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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Chapter Six


Amongst jaded parents and impatient bus drivers, Jacob waited for his sister. He leaned casually against the side of his car - his cigarette painting the swirling air above him. He looked up at the large red-bricked school, remembering what it had been like to walk those long corridors as a student, and how often he'd bunk out of his lessons for a smoke behind the gyms.

School never suited Jacob, all those rules and schedules, he never had the patience for it all. His attention would wander on to more interesting things and he'd be scalded for the silliest things. School never seemed to get it; they labelled him as a trouble-maker and gave him every punishment they could think of, when all he needed was a little support. The teachers had been just like his parents. He was never good enough for them, he sought too much attention, he lied and pushed the blame on to others. They thought it was him when actually it was Jake who got them into trouble, they never really understood what his disorder meant.

He hoped that Lily didn't have the same problems, that she'd be understood and cared for, it was no more than she deserved. All of his bitterness toward the world did not stand when it came to Lily. He loved her as a big brother would love their little sisters. He wanted to protect her from the evil of the world, but there were so many things that he couldn't protect her from.

Jacob buried his spare hand deep into his jeans pocket, fighting the chill stubbornly, his teeth grinding with impatience. Winter was most definitely on its way; overhead the sky was a dull blue with flat stripes of grey, the trees had almost completely lost their golden visage and had been partially reduced to black skeletal bodies. The stream of teenagers that began trickling from the school gates huddled into jackets and rubbed gloved hands together for warmth. Jacob watched the passing bodies of the students, listened to the glimpses of their wistful conversations, and found himself smiling. Oh how he loved the freedom of adulthood.

He saw her way before she laid eyes on him. She was fighting with fleeing wisps of copper hair, carefully tucking each strand into her bun, whilst struggling with her portfolio. As she approached the edge of the school boundaries, her grasp on the large black folder had completely faltered, it clattered to the floor and she cursed loudly.

"Bad day, huh?" Jacob smirked, bending down to pick the portfolio from the floor.

"Oh thank you." Mia smiled as he passed it to her. She looked up and met his crystal blue eyes and froze. A pleasing mixture of fear, shock and relief swept over her face.

"You got home okay then?" He asked, resuming his position against the door of his car, pressing the remainder of his cigarette to his lips. It was silly question really, he knew she had. As soon as she climbed into that cab, he'd taken to his own car and followed them, only so that he knew she got home.

"Yeah." She smiled shakily. "Thank you for last night. I know I didn't act like it at the time but I'm really grateful for what you did."

"I scared you a little bit, didn't I?" Jacob frowned slightly. He could vaguely remember the previous nights events, it was like peering into murky waters, he couldn't quite make it out. But the one thing he did remember was her face. The pure terror.


"I'm sorry you had to witness the other guy. I'm trying to learn to control him better. But at least you're safe, that's all that matters." Jacob dropped his cigarette and put it out with toe of his boot. He glanced up at her and gave her a small smile.

Amelia's brow and dented slightly as she contemplated his words. She was a psychology student and heard of a condition that seemed to fit the man before her... She shook her head lightly as if to shake the thoughts from her head. Not really knowing how to respond to that, she turned her head slightly to watch the river of students behind her. "Are you waiting for someone?"

"My little sister. Lily. She's a bit younger than you." He replied coolly.

Mia nodded, feeling the cold wind of an awkward silence blow over them. "They get out a bit later than us sixth formers... Well, I best be going. Thank you again for last night."

 As she turned to leave, Jacob grabbed her arm to stop her. Her green eyes searched his. "Give me a call?"

"Maybe one day." Her pink lips curled into a cute smile and Jacob wondered whether they were as soft as they looked. His hand left her arm and she left. His eyes stayed on her as walked away, his breathing becoming haggard at the way her hips moved as she walked...

"You better not be chatting up school girls again." Lily's voice snapped him out of the odd trance he was in. His eyes locked on to his feisty little sister, who stood with her hand on her hip, looking at him in mock disdain.

He laughed, weakly trying to cover up the sick thoughts that had been creeping into his brain. "Shut up and get in the car."




"Killed anyone recently?" Lily asked loudly, gaining a few shocked looks from the people on the neighbouring tables. She stabbed her last slab of pancake and stuffed it into her mouth hungrily. Noticing the attention she had gained, she grinned innocently at a middle aged man who gawped at her over his newspaper, despite the mouthful of pancake and syrup. The man quickly averted his gaze to the lifestyle story printed before him.

"Lily," Jacob tutted, swirling the remaining maple syrup around his plate with his spoon. "You can't just say that."

She shrugged. "Are you going to answer the question or not?"

"No! Of course I haven't killed anyone! Christ, I really do worry about your opinion of me." He chuckled. Finished with playing with his food, he pushed his plate away and relaxed into the suede bench. A waitress came by and collected their plates. Jacob asked for the bill, pulling his wallet out of his pocket.

The Pancake House had been a regular feature of their time together, whenever he could afford to pay for it anyway, and had quickly become their favourite place to sit and talk. It was pleasant enough, the air was always warm and smelt of freshly made pancakes, the staff were always polite. The Pancake house sat in the corner of Affington Square, one of the many cafes and restaurants that over looked Affington Park. They'd picked a good seat, their booth had a brilliant view of the park, although it was beginning to look lifeless as the trees lost their leaves.

"Really? I was kind of hoping you'd at least done something exciting, like beat someone to an inch of their lives, or threaten someone with a knife." Lily sipped at her Coke, her large kohl-lined blue eyes watching him over the rim of her glass.

"What, so I can go back to prison? If that's what you want then I'm afraid you'll be disappointed." Jacob raised his brow at her. "I hope you don't mention any of what I tell you to Cathy."

