Girl's at war

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Otter lives at The School, a mere student, with huge hopes. Otter can’t see in the same way as the rest of the world. He has nothing to hold against girls. They’ve never hurt him or done wrong to him, and he knows it’s the same for everyone else out there. He wants to fall in love, and he wants the girl to be his other half, his equal. His mission is to save girls from his sex obsessed peers.

Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012



Chapter 10

Watching her blush from over her shoulder was sweet, though I don’t know what she is blushing about; all I asked was if she trusted me.

I could understand her nerves about going into a Lesson, a room full of boys on a premise with the penalty of death wasn’t exactly a convincing way of welcoming someone like Ellie into Lessons, but I needed to go to my Lessons, and under no circumstances was I going to leave her here by herself.“Now if you don’t mind, I have to change, go through the lounge into the kitchen and have breakfast, when I am changed I will join you and then you can change, ok?”

She nodded silently back at me, still with red cheeks and the moment I let go of her she walked away fast, it made me smile.

After changing I headed to the kitchen, she was already there with bowls and spoons set out on the table with milk, but she was searching the cupboards for something. Guessing it was cereal I coughed loudly and opened the cupboard with the cereals near where I was standing with my foot. She turned round sharpish to see me standing there pointing at the cupboard. Smiling appreciatively she walked over to the cupboard to look and pick a cereal, smiling back I turned my back to her and picked my preferred cereal before she made it to the cupboard. I sat down the other side of the table so I could watch her fascination at the different cereals. After a while I said “How about picking one?”

Glancing up at me she shrugged and said “I don’t know what they are, exactly”

“Here, try this one” and I held out the box of Strawberry flakes to her.

She nodded and sat down opposite me, avoiding eye contact and blushing whenever it happened.

Smiling to myself about this I held out the cereal.

She reached for it, placed her hand round it. Then I grabbed her hand, she looked up stunned and blushed immediately when she realised she was looking at me, her feelings were obviously getting the better of her.

“Ellie?” I said gently, still holding her hand “Ellie, look me in the eye” She did, though only briefly. “Ellie, look me in the eye properly” This time she looked up and held my gaze.

With that I stood up and walked over to her side of the table, not losing eye contact and not letting go of her hand. “Stand up” Again she obeyed not dropping my gaze but blinking once. “Tell me if you want me to stop” and with that I pulled her into me by her waist and kissed her gently on the lips, enjoying the soft texture of her lips and the feeling of her against me. She didn’t pull away. She didn’t tell me to stop. She fell into my arms and kissed me willingly back and, until she told me, I knew I wouldn’t let go.

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