Happily Ever After

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Chapter 17 – Offer
The next day I got a phone call from America offering me a contact and I can’t even put it into words how believably shocked I was

“oh my gosh, um thank you so much for this amazing, this amazing offer. Thank you so much. This is believably amazing. I can’t believe it. Thank you Mr Smith. I’ll let you know, okay bye” I said and I hung up
After I hung up, I just stood for a few minutes and I screamed

I heard people running upstairs “T, are you okay? Is the baby okay?” asked Mike rushing over “the baby isn’t coming is it?” asked Lynette “has your water broke?” asked Susan “are you okay?” asked Olivia “why did you scream?” asked Clara “is the baby okay?” asked mum and dad “are you going into labour?” asked Max “don’t be silly Max, it’s too early” said Lynette “right T?” “Yes it is too early, and she’s fine babe don’t worry and no Lynette and no got ages yet and I think I’m the happiest girl in the world” I said sounding so happy. Everyone just stared at me “I got a offer to be a writer” I said happily “oh my god T, that’s amazing” said Lynette smiling at me “that’s amazing news T, I am so proud of you. No wonder you’re all happy. That’s your dream job. I’m so happy for you” said Max giving me a hug “thank you” I said smiling “congratulations Tessa. We’re so proud of you” said dad “thank you daddy” I said “that’s great news T” said Susan, Clara and Olivia “thank you” I said smiling

After everyone left me and Mike alone, we didn’t say anything and 20 minutes later, Mike finally spoke “I am so proud of you” picking me up and swig me around “thank you baby” I said after Mike stopped swinging me around “it’s my dream job” I said “I know it is. its amazing news” said Mike “but do you think I should say yes?” I asked. Mike stared at me, not saying anything “are you draft? Of course you should say yes, you numpty” said Mike “we wouldn’t have to move?” asked Mike “well the phone call was from America” I said “but no of course not” I said quickly seeing Mike’s face. I smiled at him “I love you T” said Mike “I love you too” I said smiling “when’s your next scan?” asked Mike “tomorrow I think babe” I said “okay” said Mike “tomorrow is the 24th yeah?” I asked “yes, all day” said Mike “then yes, it’s tomorrow” I said “want me to come with you?” asked mike “well we’re going to see our baby girl so of course I want you there plus the jelly stuff is really cold and it’s an outer sound” I said “Mum said she couldn’t come” I looked at Mike “I thought your mum was fine with it now?” asked Mike seeing my face “so did I” I said “is your dad okay with it though?” asked Mike “yes, he’s thrilled to be a grandad. He’s coming tomorrow too” I said smiling “well that’s great baby” said Mike “yes it is” I said “are you going to tell him about the offer?” asked Mike “no, I’m going to turn it down” I said “oh babe, this is your dream, why?” asked Mike looking at me “because I’m his little girl and America is too far away, he’ll break down in pieces” I said “I can’t do that to him” I sounded upset and Mike gave me a hug “well whatever you decide, I’m with you 100% I promise” said Mike “thank you” I said smiling “your amazing you know” said Mike “Michael Solis, are you flirting with me?” I asked winking and giggling “maybe I am, maybe I’m not” said Mike winking at me “I love you so much” I said smiling “I love you so much too baby girl” said Mike “oh yeah I suppose I am your baby girl because I am younger than you” I said laughing “you’re just figured that out?” asked Mike laughing “no” I said “I love being your girl, you make me feel so special and you mean the world to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you Mike. You’re my best friend, my rock, my moonstone, my world and my everything” I said smiling “T, you brighten up my day just by smiling and being the funny and kind person you are and I’m so glad I am with you. I wouldn’t be able to go by day by day without you and your beautiful face” said Mike. I had to stand on tip toe because Mike was taller than me and we kissed

“How tall are you?” I asked “I think I’m nearly as tall as dad but 6ft why?” asked Mike “that’s not fair” I said laughing “how tall are you?” asked Mike winking “5’1” I said “how tall is Max?” asked Mike “5’6” I said “and your mum?” asked Mike “5’8” I said “dad?” asked Mike “I think he’s the same height as you baby” I said laughing “so you’re the shortest out of us five then?” asked Mike “yes until this one is born and then mummy won’t be the shortest one anymore” I said talking to my tummy smiling

