Girl's at war

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Ellie is stuck in a world of prejudice and mistrust. The govement keeled over years ago and now The School is in charge. Girls are no longer free and no longer have rights. They are degraded. They are prosecuted. They are seen as a threat to the future. Ellie is sure things shouldn’t be like this, and after being abused and mistreated, she realises that in the past, girls were treated equally to boys. On her own set mission to return to how things were. Ellie does what she can for herself, and girls alike.

Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



Chapter 9

I lay on the sofa thinking, did I do the right thing telling Jake about magic? Could I really trust him? and I hoped so, because otherwise I’m stuck. The more I thought about it, the more I worried about it, until I finally gave in; I would have to find out if I did the right thing by trusting him. So I got up and walked towards the door, I knew that I was about to go into his bedroom, while he was topless, in the middle of the night, but that couldn’t deter me, I needed to know.

“Otter are you awake”

“Yes, are you?”

I laughed quietly “Obviously, will you turn me in for knowing magic?”

“Never, I wouldn’t dare”

Reassured I went to turn away when he spoke up “Stay, now that your here”

Surprised I turned to look at him


Realising he couldn’t see me nodding I walked over to his bed “Sure?” I asked, as an answer he reached up and gently guided me into the bed and got me to lie in it. Panic was racing through my head yet I still let him.

“Go to bed now, sleep well” he whispered in my ear and then him arm snaked round my waist before I relaxed into the bed and finally got some sleep


A bell rang, and a boy yawned next to me, panic seeped into me and I jumped away, falling off the bed

“Jeez, relax Ellie it’s just the morning bell!”

Then I remembered where I was and what was going on “Sorry, I forgot where I was, it’s been a while since I’ve slept in a bed or someone’s arms”

“Relax; I’m not going to hurt you”

“So what do we do today then?” I asked my momentary panic over.

“Well I have Lessons and I said I would teach you, so you’re coming with me”

“What! No, I can’t do that, it’s The School, and it doesn’t teach girls”

“No it doesn’t, but it does allow girls who have been claimed to enter and sit with the guy who claimed her”

“Oh, are you claiming me”

“Yep, if you don’t mind that is?”

“No, that’s fine” but I wasn’t sure. All girls are taught that The School is for boys only and the penalty of being on the premises is death, I didn’t want to die, so I needed a little more persuading to be seen on The Schools premises. “Are you sure there won’t be any consequences for me being in your Lessons?” I checked.

He turned and grinned “Other than boredom, nope”

Grinning at him I decided to trust him and said “You had better be right” and with that I turned and headed for the bathroom, but before I made it there I felt his arms go round my waist

“Don’t you trust me?” he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine, I have to admit, and I was falling for him.

Embarrassed at that idea I looked away turning slightly red and answered “Yes, I think I do”

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