Girl's at war

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Ellie is stuck in a world of prejudice and mistrust. The govement keeled over years ago and now The School is in charge. Girls are no longer free and no longer have rights. They are degraded. They are prosecuted. They are seen as a threat to the future. Ellie is sure things shouldn’t be like this, and after being abused and mistreated, she realises that in the past, girls were treated equally to boys. On her own set mission to return to how things were. Ellie does what she can for herself, and girls alike.

Chapter 19 (v.1)

Submitted: April 20, 2012

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Submitted: April 20, 2012



Chapter 19

Every word I had said to him, I had meant, I loved him, with all my heart and I didn’t want to ever leave him, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t. My smile wavered then but Otter’s comical story about the Teacher cheered me up, he didn’t sound like the other two teachers I had met, I hoped not as well, I couldn’t cope with another basement.

We reached the end of the corridor, and then turned right, down the corridor I walked down yesterday with a blindfold on that lead to the stairs, but we were going the other way down. As we walked the boys chatted cheerfully about subjects very light hearted, until the bell went again, we were about halfway down the corridor then.

“Damn, we’re going to be late” Richard muttered before he started running down the corridor, almost falling trying to run down the stairs.

Otter pulled on the hand he was holding seconds later and we ran after him, but I stopped at the stairs, then, taking a bid breath, I ran up and jumped, without Otter, as Richard and Otter tried to run down the stairs without falling. I landed perfectly and waited for the boys to catch up.

“Who’s laid claim to this pretty thing then” a sneering voice said from behind me.

“Don’t touch her Weasel, she’s mine” Otter replied, his voice hard and cold, making me shiver.

“Aw, she’s scared of you Otter, let me have her” as an answer I moved towards Otter, running down the stairs, but not fast enough. Weasel grabbed my arm, just where Badger had, the bruises were still sore, causing me to whimper in pain and curl up.

“Stop it, don’t hurt her” Richard and Otter called out, in sync.

“What have you been doing to her you two?” the sneer came out again.

By this point ‘those two’ had made it to the bottom of the stairs and Otter was trying to prise Weasel’s hand off my arm. The moment the grip slackened I struggled out of his grip and stood behind Otter, facing Weasel.

Weasel was one of those dream guys, hot as ever with a square jaw and a dashing smile, momentarily stunned I stood still while Otter moved back, bumping into me.

Forgetting his looks, I slipped my hand into Otters, as Weasel’s smile drooped, and finally turned into a look of anger and hate.

“She won’t love you for long if you hurt her like that, but, we’re late for Lessons” and then Weasel stalked off. We followed a safe distance behind.

“You’re not falling for him?” Otter’ voice interrupted my jumbled thoughts

No, no-one beats you

A smile crept over Otter’s face “Sure, you’d be the first, all girls fall for him”

I’m not any girl and he hurt me, though he is hot I said, turning to smile back at him. He pulled a hurt expression but he knew I was joking so his perfect smile soon returned,

He smiled in a few different ways, if he wants to smile but isn’t sure if he should the corners of his mouth lift up, but he doesn’t get dimples and the smile doesn’t reach his eyes. If he properly smiles, he has cute dimples in the middle of his cheeks and his eyes sparkle with pleasure, when he is smiling but doesn’t want to, his eyebrows stay down and his eyes don’t light up, and only the left side of his mouth turned up. When his eyes light up, he’s gorgeous, its truth, on one could top him, he is all I could ever want and do want.

We speed walked along the corridor and then turned right into a room, I don’t really know what I was expecting in a Lesson, but it wasn’t this.

The room had seats for 30 people, not all the seats were filled though. There were 15 desks, most with a guy sitting on the right, when facing the front, girls on the other side. A few desks had just a guy behind, and the rest were empty. When I walked in, Weasel was leaning on the doorframe, flashing his smile around, and having all the girls stare at him with big, wide eyes and drooling mouths. So much for making girls look intelligent and attractive

“You are an exception, don’t worry, you don’t have to live up to your stereotype, your amazing in too many ways to worry about that”

I had forgotten that Otter had my hand and could hear my ‘loud’ thoughts Thanks I replied, smiling as I looked at him.

“You’re too easy to embarrass” he replied smiling “Now, my lady, let me show you to your seat”

As Otter lead me to my seat I watched the guys chat amongst themselves and play catch with a piece of paper, and the girls squealing if the paper came within a few meters of them, which is what the boys spent their time aiming for. A guy, sitting leisurely on his desk, saw me watching him and chucked the paper at me, unsure what I was expected to do, I caught it and through it back, one handed, as Otter lead me by the other one. Watching face as he realised that I had caught the paper, and then through it back was brilliant, his jaw dropped and then he trough the paper at me again, Again I caught it and trough it back, harder this time.

“So much for blending in Ellie” Otter said smiling “First having the hottest guy say he actually wanted you, and that saying something, to surprising Harris by proving a girl can catch, and then throwing it back, just to confuse him more”

I turned to smile back at Otter you said I didn’t fit the stereotypes I replied smartly.

He chuckled a cheerful laugh before replying “I sure did, and meant it”

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