked Max “nothing, I’m just reading the faults in our stars and Hazel is fighting cancer and her friend Angstrus emails her favourite author and” I said “yeah okay T but what’s going on with you?” asked Max “why do you think something is up?” I asked “your quiet that’s how” said Clara laughing “you’re never quiet. Now what’s going on?” asked Max sounding serious “oh thanks guys. I love you too” I said sounding sarcastically and laughed “Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer! Tell me what’s going on or I will ground you” shouted Max. Clara and I just stared at Max for a minute and Clara moved towards Max “T, I’m sorry but I’m with Max on this one” she said “what? There’s nothing going on and you all know I would tell you” I said. Clara and Max stared at me again “fine” I said signing. Max raised his eyebrows “I think mum and dad are hiding something” I said finally “is that it?” asked Max “yes” I said. Max looked at me “I think your right T” he said “but what?” Clara asked “I don’t know” I said looking around “there’s something else isn’t there?” asked Max “Max?” I asked “Tessa?” asked Max raising his eyebrows “what do you mean?” I asked looking confused “is there something else bothering you?” asked Max “maybe” I said “what’s bothering you?” asked Max “I think I’m in love” I said “really? Who with?” asked Max. Clara rolled her eyes “Max, it’s obvious” said Clara “is it that obvious?” I asked. Clara nodded “what’s that obvious?” asked Max stupidly. Clara and I laughed “Max, your sister is in love” said Clara. Max laughed. We just stared at him “what? You are being serious? With who?!” asked Max with in between laughter but sounding serious. Clara rolled her eyes again. I don’t blame her. How can Max be so clueless and brilliant at the same time?!
“Maximillian Justin James Leonard Harmer, god you have a long name. Your sister, Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer is in love with Michael … what’s his middle name T?” asked Clara “I think it’s Stephen David” I said “with Stephen D avid Solis, how can you not of noticed?!” asked Clara “really? I don’t see it because she only talks about him 24/7 all day every night everyday” said Max laughing and I smiled “do you think he’s in love with me?” I asked sounding serious “T, he ask you to marry him and he’s the father of your baby. He thinks the world of you Tess” said Clara “really?” I asked. Clara and Max nodded. I giggled “I’m in love I’m in love I’m in love” I said sounding happy and smiling “NO, you don’t say” said Max sarcastically. Clara laughed. I poked my tongue out at Max and giggled “go found him then” they said. I ran inside the house

When I got bumped into Mike “oh hey, I need to tell you something, come with me” he said and grabbed my hand and I followed him to my room and we sat “Tess, I love you more than I have ever loved a girl. You make every day fill with sunshine and you make me so happy. I love you so much” said Mike and he picked me up and turned me around. I grinned at him. “Mike” I said as I got to the ground “yes” said Mike “in my experience, I’ve never ever loved a guy as much as I love you and I’ve never been this happy with any guy and I can’t believe that Max likes you and I can’t believe you like me and I think” I said “I think you should move in” “really?” asked Mike smiling “yes” I said smiling “I love you” said Mike “I love you too” I said “I love you more” said Mike laughing “I love you more than food” I said winking. Mike stared at me “oh my god” he said. I smiled “I win” I said giggling “hey, what’s your middle name?” I asked “Stephen David” said Mike “I knew it” I said “why?” asked Mike “because Max was joking around and me and Clara told him that I’m in love with you and Clara asked me what your middle name was and I said Stephen David” I said “you’re in love with me?” asked Mike. I didn’t say anything but just smiled at Mike and nodded. Mike smiled at me and we hugged “I’m in love with someone too” said Mike “oh who is she?” I asked sounding upset “well she lives here, she’s stunning, kind, amazing, beautiful, talkative, creative, smart, funny, loyal, and her name is really long and I’m engaged to her” said Mike “oh what’s her name?” I asked “Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer” said Mike looking at me “you know another girl with the same name as me, why is this the first time I’m hearing of this” I said quickly “no you banana, it’s you” said Mike “me?” I asked “your name is Tessa Jane Harriet Mary Harmer isn’t it?” asked Mike smiling “yes” I said smiling at Mike “oh my gosh, I love you so much” I said “I love you too” said Mike hugging me and I smiled at him

He’s the sweetest guy I have ever met

Chapter 16 (v.1) - I am in love with you

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