Girl's at war

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Otter lives at The School, a mere student, with huge hopes. Otter can’t see in the same way as the rest of the world. He has nothing to hold against girls. They’ve never hurt him or done wrong to him, and he knows it’s the same for everyone else out there. He wants to fall in love, and he wants the girl to be his other half, his equal. His mission is to save girls from his sex obsessed peers.

Chapter 18 (v.1)

Submitted: April 12, 2012

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Submitted: April 12, 2012



Chapter 18

Her hand was warm in mine, as we walked along the corridor, heading for Professor Trench’s class for history.

We walked down the rest of the corridor in silence, all apart from Ellie’s calculations and questions. It was sad to think she had spent so much of her life in a basement, she deserved more than that, and I hoped she stayed long enough to see I could give it to her. I would give her everything if I could, everything she could ever want, but if she knew this, then why she was guilty. I pondered over this while we walked until I had to ask her about it.


“Yes Jake”

When I touched the wolf, I could see how it felt about me

“As I could see what you felt about me”

There was an underlying guilt, why?

“I wish I could tell you, but it’s not going to be me leaving you, if that’s what you mean”

Yes, Ellie, can you stay please?

“I wouldn’t want to leave you, ever, Otter, Jake, I...I love you”

A smile spread across my face, as she told me this, and turned to look at me

I love you too Ellie, please don’t ever let me go

“I wouldn’t want to”

I stopped in the corridor, keeping hold of her hand “You mean it?” I asked her.

“Every word” She replied while nodding

I rested my hand on her face, feeling the softness of her skin under my finger tips.

She closed her eyes and placed her hand over mine

“I trust you Otter”

Her words so simple, yet full of meaning.

Then I lent forwards, slowly, giving her a chance to step away. Then before I touched her lips I told her once more “I love you” and then I kissed her. She kissed me back, slowly, gently, perfectly. My other hand rested on her skinny hip and her other hand on my back.

“Et-hum” Richard coughed form further down the corridor. I pulled apart, but didn’t let go of her.

She smiled, stepped back and led my hand that was resting on her face down to her side; “Lessons” was all she said for the time being.

Then after a few steps she said “What lesson we going to?”

“Professor Trench’s history lesson” I replied

“What’s he like?”

“Nothing like Badger, Professor Trench is an old man, bald and comical as ever, but he doesn’t like laughing when on a serious part of the lesson, and you can tell he is being serious as he waves his arms around and gets all excited. Richard once said he would get so excited he would wet himself; I’m still waiting for that to happen.” I said grinning, and getting a splutter form Richard walking beside us.

“I can’t believe you can still remember that, what was he trying to teach us about during that Lesson?”

“Um” I replied “How the School was built?”

“Ah yes, that was a funny Lesson” Richard said, grinning at me.

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