Happily Ever After

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Chapter five – Max is back
The next afternoon, my cousins, Lynette, Susan, Mike, Max and I were making a cake for my party “so you’re the famous Max then?” asked Max starting a conversation “yes” said Max causally “what has Tess told you?” asked Max “nothing don’t worry, let’s get the decorations up shall we?” I asked not wanting Max to find out “it’s not nothing, what did she say about me?” asked Max getting annoying (more than usual) looking at Mike. Mike looked at me I was shaking my head “no no no please don’t tell him please” I said in my head. Mike looked at Max “nothing mate, I was kidding. Your sister would never say anything about you without you knowing would she? She’s far too kind” said Mike smiling at me “thankyou” I said and I kissed him on the check. I could tell Max was up to something? But what?

Why did I kiss Mike? Do I have feelings for him? Oh why did I kiss him? Why are boys so confusing?

That evening I was pumping up an air bed in the living room for Max when he came over with a cup of coffee “ew gross, you know I hate coffee Max” I said moving away “yeah well it’s funny so shut up” said Max coming towards me “I knew you hadn’t changed. I know you were the same little kid you always were. You’re the same brat you always were. You’re lucky I’m letting you sleep inside; I was going to put you outside. All that stuff in front of Mike was so embarrassing. What’s the real reason you’re here? Pfft you came here for my birthday, yeah right?” I said “you finished?” asked Max “yep” I said standing up “me? A brat? Tess, you’re the brat. Whatever, I don’t care about your feelings. Oh cheers T, you’re such a great sister. I am here for your birthday and you don’t believe me. I could go back home you know. Would that be better? Why don’t you believe me? Sometimes T, you’re so ungraceful” said Max “me?” I asked laughing “I spent my whole life babysitting you” I said “whatever loser, by the way the air bed isn’t pump up very well” said Max “well if you think you can do a better job of doing it, help yourself” I said and I walked away and went in the kitchen

Grr Max makes me so mad. Why is he really here? Did the boarding school realize he has no talent? Did they kick them out? Did mum and dad get bored of him? So much for living on my own. I knew it was too good to be true

“Are you okay?” asked Olivia as I sat down “no not really” I said “who is he?” asked Clara giving me a hug “my little brother” I said “no way” said Clara “so that means he’s our older cousin by 2 months?” asked Olivia “yep” I said “but he was so horrible to you. I thought he would be nice” said Clara “yep, he’s always like that. Pfft don’t make me laugh liv. The day Max does something nice for me is the day I get a boyfriend and believe me that will never happen” I said “but you like Mike? He likes you? You even kissed him? What’s the problem?” asked Clara as she said this. Robert spoke and Clara’s question was answered “hello ladies” “hello Robert” I said “and how are you Miss Tess?” asked Robert “I’m pissed off, see you later guys” I said and I got up and got my coat and went …

“What does Miss Tess mean?” asked Robert not knowing what I meant “oh she means she’s annoyed. So where did you go last night? I thought we were going to meet your sister?” asked Clara “I am sorry my ladies” said Robert “its fine, we’ll meet her another time yeah? Anyway we’re got to go, see you later” said Clara leaving Robert on my own
“I told you not to befriend these humans? What do you do? Befriend these fools!” said the girl “I’m sorry sister, really I am but these humans are interesting” said Robert “yeah okay whatever well I have to befriend them too don’t I?” said the girl sounding annoyed “no Harriet?” said Robert “why do you have to meet them?” “because I have to make sure you didn’t tell them anything don’t I?” asked Harriet sounding even more annoyed “you are might to be the oldest and I have to always sort out your mess don’t i?” said Harriet “well I’m sorry” said Robert “what did you tell them? You didn’t tell them we’re ghosts don’t you?” asked Harriet “too late” said Robert “what?” asked Harriet “too late for what brother?” “Too late. He knows everything” said Robert pointing. Harriet turned around and she turned face to face with …

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Max is back

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