Happily Ever After

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Chapter 29 - Paris Gabriella Lorelai Solis
When we got home, we opened the palace’s front door, I was carrying the car seat that had my baby in it and walked into the living room “hey” I said causally “T” said everyone and they rushed over and hugged me “she’s tiny” said Lynette and looked at my baby “yeah” I said quietly “she’s so beautiful” said Susan “yeah she is” I said again quietly “congratulations” said Susan hugging me “thank you Su” I said smiling “what’s her name?” asked Olivia “didn’t I tell you liv?” I asked “yeah but I can’t remember” said Olivia “she’s called Paris” I said “full name?” asked Olivia “Paris Gabriella Lorelai Solis” I said proudly “aww, so cute” said Clara “guys” I said “it’s a lovely name” said Max “guys” I said again “she’s so prefect” said Meg and Grace “GUYS” I shouted. I couldn’t wait any longer “yes T?” asked Grace “I have to tell you something” I said sounding scared “what is it?” asked Lynette. I cleared my throat, looking at Mike “T, tell them” said Mike and grabbed my hand and I looked at all of them “our baby, well she has neurofibromatosis type 1” I said. Everyone went quiet and looked at me then the baby then me again and Max saw my face and came over and gave me a hug and put his face against my face and gave me a squeeze, wrapped his arms around me too “come with me” he said grabbing my hand “what about the baby?” I asked worried “we’re look after her, don’t worry. Go with Max” said Meg nodding at me “okay” I said and followed Max and we walked into the living room. Mike looked up and saw my face “what is it?” he asked coming over and Max stood up as he was sat down “she’s upset” said Max starting the obvious “I can see that. Where’s the baby?” asked Mike “I don’t understand how something so sweet and innocent can have neurofibromatosis type 1. It breaks my heart” I said “with Meg and Grace” I added “does anyone has it?” asked Mike. I looked at Max “don’t think so” he said “maybe you should ask your dad?” asked Mike. We nodded and we went to find my dad

“What did you find out about Alyssa?” I asked Max “lots” said Max as we went upstairs “like what?” I asked “like lots” said Max “Max, stop being so difficult” I said sighing “fine okay, I’ll tell you” said Max “she has a daughter called Stacey, she lives in Yeovil. She’s 28 years old, she is dircoved, she is adopted, doesn’t know we’re her brother or sister, she has 3 adopted sisters called Lauren, Kirsten and India and 2 adopted brothers called Elliot and Aaron. Her adopted parents are called Andrey and Callum, doesn’t know mum and dad, doesn’t know about her past, doesn’t know why she is adopted, she loves reading, she has a job as a beauty therapist, her ex is called Blake Brennan and her daughter is 4 years old” said Max.
We walked into dad’s bedroom “hey dad” we said causally “what’s up?” asked Mr Harmer “dad, we found out this morning that Paris has neurofibromatosis and we were wondering if anyone else has it in the family?” I asked “grandma has it” said Mr Harmer “have we meet her and grandad?” asked Max “no you haven’t” said Mr Harmer “do you have their phone number? Maybe they can come here and we can meet them” said Max. my dad looked at us “please daddy” I begged. This always used to work when I was little when I wanted something
He stopped and saw our faces. We were doing puppy dog faces “I’ll see what I can do” said Mr Harmer. I smiled at him jumping up and down. High fived Max and hugged my dad “thanks daddy” I said then I heard crying and rushed upstairs.

“it’s alright princess, mummy’s here” I said as I walked into the kitchen and Meg passed her over to me and I gently rocked her to calm her down. In a second, Paris stopped crying and gave me a smile “you’re a natural” said Meg giving me a hug and kissing Paris on the check. She giggled “thanks Meg, want to take a picture?” I smiled at my best friend and got my phone out of the bag and we both smiled at the camera with Paris on Meg’s hip. “Smile” I said, I showed it to Meg “aww that’s cute” said Meg “thank you Meg, thank you for everything” I said. I smiled at her, I got Paris from Meg and Paris put her small soft head on my left shoulder and cuddled. We took another photo “smile” said Meg and she stood in front. Paris and I both smiled. Meg showed me the photo “aww” I said smiling and we had a big hug.

“what did grandma say to you dad? asked Max the next day. My dad sighed and looked at me, Paris and Max “can I hold her?” asked Mr Harmer. I nodded and passed Paris over to him and he smiled “she’s so prefect” said Mr Harmer and Max together “thank you, she IS prefect” I said smiling “family photo?” asked my dad “with everyone?” I asked “like who?” asked Max. I rolled my eyes “mum?” he asked hopefully. Bless him. “no” I said “she’s made it clear enough, she doesn’t want to be in our family anymore. This is our family” I said and cleared my throat “dad, Alyssa, me, you, auntie Rachael, Uncle Ben, Olivia, Clara, Leah, Grandma Mary, Grandad Arthur, Grandma Brenda, Grandad Allen, Mike, Paris, Mr and Mrs Solis, Lynette, Bree, Gabbi, Susan and Jason” I finished

It took Max a while to remember this “oh yeah” he said finally remembering. I laughed and ruffled his hair “so?” I asked looking at my dad “so what baby?” asked Mr Harmer “so are they coming or not?” I asked getting inpatient with my dad “yes” said Mr Harmer formally “really?” I asked raising my eyebrows “yes, your grandparents are coming here Tess” said Mr Harmer smiling “OH MY GOD” I said jumping up and down with so much joy that I nearly tipped but Max saved me “careful” he said helping me up “sorry” I said “they can finally meet Paris” I said smiling. By this time, I’d stopped jumping up and down and was sat down on the sofa “yeah, they’re her great grandparents and they can finally meet you and Max at least and Olivia and Clara. They can meet the whole family. I am so excited. I haven’t seen my parents since I married your mother, oh god, they’ll be so disappointed in me. They loved your mum. Maybe this is a bad idea” said Mr Harmer freaking out “no dad, it’s not your fault. Mum left you, you didn’t leave her. She’s a bitch and the sooner grandma and grandad know it, the better” I said. The doorbell rang and we all looked at each other “they’re early” said Mr Harmer. We all walked downstairs, followed by Mike, with Paris on his hip, Clara and
Olivia and opened the door …

Chapter 29 (v.1) - Paris Gabriella Lorleai Solis

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