The Devil Did It

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She meets a guy, they fall in love. Typical love story? Wrong. Secrets and lies flip this love story upside down and ends up with one of them dead Did the liquor do it? Or did the medication do it? Or did the devil do it?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Devil Did It

Submitted: April 05, 2014

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Submitted: April 05, 2014



I remember I woke up screaming. Loudly. I saw someone, I swear to god I saw him standing in my room. I saw him looking over my bed at me. I saw him reach out and touch my cheek. But I didnt feel it. My whole body felt numb. I was frozen in time. I just kept staring at him, and he was looking back at me with sharp eyes. I remembered I asked him, "Are you coming for me?" And he smiled and shook his head no. I remembered I felt sad at that, sad that he said no. I felt sad that I wasn't dying. He kept smiling than, smiling at me and looking at me with those sharp, brilliant eyes of his. I stared back. He looked beautiful. Why wasn't it my time to go? Why couldn't I go with him? As soon as that thought left my mind, his smile vanished. I saw red stuff coming out of where his heart is supposed to be. I saw a knife being torn away from his body. He had been stabbed! The blood just kept pouring out, right before my own eyes. Than he vanished completely. I started screaming. 


I was completely awake now. Those damn dreams. Not that I sleep very often, but when I do, i always have a nightmare. He's always the lead character in my nightmares too. Sometimes, I dont even mind the nightmares because thats the only way i get to see him now. I met Mick on my 21st birthday. Not that i wanted to go to the bar on my birthday, thats not really my scence but Kaitlyn begged me to go. Said it would be fun.

I've never been in love before. Its weird because people usually find their first love in high school. I only had three friends in my four years of high school. They all dated multiple douchebags, and had their fair share of heartbreaks. I was the shoulder to cry on. I bought them icecream and let them sob to me. Seems so long ago now. 

Mick was love at first sight. Well, for him it was love at first sight, i dont know what it was for me because i didnt know the first thing about being in love. But i was drawn to him. He was serving drinks at the bar. I'm not suppose to drink because you never mix alcohol with medication. Thats one of the first things they tell you. But i'm a dumbass and i've never been a good listener to begin with, and since i was only on my medication for a couple months, i thought, "What the hell, right?" Wrong. Kaitlyn must of kept ordering me drinks and i must of kept drinking them because i remember the good looking bartender, with the jet black hair and sharp brilliant eyes whispered, "I'm off at midnight," And I laughed. Just for the record, I didnt invite to my apartment after his shift, the liquor invited him to my apartment. Or maybe my medication invited him to my apartment. Maybe the devil invited him, because I know I didnt.

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