Happily Ever After

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Chapter 34 – Moving on
The next day, I was reading a new book called The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett in the garden; I know right the perfect place. While Paris was playing with her toy frog called Froggy when Max came over and sat down on the deck chair next to me and he watched me. I ignored him and carried on reading.
No use, he was still watching, I sighed and put my book down and turned around and looked at him “you know it’s rude to stare right?” I asked “what’s wrong now?” “Why did you forgive Jane so quickly?” he asked me “I’ve already told you dumbass” I said getting up sighing “I’m worried about you” said Max sounding worried “you don’t need to be. I’ve moved on from the past” I said “if you say so” said Max. I smiled at Max.


“I think Max has a problem” I said to Mike “what problem?” asked Mike looking at me while holding Paris in his arms “about moving on” I said sitting down on the bed “why do you say that?” asked Mike sitting down next to me “because he doesn’t want me to forgive mum and he’s worried I’ve moved on too quickly but I’ve told him that he should move on too” I said “you’re a good big sister babe, Max is lucky to have you” said Max “thanks baby” I said smiling.

“you have a problem” I said seriously to Max that afternoon, walking into the living room “excuse me?” asked Max “you have a problem” I repeated “do i?” asked Max looking confused “yes” I said causally as I sat down on the sofa “what is it?” asked Max “about forgiving people and moving on” I said “Tess, I’m not forgiving mum” said Max “why not? Love means you don’t have to say I’m sorry” moaned “you’re joking right?” asked Max raising his eyebrows “does it look like I’m joking?” I asked. Max didn’t say anything “no I didn’t think so” I said “because she’s horrible” said Max “Max, don’t be stupid. She’s your mum” I said “don’t you think I know that?” asked Max “Tess, can’t you remember what she used to do when we were younger?” “Of course I don’t” I said. This was a lie, I actually did remember but didn’t want Max to know “she always used to babysit me; you could never go out or anything. Your whole life was to look after me and now she has said horrible things to you while you were pregnant with Paris. She said she WAS embarrassed by you. What kind of mother says that to her own daughter? Doesn’t that bother you?” asked Max “no” I lied “Tess?” asked Max “what?” I asked “surely it does” said Max. “It used to bother me a lot” I said “not anymore” looking at Max “what?!” asked Max “why have you not forgive mum?” I asked “you know why” said Max “Max, she’s your mum. You have to let this go and move on mate. You don’t want to lose her do you?” I asked sounding serious more than I’d ever been. Max didn’t say anything but looked at me “what?” I asked slightly annoyed “I don’t want to lose mum but I just” he stopped “just what?” I asked and waited for Max to answer.
I was still waiting when Mike came in Max’s bedroom “hey guys, what’s up? You’re both been up here for ages!” said Mike. I looked at Max raising my eyebrows because I was still waiting for his reply.
At least he finally said something “I don’t want to lose mum but I can’t forgive her. I’m sorry Tess. Not after everything she’s done to us. I hope one day you’ll understand why” said Max hugging me and kissed Paris’s check “I love you” he whispered and left the room.

It was just me and Mike and Paris “what does Max mean? Everything she’s done? Who’s done what? What is going on?” asked Mike looking at me while I was looking around. I didn’t answer “T?” asked Mike. I turned around and looked at him not smiling “yes?” I asked picking up Paris from her cot and feeding her but I put a towel on her to give me privacy “what was Max talking about?” asked Mike “you know Max, he doesn’t know what he is talking about but doesn’t mean anything” I lied. Mike looked at me, I halfed smiled at him “T, tell the truth” said Mike
Oh damn, he knows when I’m lying. Now I have to tell him what mum has done. Oh thanks Max I thought to myself.

Mike was still looking at me, I looked at him trying to look innocent “you really want to know?” I asked “yes, we’re in a partnership now. Whatever your mum has done, I’m sure she didn’t mean it” said Mike. I laughed “you’re kidding right?” I asked “no, but just tell me” said Mike “please, I won’t judge you” I looked at Mike and sighed “fine okay, I’ll tell you. When me and Max both lived at home, mum used to leave me to babysit Max every day, some of those, she knew I was going out with Meg and Grace. She still left me to baby sit. She came home every night drunk and used to shout at me and Max for no reason. More at me because Max was only little, but she told me I was a mistake, I shouldn’t of been born and she should of put me into care. Sometimes I wished she did. Dad stopped her. Then one week, she told me and Max that she was going on holiday to Spain and she came back and the shouting came back with her and then she started hitting us and swearing at us. Dad tried to stop mum but then mum started shouting and hitting dad too and told him it was his fault that she wasn’t a tv actress and it was his fault that she got pregnant. She told him that she wished she’d never met him and then gotten pregnant and it was his fault that me and max were born. Then I got an offer for this place and I took it. Well you know the rest” I said almost crying but I stopped a tear rolling down my face. Mike didn’t say anything but just stared at me.