“What do you think mum is hiding T?” asked Max “I don’t know” I said “what are we going to do?” asked Max “nothing” I said “what why?” asked Max “because I am pregnant” I said “what’s that got to do with mum and dad hiding something?” asked Max “nothing” I said sounding annoyed “then what are we going to do?” asked Max “nothing, no we’re going to let them tell us. Yes we’re going to do that” I said “but what happens if they don’t?” asked Max “then we can ask them” I said “wouldn’t it be better if we just do it in the first place?” asked Max “no” I said “why not?” asked Max “because of the wedding” I said “what’s that got to” he couldn’t finished his sentence “if you finish your sentence so help me I will ground you for a month but not July because that’s my wedding” I said “okay, okay I’ll shut up” said Max “probably a good idea” I said smiling. Max laughed “what time is your outer scan?” asked Max “2pm Maxie, why?” I asked “I want to come too, I want to see my niece” said Max “aww that’s sweet, you’re welcome to come” I said smiling

At 2pm, Mike, Max, Dad and I went to the hospital
When we got into Mr Miles’s room, I came over to the bed and laid on my back while the doctor hooked me up to the machine “please lift up your t-shirt Tessa” he said. I pulled up my t-shirt and as I did, Mr Miles put some jelly stuff on my belly to the baby inside me clearly “here” said Mr Miles “oh my gosh, look Mike look” I said grabbing his hands “oh my god, is that” said my dad “is that my granddaughter?” asked my dad “yes daddy, it is” I said proudly and smiling at my dad “oh my god” said the three men. I smiled at them.

When we got home, I walked into the kitchen and I didn’t realise my dad followed me “that was amazing” he said. I jumped “god, dad you made me jump” I said as I turned around to face him “sorry sweetie” said my dad laughing “dad” I said sounding serious “yes T?” asked my dad “I got something to tell you” I said “what is it? Are you okay?” he asked sounding worried “you know I love you more than anything in the world and I would do anything for you” I stopped “what is it T?” asked my dad “well the reason I screamed early, was because I just got a offer to be a writer” I said “wow that’s great news. That’s your dream. I’m so proud of you. the women you’re becoming” said my dad “you’re not my little girl anymore. You’re all grown up” said my dad looking at me happy but his voice sounded sad. I couldn’t take it “I’m always your little girl daddy. I’m not going to take the offer” I said grabbing my dad’s hands “what why?” asked my dad sounding shocked “because it’s making you sad” I said “in a good way T. don’t worry I promise. Where was this phone call from?” he asked “America dad” I said sounding serious “oh, okay well that’s great T, I’m incredibly proud of you” said my dad “I said no” I said standing up “but why T? This is everything you’re dreamed about since you were little” said my dad “I’m not ready to move half way across the world from you dad and I can’t do that to you or mum or Max. I’m sorry” I said. My dad smiled at me and gave me a hug “you don’t have to say sorry for doing something generous and kind and turning down a chance of a dream for your family T” said my dad “well if I did go, it would be too quiet without me” I said “that’s very true” agreed my dad laughing “I love you daddy” I said smiling “I love you so, so much T. your mum and I would be lost without you and Max” said my dad “I don’t know what I’d do without you guys” I said smiling “actually there’s something I need to tell you and Max. Where is he?” asked my dad letting go of me “MAX!!” I shouted so loudly that my dad jumped
In a second, Max was in the kitchen “what’s up?” asked Max coming over and sitting down next to me “dad wants to tell us something” I said to Max “oh, what’s up dad” said Max turning to Dad. I laughed “well your mum wasn’t at the hospital with us because” he stopped “because she’s ashamed” I finished “no of course not, why? Did she say that?” asked my dad “pretty much dad, right in front of T” said Max rubbing my back. I smiled at Max and mouthed “thank you” “aww T, why didn’t you tell me?” asked my dad. I went all quiet “she didn’t tell you because she didn’t think it wasn’t a big deal” said Max “of course it is a big deal, oh T you are silly” said my dad laughing but smiling at me “anyway what were you going to tell us?” I asked changing the subject on propose “your mother told me how ashamed she is and I told her that was wrong and we had a big fight and I stood up for you and she said I was being won over and that I was all grown up and you shouldn’t be pregnant but in university and she” he said “she left” and he looked at us “WHAT!!” Max and I said together

Chapter 17 (v.1) - Offer

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