My Best Friend's Brother

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Twelve year old orphan Victoria “Tori” Vega is forced to move in with her Uncle Dave in Riverhead, New York. Not knowing her young life will be changed forever. Not only is she new girl in school, but her new neighbors aren’t very ordinary. With 20 children, and 2 grandchildren the McGreen family is by far the most well-known at Riverhead High School. But when Tori ends up being best friends with the eldest daughter, Kylie, her future is forever altered.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Best Friend's Brother

Submitted: December 25, 2012

Reads: 447

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Submitted: December 25, 2012



“Please, Tori!” Kylie whined, tugging at my hand. I groaned, rolling my deep blue eyes. It was useless arguing with Kylie, and I knew that well, but I wasn’t much of a party-goer, especially one of Edgar Lament’s parties. I’d heard they get way too out of hand. “Kyle will be there!” Kylie said in a sing-song voice. I made a face at her and groaned.

“Fine, I’ll go to the stupid party, alright?” I broke down, causing Kylie to cry out and jump up and down.

“Kylie Phillis McGreen, quit your jumping!” cried Kylie’s mother, Amy McGreen, from the kitchen. This caused Kylie and I to collapse into a giggling fit on her bed. We had two hours until the party, and Kylie insisted on dressing me up like an oversized Barbie doll.

I’d been told I could pass as one, a Barbie doll I mean. I had soft brown hair that fell in natural curls down my back, and bright, dancing blue eyes. My skin was tanned from hours at the softball field, which also gave me a toned body. I always said I wasn’t, that was Kylie. She was beautiful. She had curled blonde hair and bright green eyes that shone mischievously too often for my liking. Kylie had a great body too, but unlike me she wasn’t keen on the whole “keeping your virginity until married” bit. Old fashioned, she called me, or a prude, but I just hadn’t found the one. Well actually, I had found the one, Kylie’s twin brother Kyle, but Kyle only saw me as the orphan girl who lived next door. I sighed softly as I watched Kylie apply her makeup. I didn’t mind Kylie being a whore; she stuck up for me since I’d moved to Riverhead to live with my uncle, so I’d stick by her.

Kylie droned on as she drove towards Edgar’s house that night. She wore a dark black, skintight dress with black heels and bright red lipstick, which contrasted beautifully with her pale hair and skin. I looked down at the green dress Kylie had dug out of her closet for me. After a long argument over my outfit she finally agreed that it wouldn’t be skintight or too short. I was glad I won that argument for as we pulled up at the Lament’s manor Kyle and his best friend John were sitting on the front porch, drinking beers and telling outrageous stories to the five stupid cheerleaders who were hanging on to their words desperately. Rolling my eyes Kylie and I pushed past them.

“Watch it, Kylie!” Kyle snarled, glaring at her. Kylie simply smirked, while I couldn’t help but flinch at his angry tone.

“Telling the dragon slaying story again big brother?” She cooed in a teasing manor. John smirked softly from behind her. The cheerleaders all glared at us, looking us over. Kylie was by far prettier than all of them combined, and she had just as many, if not more, guys trailing around behind her as each of them did.

“Kylie come on,” I whined in her ear, draggin her towards the door. Rebeka, the head cheerleader smirked.

“Yeah, Kylie, maybe you should listen to Miss. Goody-two-shoes for a change,” She snarled, tugging at a lock of my hair. The other girl’s laughed. I gasped, that really hurt.

“I am not!” I whined softly, feeling like a baby already. This just made the cheerleaders cackle even louder. Kylie glared at them. Frowning she pushed me inside the front hall of the Lament’s manor, the sound of the group behind us laughing following us into the main room only to be blasted out by the loud music blasting from the stereos.

I felt my teeth chattering in my head as the music vibrated off the walls and floor of the manor. Kylie’s face immediately lit up at the sound. I stumbled after her as she dragged me into the large mass I could only believe to be the dance floor.


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