Sing For Me, My Raven Bird

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Raven is sent into the darkness, thanks to the return of Terra. When Starfire and Robin agree to breakup so Raven can date Robin, which will hopefully pull Raven out of her depression. But what happens when Raven finds out? And what will she say when Robin admits to falling for the dark beauty? Rated R for language, violence, & mild suggestive themes.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sing For Me, My Raven Bird

Submitted: November 25, 2012

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Submitted: November 25, 2012



Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans! (Sadly...) The only thin I own here is the plot. That is all mine. But seriously, do you think that I'd allow Starfire and Robin to kiss in \"Troble in Tokyo\" if I did own the Teen Titans? -~-~-~-~-

Raven's POV I walked to the kitchen to make some tea, but someone had picked me up and carried me to the living room. That someone was about six feet tall and half metal. 

\"Cyborg,\" I growled \"If you don't put me down *right now* I swear to Azar I will unleash all my dark magic on you.\"

An annoying laugh came from someone behind Cy. That someone was five feet, six inches and green. It was Beastboy. I let out a low growl and the laughing stopped. I still couldn't believe that over the summer BB had managed to grow two inches taller than me. Now I was officially the smallest Titan, not that I cared. Robin was half an inch taller than BB, and Star was just an inch shorter than Cy. I was shorter than everyone by at least two inches. Even Terra was taller than me!

\"So what do my brothers have planned for me this time?\" I asked with a monotoned voice. 

\"Well Terra said we should do Truth or Dare, we decided that you should come, too!\" BB exclaimed. \"Besides, it's not like you have anything planned other than being creepy like usual,\" 

I growled, a threat had to be fulfilled. \"For your information, dumbass, I was going on a date with Aqualad,\" Cy and BB looked at me, Cyborg with shock and BB with curiosity. I was going on a date with Aqualad, but not in the way that my brothers thought. I was going on a book date with my second closest friend, nothing romantic. 

After the shock wore off, I could see BB come around to face me. \"Well just cancel it! Terra said you were too creepy for dates, so it's not like it matters.\" he said with a shrug. 

I managed to free one arm from Cyborg when he froze at BB's words and punched BB in the nose, breaking it. \"I'm not creepy,\" I spoke low, my voice shook. I was trying to to cry. \"I'm just different.\"

\"Yeah, different creepy. Most people creepy is stalker-ish. Yours is evil. Terra was right, how could we even trust you? You broke my nose for goodness sake!\" BB's voice rose, and soon all three of the other Titans were watching. 

\"Look, I don't know what your problem is, but you need to let it go!\" Terra yelled, standing by BB with an arm around him. Cyborg let go of me, letting me fall in a crumpled heap on the floor. 

Starfire moved over with me. \"Friend Raven,\" she cried out. \"How could you break the Beastboy's nose? Is this an Earth custom I do not know about?\"

\"No Star,\" Robin growled. \"This is just a friend turning on us.\" I looked at our leader in shock, how could he turn on me so fast? He is- was my best friend, my support, and (do I dare say it?) my crush. 

\"Robin, I-\"

\"No,\" he yelled, cutting me off. \"You have two choices, apologize to BB and come play Truth or Dare, or consider yourself not welcome here anymore.\"

Starfire let out a gasp. \"Boyfriend Robin!\" I winced. \"Friend Raven probably has a good reason for all this! Please, let her explain, I do not with for her to go, I do not wish for friend Raven to leave us!\" Star was getting herself upset over nothing, no one wanted me here but her.  

\"Star,\" I said softly, trying to sooth the crying Tameranian girl. \"It's okay. I was wrong to hurt BB. Beastboy, I'm sorry. I'd like to play Truth or Dare with you guys.\" I allowed myself to smile, even if it was fake. 

\"Yay!\" Starfire jumped around in joy as I watched her bemused and entertained. She rushed over to hug me, and I hugged her back and gave her a quick, real smile. \"Eep!\" she exlaimed happily \"Friend Raven you are my bestest friend of all!\"

\"Starfire you are not my best friend.\" I said, her crushed look boring into my eyes. \"You are far closer to me than two words can explain. I think the closest I can get is 'sister'.\" The bubbly look in her face reappeared with a blinding smile. I got another hug from the bright girl, and I let out a small laugh. 

I let Star lead me into the living room and the rest of the Titans followed. We sat in a circle. Me beside Star, Star by Robin, Robin by Cy, Cy by BB, and Terra by BB. This meant I was sitting right beside the latest Titan. I get to sit by a blonde bitch with a hatred towards me, yay. How fun. 

Starfire started first. \"Sister Raven,\" she smiled brightly at me and hooked her elbow into mine, and I didn't pull away. \"The truths or the dares?\"

\"Truth,\" I monotoned. 

\"What is your strongest emotion right now? The Beastboy has told me all about Nevermore and the emotions that are people! Tell me, who is the strongest emotion.\" 

The whole room froze, waiting on my answer. The clock ticked quietly, the only noise in the room. I thought about my answer. 

\"Depression,\" everyone gasped at me. Cy and Star started questioning me, they were the only two who seemed to care. I ignored them and asked \"BB, truth or dare?\" 

\"Dare!\" he said, grinning proudly as if he fought Slade and beat him. I rolled my eyes, picking dare was no accomplishment. 

\"I dare you to tell everyone what you think about them.\" It was a good dare, maybe something would slip out that I could use for my advantage. 

