Happily Ever After

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Chapter two – the letter
The first morning with my new cousins didn’t get off to a good start. Olivia was being difficult
“Why can’t we have a party?” she asked “because of that boy, it’s too weird” I said “oh come on please Tess?” asked Olivia now hugging me “I will think about it ok” I said looking at Olivia “oh thank you, thank-you” said Olivia “Can I ask you something?” she asked “of course” I said nicely “why did dad write to you?” asked Olivia “I don’t know liv” I said “but you have a letter?” asked Olivia “yes I do” I said “Can I see it?” asked Olivia “yes of course, be right back” I said and I ran upstairs to my big bedroom
1 hour later I can downstairs holding an envelope and I gave it to Olivia and Clara to read it “I didn’t really knew I had a uncle or cousins until I got that letter and it came at the right time” I said smiling “why?” asked Clara “well my brother Max (your younger cousin) got offer a place to go to a singing and stage school in New York and my parents (your aunt and uncle) got jobs there as secondary school teachers” I said “OMG really? What do they teach?” asked Olivia looking up from the letter for the first time “science and English” I said proudly “my two favourite subjects” “who teaches which?” asked Clara looking confused “try and guess?” I replied smiling

It took Clara a while to work out
At ten past ten, she finally got it “your mum teaches English and your dad teaches science?” she asked “yep” I said to Clara smiling “so why moved?” asked Olivia not noticing her twin sister got something right for a change “because I got an offer” I said “to do?” asked Clara “to write” I said “and it will be good for me to live on my own” “which is?” asked Olivia ignoring everything I just said “a writer, weren’t you listening?” I asked rudely “wow that’s amazing Tess, well done” said Clara. Olivia gave Clara a dirty look “be quiet” said Olivia

I gave the envelope to Olivia, she opened it and read. While Olivia was reading the letter, I looked at Clara. She looked like she was about to cry

Poor Clara? Olivia treats her so horribly. Her own twin sister, her other half, her first friend

Olivia read the letter out loud. It said:
Dear Tess,
Hi Tessa, I’m your uncle Ben, your mum is my sister and you probably do not know this because your mother might never speak about me to you and your brother? This is quite upsetting but when we were both younger, something tragic happened, our mother was in a terrible audient and die and our father, he couldn’t even look at us, mostly Jane because she looked like our mother and he ran away and then we had to be raise by our big sister Mary, when we got older, Jane met your father and that was that, we didn’t see each other from then, we sent each other birthday and Christmas cards each year but that’s it. But I’m moving to Chard because I got a job offer there and I don’t use my palace anymore. So I’m passing it on to you because you’re probably eighteen and had always wanted to live on your own? Am I right? So why not move here?”
I’m sure we’ll meet each other soon
Take care Tessa,
Lots of love
From your uncle Ben

Olivia looked at me and it looked as though she had lots of questions in her head waiting for them to be answer and that she was going to blast “go ahead” I said to Olivia “what happened between my dad and your mum? Who’s Aunty Mary? Why did he ask you? and not us? Why did your mum not tell you about our dad? Why aren’t we mentioned in the letter? Why did he write to you and not us? What’s the job? Why didn’t he pass his palace to us instead of you? We’re his daughter. His own flesh and blood, are we invisible? Why did he move to Chard? Why didn’t we move with him? What’s happened with him and our mum?” Asked Olivia finally giving a breath “wow” I said “so answer?” she asked rudely. I gave a whole sigh and rolled my eyes. What’s Olivia’s problem? Why is she so rude? “I don’t know what happened, we never talk about Uncle Ben because it upsets mum too much. I don’t know why he asked me, and not you. You’re not the only one who’s been wondering. I don’t know who Aunty Mary is. I don’t know why you’re not mentioned and you’re not invisible” I said and I pinched Olivia on the arm “ouch, why did you do that?” she asked “to prove a point” I said “I don’t know what the job is, I don’t know what happened between your parents, and I don’t know why you didn’t move with him? You will have to ask him. These questions, you should really ask your dad liv” I said finally finished “wow” said Clara “didn’t I tell you not to speak Clara? I didn’t tell you, you could speak did I?” she said sounding so horrible “yes you did Olivia, no you didn’t I’m sorry” said Clara looking sad. I looked at Clara, trying to figure my younger cousins out
When Olivia went upstairs, Clara didn’t follow her

