Girl's at war

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Ellie is stuck in a world of prejudice and mistrust. The govement keeled over years ago and now The School is in charge. Girls are no longer free and no longer have rights. They are degraded. They are prosecuted. They are seen as a threat to the future. Ellie is sure things shouldn’t be like this, and after being abused and mistreated, she realises that in the past, girls were treated equally to boys. On her own set mission to return to how things were. Ellie does what she can for herself, and girls alike.

Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: March 31, 2012

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Submitted: March 31, 2012



Chapter 15

Thoughts ran through my head in long chains that lost all sense. You’re going to don’t have to do this...should you avoid using magic?...You should leave Jake behind, it’s kinder...Who was the voice?...are the Elders always right?...What time is it?...What will I lose first?...When do Lessons start?

The last question was answered as Otter walked through the door and told me Lessons started soon. Looking at his face I knew another question was answered, even though it was mean, I wasn’t giving him up. I walked over to him, smiling and nodding, he hugged me before saying Richard was at the door. Richard. Right now he wasn’t going to bother me. I would sort him out. Taking a step in his direction I changed my mind, if I wanted to stay with Jake I had to prove I was going to want to be with him. So I turned round and kissed him, on the lips. I then led him to the door, intending to sort Richard out so I could get this off my back. “Hey Rich” I shouted out to him the moment he came into my view. He looked at me in surprise, and the moment I had eye contact I sent my mind, pushing myself against him so I could communicate with him, the only problem with this method is normally other people can hear and talk in their conversations, or someone pushes you out. He didn’t try to push me out



“I knew you would be the one girl that would manage to have magic”

You never gave up on me, but I did for you, and I shouldn’t have, and I want to apologise, and to prove it I’m trusting you.

“With the fact that you can use magic”


“Ellie, I’ve wanted to hear you apologise to me from the moment I hurt you”

You didn’t hurt me, the Teacher did, I just blamed you, and I shouldn’t have

“Thank you, for forgiving me, as well as apologising”

I needed to

“What’s all this about?” A very Badger like voice spoke out.

Panic filled my mind, I shouldn’t know magic, and the punishment was unimaginable.

“A girl knowing magic, very rare, and one that fights a Teacher, very stupid”

I didn’t answer, because then he would have proof of me being magical, though it may be too late.

“Well even if she won’t speak out I can punish you, Robin, for allowing mind communication with a girl” With that said, Badger sent a spell out at Richard. The spell was designed to go into an opponent’s mind and stop them from knowing who they are, or what they were doing. Once the spell in over, it is not easy to return the brain to the opponent and can cause a lot of problems.

As Badger’s spell hit Richard, he stumbled, and then slowly sank to the floor. I raced forwards to try and catch him, before he got hurt any more.

Otter shouted out from behind me “What have you done?” I couldn’t believe he could blame me, so I gave him a dangerous look. He did a double take at that expression, before kneeling beside me and Richard and saying “it’s all going to be alright” but I couldn’t believe him.

“Move girl, so I can have a good shot at your little lover as well” Badger’s voice stung my mind. I stood up fast, stepping in front of Otter, and looking Badger straight in the eye. He was standing a few paces down the corridor, eye’s gleaming and standing straight and proud, with a horrid grin on his face.

“Move” He shouted, this time out loud, and Otter saw him and stood up before resting his head on my shoulder and telling me to stand behind him. I shook my head, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and guided me behind him.

Badger hit him with the same spell, while Otter’s back was turned. He slumped onto me, like a dead weight, and I laid him down next to Richard, trying to stop the tears from leaking down my face.

“Aw, the pretty girl actually cared for the little lover, how sweet, shame he will never know that” Badger spoke out, while striding towards me. The voice had said I would lose everything, so there was nothing I could do.

Badgers rough hands grabbed mine, and stopped them from stroking Otter’s lifeless face. He brought them behind my back, and whispered in my ear “Now, let us get what we started finished” He angled my arms so that it hurt to bend down, and forced me to get up, my eyes didn’t leave Otter’s face, I didn’t care anymore.

“Girl, just because I said you would lose everything, that doesn’t mean now, fight for him” The voice spoke out, so I did.

Turning I crossed my arms backwards, a yoga pose I found comfortable, and made Badger yell out, then I pushed his against the corridor wall, aiming to make him let go, he held on.

