Girl's at war

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Ellie is stuck in a world of prejudice and mistrust. The govement keeled over years ago and now The School is in charge. Girls are no longer free and no longer have rights. They are degraded. They are prosecuted. They are seen as a threat to the future. Ellie is sure things shouldn’t be like this, and after being abused and mistreated, she realises that in the past, girls were treated equally to boys. On her own set mission to return to how things were. Ellie does what she can for herself, and girls alike.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Girl's at war

Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012



Chapter 1

Midnight danced over the rippling lake, and I watched with dazzled eyes. It was mesmerising, so mesmerising that I ignored the approaching footsteps for too long.

I was standing in the middle of the bridge, the bridge that ran from one side of the lake to the other. From the centre, the lakeside pubs don't affect the peace and the city's glaring lights can't spoil the beauty. The peacefulness of the lake sunk into me, until I was completely relaxed, and the fears and thoughts running through my head had left me. The reflected stars and moon looked up at me, not judging me, just watching me, and that’s how I liked it.

As I stood, I was too engaged to notice someone behind me, until their cold hands covered mine, sitting on the wooden railing, and pushed down on them, hard enough that I knew I wouldn't be able to free my hands to fight without a struggle. A voice whispered in my ear, "We have you now" his voice was deep and gruff and, with each syllable, you could hear the pleasure he had in telling me this. Uncomfortable in his arms I twisted only to feel the pressure on my hands reach unbearably painful, "We," I gasped through the pain "who's we?” Though I knew my voice would sound thick with pain I was hopeful that my voice would still sound defiant, I was embarrassed about the mouse squeak that came out instead. "We" he answered "are your new future, but if you try and defy me you will find you don't have a future, now, I am going to let go of your hands and you are not going to run, as we have the bridge surrounded". Knowing I was caught in a mouse trap, I didn't even bother to run, people these days, they don't bother lying. He slowly released my hands, enjoying trying to run them up my arms, but he didn't even make it to the elbow before I had moved away. Looking at him, he was in his late 30's, maybe even early 40's with bright blonde hair that hung limp around his face, deep brown eyes, and a tough, and rather hot, body. He was not one I would jump into a fight with.

"Stop teasing her Badger, you can have your fun later". The new voice made me jump but I didn't trust this Badger enough to turn round to put my back to him, so I tried to glance over my shoulder in the direction of the voice, yet I could not see anyone. "The other side maybe?" the voice said again, almost teasing me. So I did, looking over my left shoulder instead of my right was another guy, younger, about my age, mid-teens. He had dark brown hair; it might even be black, with deep hazel eyes and a winning grin on his face. Like his friend he also seemed to have been to the gym a few times and I was now officially dropping the idea of fighting my way out.

"I found her, she's mine, don't try and win her over Otter" Badger retorted.

I didn't like the sound of this, but I was a good distraction if I wanted to break away, so I looked round gauging whether I would be able to get away.

Sadly, Badger must have seen me because he called out "There is no point in running girl, you may as well not bother, but before we bore you to death let us move on, without arguing". The last comment was obviously pointed at Otter, who just grinned sheepishly and shrugged.

After his big speech, Badger strode off purposefully down the bridge towards the city.

I followed half-heartedly, reassured that I couldn’t run, there was nothing much more that I could do.

Otter followed, I could hear his footsteps as he did, even though I could tell he was making an effort to keep them quite.

When we reached the end of the bridge, Badger turned left and strode speedily once more, knowing that the only thing left of us was The School, I ran to catch him up, to make him change his mind about taking me there. “You know this path only leads to The School, don’t you?” I asked Badger,

“As do you” he replied,

“Then why are we walking this way, then?”

“Have you not worked that out yet, girl?”

“We can’t go to The School though!”

“Oh yes we can” he sneered in reply

“’s The School” I clamoured, “I’m a girl I can’t enter the premises of The School” I babbled.

Badger turned and sneered at me “You can, and will, enter The School when one of its students, or teachers,” and when he said that he stood up proudly “give you permission to, or even welcome you inside”

“And what are you going to do?”

“Give you permission, screw you, and then ditch you in the middle of the Premises and let you get killed for trespassing” he said with a manic smile on his face.

I stared at him in horror, I wanted to scream “You can’t!” or “You mustn’t!” or “You wouldn’t!” but I knew he could, he went to The School, even taught at The School, he could do whatever he pleased and get away with it, he had that power.

“And that is why I don’t want that stupid Otter following us, for he can give you permission the moment I leave you and then he can do what he pleases, and he has a reputation of saving girls like you!”

And with that comment hanging in the air, he strode off once more, but with a faster pace, as if now he had said the plan allowed, he wanted it over and done with.

Now I knew more about who Badger was, as well as whom Otter was, I was almost glad I could hear Otters footsteps behind me. I needed him to be there, if I was to make it out alive.

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