It was 12:45 when Mike finally spoke. I was sat Max’s bed “wow, she’s so horrible” said Mike “how did she conviced me that she was nice?” “because she made me forgive her and she told me when I met a guy that I would tell him nice things about her and after that, my life became miserable” I said “so basically that’s blackmail” said Mike “yes, basically” I said “and that’s why Max hasn’t forgive her” I nodded “oh T, come here” said Mike offering his arms and he sat down beside me and he wrapped his arms around me “so what about your dad? Why did your dad forgive your mum?” he asked “blackmail, she threated him that she would get him arrested” I said “wow, I have an idea” said Mike quickly “wait, what’s your idea?” I asked “Max fakes to forgive your mum and we’re the only ones who know he hasn’t. I know why he hasn’t forgiven her, but I understand why you’ve had to because Paris needs a grandmother right?” asked Mike “yes” I said but I didn’t know what he was on about “wait here” and he rushed downstairs leaving me with Paris “what’s your daddy up to eh?” I said to Paris and she just giggled

“Max, I know why you haven’t forgiven your mum” said Mike “who told?” asked Max sighing but he knew it was me “Tess, look mate, I have an idea” said Mike “what’s the idea?” asked Max “what if you fake forgive your mum and only me and Tess know you haven’t. I understand why you’ve haven’t forgiven her. I mean, all the stuff she has done to you and Tess was really horrible and if my mum did that to me and my sisters and brother. I would never forgive her no matter what so I understand mate. But she doesn’t need to know that you’d not forgiven her just pretend that you have and Tess has only forgiven her because of Paris. Not her. Not them. Just Paris?” said Mike. Max thought about Mike’s suggestion

20 minutes later …
“Yes okay, I’ll do it, that’s very mature of Tess to forgive mum for Paris” said Max “she’s so amazing” “thanks bro, you’re awesome” said Mike “thanks Maxie” said Mike and ruffled Max’s hair “stop doing that, Tess does that, ahah” said Max laughing and they went to find my mum

An hour later …
When they got to the kitchen, Mrs Harmer was cooking tea, which was usually for her as I always used to have to cook tea back home because she was always out getting drunk. They walked in looking totally confused “Mum, what are you doing?” asked Max “I’m cooking tea” said Mrs Harmer “but you never cook tea” said Max “well I am now what’s wrong?” asked Mrs Harmer not impressed with Max “Mum, Tess has forgiven you for all the things you’re done and so” he stopped and looked over at Mike and he mouthed “go on” “and so do I” said Max trying to convinced our mum. Mrs Harmer looked at Max not saying anything then Mike then Max again
15 minutes later …
She still looked at Max, she looked convinced that Max actually has forgiven her and put her hands on Max’s and hugged him “oh darling, thank you, thank you so much. I don’t forgive yours or your sister’s forgiveness. Thank you so much” said Mrs Harmer. She obviously brought it.

Mrs Harmer let go and smiled at Max, he halfed smiled at her and the boys left her and walked by the stairs and started laughing and high fived each other and walked upstairs together

When they came in Max’s bedroom when I was sat on the bedroom, having cuddles with Paris “she brought it. I’ve moved on” said Max “ssh” I said putting my finger on my lip and pointed to Paris, she was sound asleep on me “brought what?” I whispered “that I’ve forgiven her, when I haven’t” said Max smiling evilly “you will never forgive mum properly will you Max?” I asked “never” said Max. I smiled at him “thanks for standing by me” I said “OH MY GOD, SHE BROUGHT IT, YOU GUYS ARE BRILLANT” I shouted “ssh” said Mike copying me with the finger on his lip, I laughed “thanks Mike” Max and I said together. Mike smiled at us and we all hugged each other

Chapter 34 (v.1) - Moving on

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