Chapter 1: Soccer Chick

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 410

List of Characters:

Alex Jackson: Tom-boy, MC, 16

Mr. Robert Jackson: Alex's widower father

Lukas "Luke" Jackson: Alex's oldest brother, 19

Jayson Jackson: Alex's next oldest brother, Max's twin brother, 18

Maxwell "Max" Jackson: Alex's older brother, Jayson's twin brother, 18

Steven Jackson: Alex's youngest oldest brother, 17

Mika Jackson: Alex's oldest younger brother, 10

Austin Jackson: Alex's youngest brother, mute, 5

Jamie Lewis: Alex's best friend, 17

Charlotte Chanel: Popular girl in school, hates Alex

Ryan Langsley: Popular guy in school, likes Alex

Christian Adams: Jock, likes Alex, Jayson's best friend

Kyle Maddison: Player, mysterious, likes Alex

Mrs. Porter: Hateful neighbor of Alex's, hates Jackson family

Christy McGill: Austin's tutor/babysitter, 22

Coach Russ: Alex's soccer coach (Varsity) & private coach

Abigail Jackson: Deceased, Alex's mother

Aunt Sue Carmike: Alex's mom's sister, uptight, marreid to Peter, Mary Anne, Jack, and Anthony's mom

Uncle Peter Carmike: Sue's husband, Mary Ann, Jack, and Anthony's dad, Alex's uncle

Jack Carmike: Sue and Peter's son, Alex's cousin, 18

Mary Anne Carmike: Sue and Peter's daughter, Alex's cousin, hates Alex, 16

Anthony Carmike: Sue and Peter's son, Alex's cousin, fun, 13




Chapter One:


"Alex! This is the last time I'm going to tell you. Come downstairs for breakfast!" Shouted my father. I groaned, glaring at my door. I really hated Mondays. And today was, Monday, of course. I tossed my hair back quickly into a side pony tail. I always wore my hair like that, dad didn't really like my constant hairstyle, but it was better than nothing. And I was not about to wear my hair down like Charlotte Chanel or one of her stupid preppy friends. I'm a soccer fanatic, the only time my hair isn't up is when I'm in the shower or at night. Quickly I slung my backpack over my shoulders and grabbed my soccer bag. Turning out my light I headed downstairs, dumping my bags near the door. Dad was already sitting at the table reading his daily newspaper and sipping his coffee. My brothers, all six of them, sat around our table. Luke was pigging out on bacon and eggs; Jayson was eating waffles; Max was eating a ham-and-cheese omlete; Steven had his daily breakfast of three hard boiled eggs, a cup of orange juice, and a sliced up apple; Mika was eating cereal; and Austin was silently eating a bagelfull.

My family isn't a normal family. My father is a lawyer, but also a single father of seven kids. I have six brothers; Luke, twins Jayson and Max, Steven, Mika, and Austin. My mom died about a year after giving birth to Austin four years ago. And some people think it'd be easy to raise seven kids, but not when they're all different. Luke is a major jock, and really cocky; Jayson is sloppy and really obnoxious; Max is neat and has major OCD; Steven is the nerd of the family and really techy; Mika is a video game junkie; and Austin's mute. I'm the only girl. Alexis "Alex" Jackson. I know, I go by a boy's name, but I'd rather go by Alex than Alexis or some other girly name. I'm a jock, a lot like Luke. I'm a soccer junkie . . . And I guess you can say I'm the perfect mix of all six of my brother's. I'm really athletic like Luke, kind of sloppy like Jayson, some OCD like Max, good at video games (especially soccer games) like Mika, and can be really quite like Austin (although he can't help it).

I quickly ate my food and grabbed five dollars from the "Lunch Money Jar" on the kitchen counter, every time dad finds extra money in his pockets he tosses it into the "Lunch Money Jar", which is just basically a big glass jar full of money that us kids just grab a few dollars from for lunch each day (though I take some extra for my own usage).

"Hurry up guys." I whined, grabbing my bags. Luke tugged my hair as he walked past, I glared after him, but followed him towards his car. Jayson and Max scampered after us.

"Shotgun!" Shouted Max and Jayson simultaneously. I rolled my eyes as I tossed my things into the trunk and climbed into the backseat. Every morning was the same. We'd eat "as a family", Luke, Max, Jayson, and I would get in the car, and then we'd go to school. I always sat in the back, Luke always drove (it was his car after all), and the twins would switch off each morning. But I didn't care anymore. I gave up on arguing with those two.



At school all three of my brothers practically ignored me, and I them. But that was fine. Everyone knew who we were, that we were related, and what our family life was like. But that didn't matter. We had our own friends, and our own interests. No biggie. And when one of us needed the others to back them up, we were there. We may bicker, but we love each other. And that's all that matters.

"Hey Al!" Jamie smiled as he greeted me by my door, Jamie was my best friend, and always had been since kindergarden. A lot of people thought we were more than friends, but we aren't.

Submitted: April 05, 2012

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