Happily Ever After

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Chapter 30 – Meeting the grandparents
I opened the door and we all looked at each other not saying anything “come in mum and dad” said Mr Harmer. My grandparents walked in and looked around “very nice Craig” said my Nan “thanks mum but I don’t typically live here. My daughter does” said Mr Harmer and he hurried me to step forward “mum, dad. This is my daughter Tessa” said Mr Harmer. I smiled at my grandparents “hello Tessa, we’re very pleased to meet you but whose baby?” asked my nan shaking my hand “nan, she’s mine” I said smiling “yours?” asked my grandpa “yeah” I said grinning “she’s so beautiful” said my nan “thank you” I said “can I hold her?” asked my grandpa “yeah of course” I said and Mike passed Paris over to my grandad “this is Mike, my husband” I said proudly and walked over to Mike and cuddled him and my grandad put Paris in his arms “nice to finally meet you all. Who’s this? Your son Tessa??” asked my Nan. We all laughed expect my Nan “oh your serious?” I asked laughing “yes” said my Nan “he’s not my son nan. He’s my brother” I said smiling at Max who was still laughing “hi Max, I’m Max” said Max who stopped laughing and shake nan’s hand and smiling “any other family members we don’t know about Craig?” asked my grandad who sounded annoyed “well …” said my dad stopped and walked to the living room and we all followed him “just a few more” said my dad and everyone else came over and smiled at my grandparents “hello I’m Susan, this is Lynette, Bree, Gabbi, Jason, Olivia and Clara” said Susan looking at my grandparents “nice to meet you all” said my grandad. I smiled at my grandparents “you too” said Lynette “so where’s Jane?” asked my Nan. I looked at my dad “be right back” I said and I grabbed my dad’s hand and we went into the kitchen

“Dad, what are you going to tell them?” I asked “the truth” said Mr Harmer “what? No, you can’t” I said worrying “why not?” asked Mr Harmer “because it’s my fault” I said panicking “no it isn’t T. don’t think like that” said Mr Harmer “what am I suppose to think dad? That this whole mess is mum’s fault? When she didn’t get herself pregnant! It’s my fault. It’s all my fault” I said “and I have to tell them” I added and I rushed off back to the living room “no Tess, don’t” said Mr Harmer and he rushed off after me.

“It was my fault” I said “what is your fault?” asked my grandad “tess, don’t” said Mr Harmer as he came in running “Craig, what’s going on? Where is Jane?!” asked my nan “mum, um theres something I need to tell you” said Mr Harmer. His voice didn’t sound normal like usual. It sounded like he was nervous or scared or something. It wouldn’t be his grandparents would it?
“What is it?” asked my grandad looking at my dad “well you see, the thing is, is that well Jane doesn’t live here because she’s left” said Mr Harmer “what, has she gone on holiday?” asked my nan

They must love my mum so much that they thought she went on holiday

“no mum” said Mr Harmer laughing “then why did she leave??” asked my nan “because she’s ashamed” said Mr Harmer “and embarrassed” he added “of what?” asked Mr Harmer “of me” I said “why?” asked my nan “because I got pregnant” I said looking at the floor “oh honey, that’s so harsh” said my nan catching up. I nodded “it’s her loss not yours. It’s your life not hers. Your 19 now so you’re a adult and not a kid. Don’t worry about her, your daughter is prefect and I am so proud of you and what you’re been through” said my grandad “thank you so much grandad” I said and hugged him and smiled at him “you’re welcome” said my grandad “can I ask you something?” I asked as I looked at Mike and he nodded “of course, anything” said my grandad “do you have neurofibromatosis type 1?” I asked. My grandparents looked at each other than me “I have it darling, why? Do you have it?” asked my grandma “no I don’t but my baby girl does” I said looking at the tiny baby sleeping quietly in her nice, pink and soft blankets. She looked so peaceful and cute “oh my god, I am so sorry” said my nan “aw don’t be silly nan, it’s not your fault” I said smiling and hugged her “you’re a sweetie” said my nan “thank you” I said smiling “nan, there’s something else” I added “what is it?” asked my nan “well what are the symptoms?” I asked “learning difficulties, pale and non – concerous, bumps on or under skin” said my nan “thank you Nan, will you stay? Please stay?” I asked “well” said my Nan stopped and looked at my dad “I- I don’t know, is that alright with you, Craig?” asked my Nan “well, yes of course mum. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like” said Mr Harmer. I looked at my dad, I knew that look. He was hurting. But he smiled at me and my grandparents

Chapter 30 (v.1) - Meeting the grandparents

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