Cathy was Lily's social worker. There was a time when she had been his social worker too, back when he was a troubled teen. She was a pleasant woman, almost entirely composed of circles, with a tangle of short orange curls for hair. Jacob had always thought of her as the purposefully ditsy type; the sort of woman who made herself seem approachable to children so that they would open up to her. That was how she would find out about problems at home or within the family. Behind that plump and clumsy exterior lay a sly fox examining a child's thoughts, past and present. He didn't trust her at all.

"Of course I don't. Do you really think I'm going to tell my social worker about what my mysterious older brother gets up to? That's just asking to be re-homed." She rolled her eyes at him. "Anyway, Dad completely deserved it. He had it coming to him."

The waitress came back with the bill. Jacob passed her a few notes and she thanked him for their custom. Lily shrugged her coat back on and followed Jacob out.

"Sometimes you really scare me, Lil." He chuckled, holding the door open for her.

They crossed the road into the park, the gravel crunched beneath their feet as they walked along the path that weaved between the trees. Many golden hues of the leaves that lay in large heaps on either side of the path. From between the trees, a child's laughter rings out as he jumps on a heaped pile of discarded leaves. Lovers walking hand in hand are oblivious to the sound of crunching under their feet as they walk a well trodden path. A slight breeze whispers along the trees and teases more leaves into releasing their tentative hold.

"Mum has been asking about you." Lily said, her eyes cast down on her worn converse.

"What has she said?" Jacob asked curiously. It had been a long time since she had even acknowledged his existence. To her, she only had one child and that was Lily, who she adored. Jacob was dead to her.

"She asked if you had a job. I told her that you were working at a bar. She seemed quite happy about that." Lily murmured.


"She's getting married you know. John's lovely, he took us out to that posh restaurant in town and bought champagne. I didn't have any champagne but the food was delicious. I like him a lot." Lily rambled.

He turned his head away from his sister's idyllic portrayal of the three of them playing happy families. The wind was picking up, brown leaves shuffled awkwardly on the cracked concrete, people clutched onto hats and scarves.

"It's getting cold, I should get you back home." He said quietly.

Lily walked slowly beside him as they wandered through the park. She kicked up dead leaves heaped in piles; the crispy remains fluttered hopelessly in her wake.

"Why don't you talk about mum?" She asked, her voice lost in the autumn wind.

Jacob sighed and pulled the leather jacket closer around him. "I have no reason to."

"She's your mother, surely that's a good enough reason to care about her." Lily replied sharply.

He raised his brow at her change of tone. "She hasn't exactly acted very motherly toward me."

"Why? Because of Jake?" She said accusingly.


"I-is he here right now?"

"He's awake."

"I wish he'd leave you alone sometimes. He only causes trouble." Lily said miserably, turning away from the path to watch a boy play fetch with his dog.

"Realistically, I think it's just that trouble always has its way of finding us, rather than being provoked. We're just unlucky." Jacob argued softly. He was always trying to subdue her dislike towards Jake, he wasn't sure why he was bothering to protect his alter-ego, especially after all the damage he'd done.  

Lily pulled her hat down further over her black waves, hoping to secure it from the threat of the wind, it was an ongoing battle that she was determined to win. She glanced up at her older brother and noticed his rough appearance. He hadn't shaved recently and there were dark circles smothering his eyes. "How's your therapy sessions going?"

Jacob snorted loudly. "I'd rather not talk about that. How's the hospital appointments going?"

She rolled her eyes, giving him a playful nudge with her elbow. "Tabooed." Lily muttered.

Exaggerating the blow, Jacob staggered back with his jaw open with shock. He returned the shove with great satisfaction then dodged her incoming fist. "You're getting aggressive, little girl. You use those fists often? To fight off those swarms of boys begging for your heart?" Jacob laughed, putting his arm around her and pulling her close to him in an one-armed hug.

She pushed away from him, fighting a grin. "Shut up. It was just one guy."

"You little heartbreaker." He cooed. "Didn't he get rushed to hospital with a broken jaw?"

"No!" Lily laughed. "He had a nosebleed and spent the rest of the day in the Medical Room. But I'm pretty sure he had really thin blood and prone to nosebleeds anyway."

"Settled for one of them yet?" Jacob asked.

"Have you?" She shot right back at him.

"You know I haven't been seeing anyone." He replied quietly. It was a touchy subject for him. For a long time he had wanted the company of a girl but Jake never failed to beat him to it. Honestly, he had  never had a girlfriend, not even had sex with a girl before. Whenever he tried to talk to a girl Jake took over. Jacob was almost convinced that he had been damned to live through his personal hell alone. Not that he was ever truly alone.

Realising that she'd hit a nerve, Lily changed the subject as they reached Jacob's car. "Are you going to go to the wedding?"

With the doors unlocked, the two settled into the freshly washed seats, he turned the ignition and the engine roared to life. "I don't think I should. Mum might not even invite me anyway, and I wouldn't blame her if she didn't."

"She is inviting you. Her and John were discussing it last night, the invitations are being printed soon. Please come, it wouldn't be the same without you." Lily pleaded. She pressed her hands together and stuck out her bottom lip, her big blue eyes tugging at his emotions. He tore his eyes off of her and kept them firmly on the asphalt.

"I'll think about it, okay?"

"You mean you'll go?"

"I said I'd think about, that doesn't mean I'll go."

His stern voice cut a into the air between them; creating a void of silence. They both endured it for most of the drive. Too stubborn to speak and too hurt to know what to say, the silence wore on. As they crossed the bridge on to the West side of the city; Lily sighed in defeat and flicked the radio on.


Apparenlty Booksie had decided to delete the end of the chapter. Apologies to anyone who noticed when I didn't! 

Sorry for posting so late, I've been super busy lately.

I'll be posting chapters on Sundays from now on. 


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