Girl's at war

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Otter lives at The School, a mere student, with huge hopes. Otter can’t see in the same way as the rest of the world. He has nothing to hold against girls. They’ve never hurt him or done wrong to him, and he knows it’s the same for everyone else out there. He wants to fall in love, and he wants the girl to be his other half, his equal. His mission is to save girls from his sex obsessed peers.

Chapter 16 (v.1)

Submitted: April 02, 2012

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Submitted: April 02, 2012



Chapter 16

Badger had the ability to turn up at the wrong moments and make everyone around him miserable.

Inside a cage, bars stopping you, chains restricting you. A panicked Robin nearby; it wasn’t looking good, when the Wolf walked in. It said Ellie in so many ways, it couldn’t be anyone else.

She overcame Badger, released all the animals, my eyes never left her white fur and amber eyes. She left me till last. The bolt slid open. The door swung open. I stepped forwards, she didn’t back away.

When I let my forehead touch hers I could see all her feelings for me, her care, her want, and an underlying guilt and sadness. It was like she loved me, but wished she didn’t because of what she knew would come of it. It bothered me, worried me. As I rode on her silken back, out of that demented place, all I could think of was what she wasn’t telling me.

“Grugh” I grunted, opening my eyes. I was lying on the floor next to Richard; from where I was lying I could see Badger, but not Ellie. That was until I noticed a pale blue skirt lying tucked, almost invisible, under Badger. “Ellie!” I called out, hoping to hide the panic in voice, but not doing it well What if she’s been squashed? What if she can’t breathe? It would be your entire fault. Bad thoughts tumbled through my head.

I struggled to my feet, falling the first time as the dizziness went to my head, finally I gave up with standing up and crawled over to where Badger lay, the closer I got, the surer I was that Ellie was under him, and the more scared I became. A lock of wavy golden hair. A sequin off the bag she had hanging from her hip. The end of a shoelace. All screaming Ellie at me, and yet nothing moved, nothing made a sound.

Kneeling next to Badger, I leant over and tried to roll him off her, I couldn’t pick him up because I was too weak. In answer I got a muffled cry of pain at least that meant she was alive. “Ellie,” I said once more “I think Badger has bonded his hands to your arms, I will try to undo it, just hold on, ok?” No replying movement came.

Then a whisper came from behind me “You’re too weak to undo the bond, and maybe it will prove I still care about her, will you allow me to do the magic?” Richard was standing right behind me, smiling sadly.

I nodded in reply before shuffling backwards and leaning on the wall next to my door with my eyes closed.

A few moments later a loud thump vibrated off the wall but I was too tired find out why.

A hand gently took mine and a sweet voice followed it “Jake, are you alright, you look awful.”

I opened my eyes. “So you’re alive” I replied.

She nodded and concern and care shone through her eyes while she looked into my eyes. “What do you want me to do?” She said quietly.

I closed my eyes once more, my head was killing me. “No, I’ll be fine in a second, give me a few minutes” but she didn’t listen to me, her cold hands rested on my forehead and the pain slowly left, my banging skull died down, and my calming thoughts entered my head once more.

I opened my eyes once more as she did, I reached for her hand, grabbing her wristed, and saw her flinch. Letting go quickly, I let her bring her hand down on her own.

Her wrist was purple and bruised; you could see the hand marks where Badger had held on to her, and she had fought. I’m glad she did, I wouldn’t want to have woken up to find her lying naked on the floor with Badger on top. That idea made me shiver. She must have thought I was shivering about her wrists as she put them behind her back, while smiling, unconvincingly. Smiling back at her, I reached for her wrists.

“No” She said “You’ve done enough already, you don’t need to heal me.”

I shrugged, I didn’t want to push myself to hard, she was the one that healed me, without her I would be in so much pain, without her I would be lonely, without her I would never have been kissed, without her, I couldn’t be, without her.

I stood up, “Let’s get to lessons then, we are late already” And with that we walked down the corridor to the Lessons.

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