Happily Ever After

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Chapter 39 – Finally
“FINALLY” I shouted so loud, it made Mike jumped “what?!” said Mike “you going on about?” “FINALLY” I shouted again “Tess, what are you on about?” asked Mike getting annoyed “I’m on about finally” I said “finally what?” asked Mike sounded even more angry. Then we heard Paris crying from upstairs
“I think missy needs her nappy changed” I said and I went upstairs
Leaving Mike clueless


That afternoon I was in my bedroom while Mike was downstairs, still very clueless
“I’m confused” he said to Lynette “what’s up?” asked Lynette while sewing Paris’s new jumper “why are you confused lil bro?” added Susan “Tessa” said Mike with a big sigh “what’s happened?” asked Lynette “well she said FINALLY like really randomly” said Mike “finally what?” asked Susan “I don’t know, that’s’ why I’m confused” said Mike “maybe because of what’s she’s been through, maybe she has always wanted a happily ever after just like her favourite princess and says FINALLY because she’s FINALLY got a happy ending” said Lynette smiling at Mike “maybe” said Mike and he walked off to find me

“I love you” said Mike as he came and sat down next to me on the brown sofa when I was typing up my story “yeah okay” I said not looking at Mike but looking at the screen of my laptop and not listening. Mike got inpatient and cleared his throat “Tess, what did I just say?” he asked me “I don’t know” I said “I said I love you” said Mike “oh sorry, I’ve been busy typing up my story for my publisher “I said “I love you too baby” I added and stopped typing and had a cuddle with Mike. He got some popcorn ready and we watched films for the rest of the day.

“FINALLY!” I shouted “not this again!” said Mike “what do you mean again baby?” I asked “you keep saying FINALLY out of the blue” said Mike “so?” I asked “without giving me a reason. It’s not like you Tess. Come on, tell me the reason” said Mike. I sighed and stood up and walked over to my dressing table “Tess?” asked Mike “yes?” I asked “what’s going on with you?” asked Mike. I sighed, I was about to speak when the bedroom door opened and it was Max followed by everyone else
“What’s up T?” asked Max “I only keep saying finally because I’ve finally got my happy ending I’ve always wanted. A happy ending” I said smiling.
“Oh T” said everyone laughing, while I had no idea what was going on

Chapter 39 (v.1) - Finally

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