Girl's at war

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Otter lives at The School, a mere student, with huge hopes. Otter can’t see in the same way as the rest of the world. He has nothing to hold against girls. They’ve never hurt him or done wrong to him, and he knows it’s the same for everyone else out there. He wants to fall in love, and he wants the girl to be his other half, his equal. His mission is to save girls from his sex obsessed peers.

Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



Chapter 4

I knew I would help her as much as I could. Yet I hadn’t managed to tell her that, which meant she would have to hope I would, because I can’t see any other way of getting out of Badgers grip, no girl had beforehand.

Hidden in the bushes I watched her reaction to seeing The School. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes opened wide, from this angle her wavy blonde fell over her shoulders but didn’t cover her face like it did from the other side giving me a perfect view of her. She was beautiful. My stomach tightened as I gazed at her and I knew she would be the one for me, but I mustn’t let her know that, she would never trust me then.

Pushing down the want and other feelings I didn’t want her to know about, I watched Badger slip the blindfold over her face and tie and knot in the back. He then grabbed her hand, hard. She reacted and pulled back.

He hung on and said to her “Don’t fight me girl, it will just make it worse for you later”.

Obviously reacting to the threat she let him hold her hand, yet she stood away from him, uncomfortable.

He led her by the hand to the entrance doors, then letting her step across the threshold first; he continued to drag her to the stairs. I knew from seeing what he did to other girls he would let go of her hand and force her to walk up the stairs by herself, just to embarrass her, and that would be the perfect time to tell her that I was willing to help her.

Walking only a few paces behind the teacher and her, I kept pace well as we walked down the corridor, with all the arches leading to the classrooms I couldn’t help but admire the beauty, I did every time as it still managed to impress me.

As we reached the end of the corridor, we went up the steps, watching her stumble, then down the next corridor with all the rooms for students before reaching the teachers staircase. At the bottom of this, Badger turned round, seeing me standing nearby he glared and I smiled politely back at him, I was so glad I didn’t have him as a teacher or he would fail me with that horrid grin on his face all the way through.

He spoke out at me then “Otter, what brings you here on such a nice evening, surely you should be revising?” the sweetness in his voice was disgusting, she tensed up at the mention of my name, turning slowly to try and figure out where I was standing.

Answering with the same sweet tone, I said “As you should be planning your lessons, not getting off with a girl that’s at least one quarter of your age”

“An old man like me can still enjoy the pleasures of a girl’s body, whether young or old”

“Yes, but surely you can see her age and height fits me much better than you” and this time I was speaking truthfully.

“Aw, the poor young boy has fallen for a girl that he can never have”

“Ah but your wrong there, I can have her, and will have her!”

“You let your feelings rule you. You should know by now that a teacher always beats a student”

“This isn’t about lessons, old man, this is about her”

“Do you even know her name; does she even trust you with that?”

Freezing I knew he had me now, until she spoke up “Ellie, my name is Ellie”

Surprised Badger turned round to see than Ellie had managed to take her blindfold off and was standing with a strength that I didn’t know a girl could process.

“and you” she continued talking and pointed at Badger “chose the wrong girl to try and kidnap” and with that hanging in the air she made a run for it to the left, towards my room.

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