“Use magic” The voice spoke out, so I did. I sent an electric current down my arms, giving him an electric shock wherever he was touching me. Badger jumped back in alarm, letting go of me

“Do what Badger did to Otter, to him, that way you can let Otter and Robin free”

I tried it, I sent out a spell to conquer his mind.

I stepped into a house, with a red door and pink flowers growing up the side. Inside was a room, there was one room, and in it held cages after cages of captured animals, and in the centre stood a Badger, with a builders helmet on, controlling a JCB. The claw held two new cages, an Otter, staring at me, and a Robin, flitting round in a pain. On padded paws I walked forwards, it felt weird to be an animal, but even weirder to know I was a Wolf, a hunting animal, a powerful animal. As I reached the centre panel, that was lifted, Badger noticed me.

He growled “So, who might you be then?”

I didn’t reply, the less he knew about me the better. I jumped onto the panel, I could feel each muscle as I moved skyward, I could feel the wind as I brushed my hair, I could each floor board on my paws as I landed. Voice I called out, Help me do this

It is easier than you think, just remember what you read and follow the instructions the voice replied.

The book page came back to me, page 162, the title read “Claiming, and stopping of someone’s mind” the passage said “When entering someone’s mind, you will find whatever you wish, for some it may be a painting, others a book, the majority a park, and for those more talented, a house. All you have to do is enter that place, walk through the painting, or into the book or park, and capture the animal. The best way to do this for any bird is to cover your beak with a sleeping drug and to prick them once. For any water animal, it is best to spit this potion, for non-hunters, you could attempt over powering them and for hunters, over powering is the easiest strategy.” I was a hunting animal, a Wolf, the only thing that could top me was a lion, so I was going to have to fight, and Badger didn’t seem that worthy opponent.

Once on the panel, I continued to leisurely walk towards the Badger, who called out “Come to fight me I guess, well you’ve got no chance” but fear entered his voice, and I knew then that I could win.

At last I reached the JCB and I stepped up to where the Badger was sitting, and grabbing the scruff of his neck gently started to lead him out. The next part of the book said “The way to win is to make then opponent leave their painting, book, park or home, the moment they leave their house they are lifeless, or brain dead”

Badger scrabbled against my chin but didn’t give much of a fight, once I had him at the door I trough him out, he slumped at the end of the path. Turning round I returned to his room and started unlocking the cages, it was hard work, as each one have to be unbolted by my teeth, but once I had undone one, the animal inside helped undo the others.

After a good half an hour all the cages were unlocked, bar the two in the claw of the JCB, no one wanted to go near that foul machine.

I stepped back onto the panel and looked at the controls, then, trying to avoid jerking the cages in the claw, I work until they were on the ground, then I climbed out of the controllers seat and unlocked the last two cages, the Robin went and flew out before I had fully manages to open the door and flew as fast as he could alongside the other escaping animals, the Otter stared at me in wonder and amazement “Ellie? Is that you?” he asked, I lowered my head in response. The Otter stepped forwards, until its head was only centimetres away from mine, then millimetres, I didn’t pull back. Touching another in animal form is a showing of love, and, as women magicians are never know of nowadays, that had been long forgotten, but as Otter’s furry head touched mine, I could see all his feelings about me, as he could see all of mine, and I knew at that moment I loved him, I loved him, such as soppy little word for such strong feelings, but there is no word great enough to show that feeling, so love will have to do. The Otter then climbed on my back and I ran from that place, testing out my speed, leaving the lifeless Badger on the floor, I was not going to capture him, and, in time, he would wake and the animal cruelty would start, but for now everyone was safe.

As I ran, I ran into whiteness, nothingness, and woke in reality.

Badger had slumped on me, I was lying, face down on the floor, my arms were at painful positions that meant I couldn’t move but I could hear voices. Richards was the first voice that came to me, a groan came and he must have slowly stood up as it followed with a few scrabbling noises, I couldn’t see, there was dust in my eyes and I was facing the wrong way, I think.

Soon after another voice spoke out, “Ellie!” It sounded slightly panicked and very Otter like. Then someone started to move Badger, who was on top of me, but in the process of doing so, was really hurting my arms. I couldn’t help it, a yelp escaped from my mouth, and immediately the pressure stopped.

“Ellie, I think Badger has bonded his hands to your arms, I will try to undo it, just hold on, ok?”

I just nodded; I didn’t want to open my mouth, in case more painful noises came out.

After a few seconds, the grip on my arms loosened and I quickly moved them into more comfortable positions, before struggling to stand up.

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