Why does Olivia treat Clara so horribly?
I looked at Clara “Clara, honey why does Olivia treat you like that?” I asked “oh that, that’s just her Tess, don’t worry” said Clara “but does she hate you? I hate my brother sometimes but I would never treat him the way she treats you sweetie, you should tell her how you feel? How old are you?” I asked “oh don’t worry Tess, that’s so sweet of you, but she’s just like that and I’m fifteen remember?” asked Clara “right yes I remember, right I will talk to her, don’t worry” I said. Before Clara could say anything I was running upstairs, missing one step each time so she followed me

When I got upstairs, Clara grabbed my hand “it’s going to be okay I promise. I’m going to sort this out” I said, Clara smiled at me. I knocked on Olivia’s door and Olivia opened the door “what?” she asked grumpy “I want to talk to you” I said sounding serious. Knowing that I was being serious “why? What did Clara do this time? You know, you can’t keep doing things to get my attention, I’m sorry that you are a freak and annoying but that’s not my problem. You need to stop doing this and grow up Clara” said Olivia “because I’m getting sick of it” she said “I’M TELLING YOU, I DID NOT DO ANYTHING” said Clara “did I tell you, you could speak? No I don’t think so now shut it” said Olivia sounding cross “see this is what I want to talk about” I said “what? Talk about what?” asked Olivia “why do you treat Clara like that? She’s your twin sister, your other half, your first friend and you treat her horribly. I may hate max sometimes but I don’t know what I’d do without him if I’d ever lose him. He’s my little brother. A weirdo and annoying but I love him. I would never treat him like that like you treat Clara. I’ve always long for a twin sister/brother. Someone I can tell my problems to and someone I can tell everything, my secrets, my worries but if you treat Clara like that all of your life, you might lose her for ever? Do you want that to happen? Why do you do it liv? It’s just mean sweetie. Why do you assume Clara has done something wrong?” I asked “why all the questions? You don’t know anything about us” said Olivia “because I’m worried about your relationship with Clara, she doesn’t treat you like that, and she thinks the world of you” I said “you finished?!” asked Olivia “yes” I said “well when our mother died, I always had to look after her and when we were three, we were at a railway station with our grandma to stay with her sister and Clara stupidly ran into the railway tracks and nearly got ran over by a train and got herself kill. That’s why I treat her so horribly because I nearly lost her and I don’t want to ever lose her. We’re already lost so much. She’s suffered through a lot. I am trying to protect her. You would do the same thing with Max right?” asked Olivia “you would never lose Clara, you go everywhere together. I would protect you. Yes I would do the same with Max but maybe you could start being nice to Clara again? I would do the same with Max but we’re never nice with each other, it’s who we are. You two are like two peas in a pod, you do everything together, and you’re inseparable” I said smiling “yeah we are, Clara, I am really truly sorry” said Olivia “it’s okay liv” said Clara “it’s not your fault” she said smiling “Tess, thank-you for letting me realise how much Clara means to me” said Olivia “it’s no problem, your family, my family” I said “aww Tess, thank-you” said the twins. I smiled at them and we hugged each other
That afternoon we had lots of fun taking selfiles together “ha-ha that’s brilliant, oh look at my face” I said doing the same face in the photo. Both twins laughed and smiled at me

I guess my life aren’t too bad but I know how much Max (even if he is a pain) means to me from helping the twins
“Max, if you’re out there wherever that is, I love you and I couldn’t live without you” I said smiling

“What do you two want for lunch?” I asked “sandwich please Tess” said Olivia hugging Clara, as I looked at her “me too” she said “okay, be five minutes” I said
I walked downstairs and the doorbell rang, I opened it “hi Tess, do you want to hang out?” said Lynette as she came in “sure, do you want some lunch?” I asked
“Oh yes please Tess” said Lynette “okay, will be right back, Clara and Olivia are upstairs and in our bedroom, be five minutes” I said “thanks Tess” said Lynette “your welcome” I said and I walked towards the kitchen and Lynette went upstairs. As I was buttering the bread. The doorbell rang again “we’re popular today” I said to myself and I opened the door and it was Mike. I froze. He came in “hi Tess” he said smiling. I smiled back but didn’t say hi back. I don’t know what happened after …
Putting the lid back on the butter and the knife in the sink. I looked straight into Mike’s eyes and smiled at him...

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The letter

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