Happily Ever After

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Chapter three – walking in each other’s shoes
The next morning I was out in the garden relaxing on a comfy white deck chair reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry, Hermonie and Ron was in the girls bathroom making a potion where Moaning Myrtle died and Ginny Wealsey (Ronald’s younger sister) first arrives at Hogwarts and she meets Harry when I heard lots of shouting coming from inside so I signed, put my bookmark on the page I was at and I went inside to find out

There were all four of Solis sisters. I walked over and step in to break it up “what’s going on?” I asked looking confused. They all looked at me and spoke at once. I signed and raise my hand in the air and there was silence “one at a time” I said “Lynette, what happened?” I said for the second time looking at Lynette (hoping I didn’t have to repeat myself for a third time) “I was trying to find my hair dryer and I couldn’t find it so I went into Susan’s bedroom but I couldn’t find it but I found my diary and that was that” said Lynette “so all this was over a hair dryer?” I said “no, this is what really happened okay, I was reading and I heard Lynette shout my name and I was in the back garden and because she has a loud mouth I could hear her so I went inside and upstairs to my room and I saw her diary and the twins were just watching TV” said Susan “no way” said Lynette “this started because you were being selfish Susan” said Lynette looking at her big sister “me? Selfish?” asked Lynette “YES!” answered Susan “are you kidding me? You’re the one who’s selfish, all I’ve done is help brought you up and you call me selfish, it’s always about you and the others never me. And this is how you thank me by calling me selfish? You’re got to get your facts right” said Susan “you finished?” asked Lynette “yes thanks” said Susan looking at her little sister. I didn’t say anything. Then …
I had a brilliant idea
“Guys?” I asked smiling at the two sisters “yes Tess?” said Susan “she’s my best friends not yours” said Lynette “I never said she wasn’t … oh never mind carry on Tess” said Susan “well I thought as you can agree on who started the argument about the hair dryer” but I couldn’t finished as Susan interrupted me “this is more than the hair dryer” said Susan “why not, try and walk in each other’s shoes for two weeks then you will learn a bit more about each other. Trust me, you fight now, but when Susan goes off to University, you will miss each other, I used to fight with Max over the most stupid things, I miss him like crazy now, I have learnt that life is too short to argue. Trust me, try it and you will see” I said “okay Tess” they said smiling. I smiled back

The next morning I woke up, had a strength, got out of my huge comfy bed, made it, put my fluffy violet dressing grown on and I stood by the window looking at the beautiful view “home sweet home” I said to myself and I went downstairs for breakfast, entered the kitchen and Lynette and Susan were sitting opposite each other looking at me when I entered.

I looked at them for a few minutes “what are you doing here?!” I asked looking confused and sounding worried “oh nothing has happened Tess, don’t worry” said Lynette realizing her best friend was worried “then why…?” I couldn’t finish because Susan interrupted me “because Lynette told me to come with her to yours because you said …” but she couldn’t finish “I know I know. But why so early? Why 8 am? I thought you would be asleep? Did Olivia prank call you?” I said sounding concerned “well it was her on the phone. She said you’d broken your leg?” asked Susan. I looked at them and moved both of my legs “well I haven’t, I’m really sorry you had to rush over here. I didn’t realize” I said “don’t worry Tess, we’re just glad you’re okay” said Lynette. I smiled “so how is it going?” I asked “it’s going great, we’re learnt so much about each other, thank you” said Susan “you’re awesome Tessa Harmer” and she hugged me “it’s okay, hey I told you and thankyou Suzie” I said. All three of us hugged “I am just going to shower” I said and ran upstairs

When I got upstairs, I went into Olivia’s room without knocking “hey!” said Olivia sounding crossed “why did you ring Susan and Lynette and told them I’d broken my leg?!” I asked “because it’s funny” said Olivia “IT IS NOT FUNNY. YOU LIED” I shouted “so?” asked Olivia “Are you stupid or something? It’s wrong to lie liv” I said sounding calmer “and?” asked Olivia “liv, why are you being like this?” I asked “stop being bossy” said Olivia

From downstairs Lynette and Susan could hear our conversation “do you think we should go up there?” asked Susan “yes, I think Tess needs to follow her own advice” said Lynette and they went upstairs
“Stop being so rude” I shouted “hey, what’s going on?” asked Susan as Lynette grabbed me stopping me hitting Olivia “I’m not being rude” said Olivia “yeah you are” I shouted back. Lynette and Susan looked at each other and signed “what’s going on? You were nice to each other yesterday” said Susan “oh that was yesterday” said Olivia “so what happened?” asked Lynette “because she just came in here without knocking” said Olivia “no!” I said looking so cross I was going to explode. They all looked at me then Olivia rolled her eyes “Olivia, if you’re not interested, go downstairs, don’t be rude” I said “I am actually interested Tessa, and I am not rude. I am actually quite interested as why you just came in without knocking” said Olivia. Lynette and Susan went back and forth between Olivia and I like it was a tennis match.

It was nearly four o’clock and we were still arguing “you can’t just come in here and take over Tess. You’re not in charge. Just because your 18 now doesn’t mean anything. You’re not our mum. You’re not our big sister either “we hardly know you” said Olivia “you finished?” I asked “yes thank-you” said Olivia sounding rude “well I do not think I am in charge and I know that I hardly know you but I want to get to know you and Clara. Where is Clara anyway? I know I’m not your mum or your big sister. I just care about you. I hate arguing with you, I feel like I’m at home with Max again. Trust me, I’m the oldest and the big sister and Max doesn’t like it either as much as I don’t” I said “what? He hates being related to you?” asked Olivia “yep” I said “then he must be mad” said Olivia smiling at me “because you are an amazing person Tess. I dislike this brother of yours. He doesn’t know anything about how amazing you are. Does he treat you horrible when you were living with your parents?” asked Olivia “Oh yes he did” I said “that’s horrible, I’m glad that Clara and I have an awesome cousin like you. We’re lucky to have you around” said Olivia and I hugged her “aww that’s so nice to say liv, thank-you. Ahah I dislike my brother as much as you do but he’s okay, he’s my brother. Sure he was a nightmare at home and I had to babysit him every day with his mate Ben and I never had any time for myself and my friends had to come over every day to keep me company but he’s family. I love him. Now I’ve moved away from home, I miss him like crazy. I am lucky to such lovely girls as cousins” I said and we hugged


“What’s going on? I heard shouting?” asked Clara coming in Olivia’s bedroom. We all burst out laughing “don’t worry sis” said Olivia looking at Clara “it was all just a misunderstanding” I said “like usual then” said Clara smiling
But I couldn’t help but think about that boy and what happened to him

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Walking in each other's shoes

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