\"Well Terra is the love of my life. She is beautiful, funny, amazing, sweet, kick-ass, nice, and cool.\"

\"Aww thanks BB!\" Terra said, her bitchy voice annoying me.

\"Cy, you are like a brother to me, even when we fight. I still think I could beat you at a video game if you would stop cheating!\"

\"Rob, dude, you're like a stereotypical hero. I idol you, and you don't care. I think you're a grumpy old fart, but you're still awesome! I don't think I could get mad at you, maybe annoyed, but not mad.\"

\"Star, you can be annoying, but your naïvety and bubbly self make up for it. You're like a sister to me, a really hot sister.\"

With a deep breath he turned to me. \"You are a bitch. You hate Terra, you never laugh at my jokes-\"

\"At least she listens,\" Cy said, sticking up for me. \"I just kinda tune you out.\"

With a glare, BB continued on. \"I know you have to control your emotions and whatever, but get laid! You are way to stressful and annoying. You try to be all mysterious and mean but inside you are WEAK. Weak, stupid, mean, bitchy, and annoying. I don't see how you aren't allergic to yourself, I thought you were allergic to chickens!\"

I stood up and walked over to him. \"You didn't say anything, but your emotions said you were curious. You wanted to know why my strongest emotion is Depression. It's because ever since little Miss. Earth Mover has become part of the team, you've been an asshole to me! No, we aren't even a team. Teams are supportive and work together. This is not a team. And ever since Terra came here, no one cares about me. I can't go to anyone because you are all too busy. 'Im training with Terra, maybe later.' 'I'm taking friend Terra to the mall of shopping. Could we speak later?'. You don't listen or talk to me anymore!\"

I took a deep breath to calm down. \"I'm not one to have the spot light on me all the time, unlike *some* people, but I want my friends to trust me, talk to me, be my family. I thought I could find love and acceptance and a *family* here, but I guess I was wrong. The only person I love in this room is Starfire. She sometimes ignores me, but at least she shows concern and shows that she trusts and loves me.\" The TV exploded, thank goodness the only one who got hit was Terra. She now bares a bloody scratch on her face. 

\"Look what you did! You *cut* me! God Raven, you really are evil!\" 

\"Well you shouldn't have unbalanced Sister Raven's emotions! She can't control them, it was an accident!\"

\"Well she needs to control them! Is it that hard to control your powers?\" Terra whined. 

\"You can't control your powers, you hypocrite.\" Cy yelled.

\"God Cy, she was just asking! Terra wouldn't try to hurt us, unlike that creepy bitch!\"

And with that, I ran off to my room, locking it with powerful magic. The doors had some elements that also make up dirt in them, so I used powerful magic to lock it. Not even Terra could get it open. I collapsed on my bed when not even a minute later, someone knocked on my door. 

Robin's POV. 

\"God Cy, she was just asking! And she wouldn't try to hurt us, unlike that creepy bitch!\" BB yelled back at Cyborg. What has gotten into everyone? Raven was right, things haven't been the same since Terra joined. Everyone has been fighting, and it was giving me a headache. Raven took off to her room and I was compelled to follow, but I stayed behind. 

What made me turn on Raven so quickly? Guilt swallowed me up, leaving me feel as guiltily as when I was Red X or Slade's apprentice. And why was I so guilty?

\"So Terra would never hurt us?\" Cy asked, his human eye burning with anger. 

\"Never!\" Terra and BB said at the same time. 

\"That explains why she turned against us, worked for Slade, totaled my T-car, and locked all of us in a huge canyon underground while she planned to take over the world!\" Cy yelled loudly and I just sat, letting it all unfold. \"Come on, Star. Our sister needs us. We got so apologizing to do.\" 

Star got up quietly, not flying, jumping, or even smiling. She followed Cy to Raven's room. All eyes were on them, and we watched the pair disappear into the shadows. 

\"Terra?\" I asked calmly. 

\"Yes?\" Terra fluttered her blue eyes and twirled a stand of blonde hair with her finger. She let out a small giggle. \"What can I do for ya?\" 

I rolled my eyes at her. \"You pull that shit again and you won't be on this team anymore. You too, BB.\"

Their eyes grew as big as saucers, their mouths opened and closed as if they were trying to speak. It was Terra who finally spoke up. 

\"Why get rid of me and BB when you can get rid of just one of the team members? Why not have just five people and kick Raven of the team?\"

\"Because,\" I spoke low and dangerously, letting them know who the leader is. \"Raven has been here longer than you, she's closer to all of us. More than you, anyways. Everything was fine until you came back from your stupid rock.\" Terra stormed off to her room and I heard a scream when she reached her room. BB and I ran off to see what the issue is, well BB ran. I just jogged. 

When I got to Terra's room (BB had already beat me there), everything was a mess. Glass had blown up, papers shredded and flying around, the feathers from her exploded pillows slowly drifting to the ground. A picture of Terra floated in front of Terra herself and then exploded into a million little pieces. 

\"That witch! I just know she was the one who did this! I just know it!\" she shrieked, her voice annoying and high-pitched. *She sounds like Kitten*, I thought with a wince. 

\"Well maybe if you weren't acting like bitch to Raven earlier, here motions wouldn't have caused this! You KNOW she can't control her emotions!\" I yelled. With that said, I turned out the hallway and ran to Raven's room to help her.

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