Happily Ever After

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Chapter 27 – Labour
“OMG, um okay” said Mike “GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW” I yelled. Mike and Max helped me up and went downstairs towards the door. Max opened the door and got hauled of my other arm again and they both helped me to the car “ouch, put me down” I said “right, I’m going to call the ambulance” said Mike and he and Max helped me sit down while Mike rushed to call the hospital “ARUGHH, OMG it hurts so much” I moaned

When Mike came back, it was getting worse “OMG Mike, I’m having a baby” I moaned “the ambulance is on its way Tess. It’s going to be okay” said Mike

35 minutes later, I was lifted into a wheelchair by the paramedics and they pushed me into a lift and got in the ambulance and they put a blanket on me to keep me warm and Mike jumped in and Max got in my ford car and the paramedics shut the doors behind us and got in the front and started the engine. Mike was sat on the seat next to me “OMG, the pain” I screamed. Mike put his hand on my hand to stop it from shaking “it’s going to be okay honey, I’m here” said Mike and he led forward and kissed my forehead and moved my hair out of my face “the pain, it hurts so much” I cried and I sat there crying because it hurt intensely on the way to the hospital

They got to the hospital, got me out of the ambulance. I was still crying and screaming. Mike grabbed my hand and I squeezed it hard while one of the paramedics pushed me and the other opened the door to the ward 4 of the hospital
When they got to a bed, the two men lifted me from the wheelchair to the bed, got me into a confronting position, and rushed everywhere to find some towels and nurses. Mike and Max sat each side of me. Max turned up at the hospital just as I was put on the bed. They both grabbed my hands “where’s dad?” I asked “he’s here sweetheart” said my dad coming over. Max let go of my right hand and my dad grabbed it and sat in the chair where Max was sat next to me. I squeezed both of Mike’s and my dad’s hand hard, but they didn’t say anything and just smiled at me. When the doctors and nurses came over with towels and the doctor had medical scissors “okay Tess, I want you to breathe in and out for me? Can you do that?” asked the doctor
I breathed in and out while pushing really hard. The doctor kept looking up my bladder to see if the baby was coming while I kept pushing and breathing in and out and I closed my eyes
While I had my eyes closed. Max, Mike and my dad waited patiently for the baby to come out

25 minutes, the doctor said “here you go Mrs Solis, it’s a baby girl. Congratulations” and he gave me the baby. I opened my eyes and looked at the baby girl “she’s beautiful” I said whilst crying and laughing. Mike, Max and my dad stood up and looked at the baby

The baby was small, had brown shiny eyes, that sparkled so brightly like the stars in the night sky, had a small button nose, her face was just as beautiful as her mother’s

“Lucky thing” I thought to myself laughing
Her hands were so delicate and tiny. She laid there in her mother’s hands, fast asleep, weighing only 6 pounds. She was born midday and was absolutely the beautiful baby Tess had ever seen.
The baby opened her eyes, we were all looking at her “she’s so tiny” said Max touching the baby’s tiny hands “yeah she is, she’s just like a doll” I said smiling “she’s ours” said Mike “forever” I said kissing Mike “want to hold her?” I asked “of course, yeah” said Mike and he hauled out his arms while I passed her gently to Mike “oh my god, she’s so light. She’s not heavy at all” said Mike “Max, pass me my phone a second” I said and Max took my phone from my bag and gave it to me “I’m going to take a picture” I said “oh you too Max” I added. Max stood next to Max and I looked through my new phone for the camera. I looked up and the height difference between my little brother and my husband was so funny. When I found the camera, I smiled at them “smile” I said and took the photo and smiled and showed Mike and Max “bless you T” said Max smiling at me and hugged me

Chapter 27 (v.1) - Labour

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