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Prologue Pangaea, a beautiful combination of vibrant colours, its continents placed perfectly next to each other like an enormous puzzle. In spite of this, the people of Pangaea lived as if divided, each country ruled by creatures that possess great power; the Northern Emperor, the Southern Ruler, the Eastern King and the Rogue Leader of the West. The Moon, hanging in the black sky like a blood red orb, lit a castle that stood deep within the Misty Mountains where the Northern Emperor, who was feared by every citizen, lived. The evil that possessed this man was so great that no name could be bestowed upon him, instead he was only known as the Emperor. His main objective: to unleash his evil on the innocent citizens of Pangaea. It was on a calm night, everyone down below sleeping soundlessly, unaware of the horror that was envisioned by the Emperor, that it took place. The Emperor was pacing up and down, his long silver hair dragging behind him like a tail, his silver eyes gleaming in the darkness, when he suddenly stopped, pulled his chair towards him and reached for his quill and parchment. He started sketching, not caring for the spilled ink. Hours later he lifted the parchment and laughed malevolently, what was sketched was his perfect idea for evil incarnate. The Emperor hurried to his laboratory and started working intensely at his creation. After a fortnight of working feverishly he finally emerged and saw the sun rising through an opening in the mountains. Tired beyond reason and drenched from his own sweat he started as suddenly all went black and the earth started shaking. The citizens below ran back to their houses, nothing like this has ever happened. The Emperor knew that the cause of this earth shattering moment was his creation, lying in the depths of the castle. He had expected as much, even hoped that it would happen, but what he did not expect was an explosion coming from his creation. Midnight purple flames erupted from the laboratory, engulfing the castle; the force flung him across the chamber. He hit a column and, almost passing out; saw his whole castle covered in the strange flames. Pain like he never experienced was covering his body, he looked down upon himself and saw blood mixed with flames. His own evil had caused his downfall. Before his last breath left him, he saw something exiting the flames at a frightening speed, hurtling toward the forest bordering his castle. The explosion caused the mountain range and most of the forest to be severed from the mainland, the evil of Pangaea was split from the mainland. That evening the Legend of Alduin was born. The creation that the Emperor had brought into this world was guaranteed to be feared by all creatures on Pangaea. It was not some hideous misshaped creature, but instead a lizard, a dragon by the name of Alduin. A being more evil than any other creature created. Due to this incident a city came to exist on the border of the Great Forest, which surrounds the Misty Mountains, a city by the name of Rivelda. Although this was no ordinary city, built from the timber of the Great Forest made it one of the most beautiful and enchanted cities of Pangaea. The wood from the forest was not the kind that was to be used for fire making, it was of a different nature, it was dark in colour and its texture was as hard as stone. The death of the Emperor never left any conversation, many of the people still talked about the horror that he had brought into the world, but the people of Rivelda were brave and fearless. They were able to withstand any dire situation, as was needed, for Alduin lived in the Great Forest. Deep within the Misty Mountains on the highest point where the snow lay thick on the black stone, was Alduin’s peak. The legend tells that the peak is the birth place of the monster and that every fortnight he will leave his place of refuge. Flying from the mountain towards the waterfall that was a few leagues form the city, where he would drink whilst on the lookout for food. Afterwards he would make his way back, but the return flight always led him over the city. The soldiers of Rivelda were standing on the walls waiting anxiously, for the dragon was approaching the city...

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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WOW.This is great! I have a really clear image of what you're writing about, like a picture in my head. And the cliffhanger at the end leaves me with suspense... Awesome! Kmu if you add more :)
(Oh, and I love the descriptions- very vivid!)

Wed, August 29th, 2012 1:02pm


Oooh mpspenguin I can't thank u enough for reading it really I appreciate it a lot! :) I am soooo glad u like it and of course ill keep u updated if I post more I promise :) he he he thank u so much once again :)

Thu, August 30th, 2012 9:23am



Sat, September 1st, 2012 9:27pm


Thank u so much :)

Sun, September 2nd, 2012 12:14am

Shadow Maiden

Stellar story as ever Sasuke-chan! Whoa! Quite different from your previous one. But this one sounds wickedly epic! I love dragons! Alduin = brilliant name! And what a cliffhanger! The dragon approaches?! What's gonna happen next?! Mmmmmmm! I'm also very curious as to what the title of this awesome story's gonna be! Please continue writing!! And what about God's Window? And the sequel to POAB? I'm still waiting in great antici...pation! Fantasmagoriese verhaal Noella, asseblief skryf aan! En laat weet my wanneer jy die volgende hoofstuk opsit! Happy writings! :)

Sun, September 2nd, 2012 10:28pm


Wow imelda!! U weren't kidding when u said u gonna write me a testament well I'm going reply in one too! Awwww happy happy days that u like it!!! Thank the heavens thank nameless poab will come..I think I'm going to continue this one first and then c how it goes and uhm gods window well yeah...we'll see awww I shall and please keep me updated oor jou storie ook asb asb asb!!!!!! Happy writings to u too most awesome person!!

Mon, September 3rd, 2012 12:59pm

Miss A

Super bigggg like for this .. and as the above readers have already mentioned , this story is just amazing... I totally agre with one reader who said that your description is vivid ... even I actually felt I was watching all this on tv or something. You write fantasy so well....its just magical .. really loved it..
And of course , do update me when you have more chapters up. i would love to continue reading this till the end :)
P.S :- I loved that line where you said the Moon hung in the sky like a blood red orb.awesome imagery...

Tue, October 16th, 2012 11:11am


Thank you so much for reading my prologue even if it is not yet finished, i really do appreciate it :D and i will :) please you too keep me updated if you have written any new poems your work is absoloutely brilliant!! :)

Sat, October 20th, 2012 10:05am


this is really awesome writing. its supposed to like epic. you write fantasy so well and some times magical told by MISS A. i am also agreed with other comment. I loved your line where you said "the Monn hung in the sak like a blood red orb." The whole imagination inspired me. I am really glad to read your piece.
thanks with regards-


Fri, November 2nd, 2012 8:59am


Thank u very much for the comment it is really much appreciated :D I shall go read some of your work as well :)

Fri, November 2nd, 2012 10:48pm


I agree, I do indeed love the amazing descriptions which seemingly you have a talent for. (Oh, and I too am in love with dragons.) I'd just splitting it into paragraphs to make more of a structure. Well done and good luck in the future. :)

Thu, December 20th, 2012 1:51pm


Thank yooooooou for the awesome comment I appreciate it very much and yes its a nasty habit I started doing thank u!!! And u too stay awesome!!:)

Fri, December 21st, 2012 4:59am


This was very descriptive and good. You asked us to comment, so I did. Anyway, well done. Keep it up.

Wed, May 1st, 2013 7:57pm


Thank u very much I appreciate it :)

Wed, May 22nd, 2013 11:15am

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