Girl's at war

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Ellie is stuck in a world of prejudice and mistrust. The govement keeled over years ago and now The School is in charge. Girls are no longer free and no longer have rights. They are degraded. They are prosecuted. They are seen as a threat to the future. Ellie is sure things shouldn’t be like this, and after being abused and mistreated, she realises that in the past, girls were treated equally to boys. On her own set mission to return to how things were. Ellie does what she can for herself, and girls alike.

Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



Chapter 5

I spoke out the moment I had the blindfold off, it was good to see Otter hadn’t abandoned me, but if what Badger said is true it was slightly uncomfortable as well.

After my speech I ran for it, away from Badger and hopefully towards Otter’s room.

Badger called out after me “you can’t hide from the detectors girl; you will just have to hope that they let you live” Thinking about it I slowed uncertain if they would find me, just to have Otter grab my hand and drag me into a sprint once more.

We sprinted down this corridor, like the outside of The School, it was beautiful, decorated with unusual paintings and multi-coloured lights, yet it didn’t look tacky. We ran fast enough that I never saw the exact picture, just the blurred colours, yet that was still pretty.

After a good few minutes, and we were both panting, we stopped outside a blue door with the number 36 on it. Otter reached out and just touched the door lightly, and it swung inwards. Stepping in quickly he shut the door behind us and gestured for me to go down the short corridor to a room where I could see a sofa. The moment he gestured he also let go of my hand, fast, as if it was going to burn him, giving me even more reason to believe what Badger had said was true.

Walking down the corridor, I glanced back to check if I was going to the right place, he watched me and after seeing me turn round he nodded and pointed at the sofa before saying “sit down over there, I have to just make sure Badger doesn’t try to break into the room for you”

Nodding silently, I continued down the corridor before looking in the room.

It was a small, rather basic room, with a sofa and coffee table inside, again there were beautiful pictures of unusual pictures, and I had the time so walked round the room slowly taking the pictures in.

The one to the left of the door was of a guitar, they weren’t played now, but they were popular in the past, now there is magic, magicians can make any sound so instruments were left forgotten. Glancing round I realised he had a guitar standing in the corner, interested, I couldn’t help but go and see it, picking it up I sat with it resting over my knee and stroked the rotting strings gently, hearing a clashing chord I couldn’t help but experiment on how to change the notes. Realising you make the note higher pitched by pressing in-between the bars I tried to play a song I remember my mum singing to me to help me go to sleep.

Sleep little baby,

And don’t you cry,

The stars are watching over you,

From the night sky,

I will be here for you

If you need me

I will love you forever more

And I know you can be the person you want to be

As long as you believe

Humming the tune slowly over and over again in my head I got the old guitar to sing them back to me until I was singing along slowly, over and over again, enjoying memories of my mum to reappear, after hiding them at the back of my mind I had forgotten the happiness my mother and managed to give me. Yet I knew that soon the awful memory of leaving her would reappear, and too soon it did.

“Darling, could you pass me the pasta pot” mum asked me from the other side of the kitchen.

Turning the stove off I reached out for the handle and carried the pot full of water and pasta over to the sink while I asked her “do you want me to drain it first?”

“That would be so helpful Darling, thank you” So I did, avoiding the splashes from the hot water I emptied the pasta pot into a strainer and carried the, now dry, pasta over to my mother, when the door bell went.

“Oh dear, who can that, well I hope they don’t want to stay for diner because I will need to cook more pasta” my mother said, grumpily.

I went with her to the door. She opened it. Behind it were two men in suits, both wearing black.

The taller one on my side said in a gruff voice “Miss Charlotte Rim, I presume,” he said looking at mum “I am here to collect your daughter Miss Eloise Rim, as she has started menstruating” Looking at me the man continued “Who is you I presume, as Miss Charlotte has no other daughters.”

With that said he stepped forwards towards me but before he could he could grab me I spoke up “Please Sir, Who has laid claim to me?”

Impressed with my question he smiled and answered “Mr J Tar” I shook my head, the same thought running through my head what about Richard, he promised me he would claim, he promised me!

Then the silent man reached out for me and grabbed my wrists and dragged me away from my house and mother and family. The last thing I saw of my mother before we turned the corner out of out drive was a tear streamed face staring after me, and doing nothing about the fact that I was being taken away.

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