Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Richard had been used to the woods. He remembered himself going into the woods by himself when he was young because it was the only place he could think and became an expert on the surrounding areas and the terrain. He could find his home when he was ten miles away even if he was in the middle of a forest.

Richard had developed an ingenuitive talent to finding things, and became extremely observant. Richard knew to go after Elrond, solely because Elrond is his closest friend and wouldn’t last three days away from home without him, but also because Richard didn’t know his way to Marenkon, and would have a better chance of surviving with Elrond, who has been to Marenkon several times while working for The Empire’s army before the war.

Richard remembered the direction that Elrond had taken; it was just south, into the woods. Elrond said that he’d be at a creek so Richard looked for any natural formations and signs that would lead him to a creek.

He reached a small trail leading into the woods that Richard had remembered as a child. He knew that it was not used anymore because of several abductions and raids but what bandit wouldn’t ransack caravans and travelers on the intersection of the two major roads in the Empire.

The path was at a slight slope downwards and was becoming narrower and less distinct. He tore down several spider webs that got in his way and climbed over large rocks that got bigger as he went downward. He could tell he was almost there.

There was then a sudden steep drop-off that cut Richard short. It went down about ten feet before dipping into a rocky and wet river bed. He had reached the creek.

There was one off putting thing that came to Richard, however. There was no water. It was completely empty, and by the looks of it had been dry for at least a month. Richard scanned up and down the creek but didn’t see Elrond anywhere. He was dumbstruck.

Richard slid down the slope and stopped himself with his feet on two large boulders. He got up and wiped himself off. He then picked up a small rock that fit perfectly with the palm of his hand. He tossed it around a little to get the feeling for it and shoved it in his pocket. After scanning the ground for several minutes he saw an imperfection in the dirt on the other side of the creek. It wasn’t concentrated and led up to the shoreline. It had left a path in the fallen leaves on the ground.

This left a little hope in Richard. He started walking down the path, his eyes fixated on the misplaced leaves and rocks. He started walking faster and faster, until he was at a jog. He couldn’t help himself so he started running as fast as he could, out of the desperateness to find his friend.

He looked out in front of him and saw a strange glow far ahead. He squinted his eyes trying to see if he could figure out what it was. Then, in a matter of seconds he was down on the ground in pain from tripping on a large rock. His stomach started to hurt from the fall. He looked at his hands and saw blood dripping from his fingertips. He groaned out in pain.

Richard tore chunks of his under shirt and wrapped it around his hands to slow the bleeding. He got up, aching, and brushed off all the dirt. He gazed at what he tripped on and was surprised.

Richard’s eyes went wide when he saw half of a skull bulging out of the ground. His breath went cold and was paralyzed with fear. He had never even seen a picture of a skeleton.

Richard bent down cautiously and stared at it. There was no doubt that it was a human skull. Richard didn’t know what to do. There was a small sparkling in the corner of his eye. He looked down towards the skull’s forehead and saw the right side of a star. He removed some leaves and was startled. Imprinted on the forehead of the skull was the mark of Kos.

Richard staggered back a few steps in astonishment. He knew what had happened to this poor soul. They had been kidnapped by necromancers. Necromancers under the sign of Kos.

Richard looked back at the light and knew what was in store for him. He must get to Elrond before the necromancers would release their power upon him.

Richard had only heard stories of the necromancers before. They were called Kosists, for practicing the worshipping of Kos, an evil god, the god of death. Kosism is banned in the Empire, and the MRA because of inhumane practices. The Empire also wants to have no business in magic, so they ban all of it from its lands. The Kosists are said to kidnap someone and take them back to their camp. There they will unleash their power, but Richard doesn’t know exactly what they do. He just hopes that Elrond will be alright until he gets to him.

It was getting dark outside. Richard decided to wait until sunset, so he wouldn’t be spotted yet. He patted his pocket to make sure that the rock was still there. It was.

After about an hour Richard started walking towards the light. He could make out what the glowing light was. It was a fire. He knew to stop there, and so he stepped to the side and peered over a large boulder to see ahead.

Richard could see three figures huddled around the large fire. They were shrieking with laughter, nearly knocking themselves into the fire with their hysterical cackling. He figured they were drunk, and would make it much easier to sneak by them, especially with Richard’s experience in the woods.

Richard crouched and stepped through the underbrush warily, avoiding large clumps of leaves and sticks to prevent making noise. He was about one hundred feet away when he stopped and resituated himself to get a better look at the camp.

There were three women dancing around the fire, chanting. Behind the fire were five tents. There was nothing else beyond that. How could this be, Richard thought. There was nothing showing any sign of Elrond’s whereabouts or even these drunken young women being Kosists.

Richard felt a hatred rising up his stomach, then through his throat, and out his mouth. “Elrond!” Richard yelled at the top of his lungs, sending birds flying in all directions. The air froze cold with fear. He saw the women whip around quickly.

“Who’s there? Is it you, morani? Have you come back for some more? I’m sure we can help you with your, necessities.” The women howled with laughter at the remark, but obviously were too drunk to tell what Richard had yelled.

Richard started backing up slowly; suspense was hanging on a wire, threatening to reveal Richard to the women. “Come here, dearie! We don’t bite. Usually.” They howled even louder.

Within seconds the middle woman’s head was connected to a tree by a single arrow. The rest of her body fell to the ground. There was a second’s hesitation, and then screaming and terror filled the air. The other two sprinted off into the woods. Richard stood eyes wide open and watching the whole thing take place.

Richard stepped slowly into the campsite. It was completely dark out except for the crackling fire and the hot coals. There was complete silence. Richard took the arrow out of the head, grabbing the head by its hair and tossing it into the woods. He wiped the blood off the arrow and examined it thoroughly. He recognized the arrows. They were Elrond’s arrows. Elrond must’ve taken his bow and arrows with him when he left. Richard guessed he was too drowsy that morning to tell what Elrond had with him.

There was a crunching of leaves that stopped short as soon as Richard snapped his head up to see what it was. He could start to see a figure forming on the other side of the fire. Then a face showed.

“Elrond! I can’t believe it’s you!” Richard ran towards Elrond who went from a focused face to a relieved one. They hugged each other with all their strength. How Richard had longed to see Elrond, even though he was only gone for the day.

“Richard! It’s so good to see you. I feared you would get into trouble trying to come and get me but, well, I guess I came along just in time to save you from being slaughtered,” Elrond said frantically.

“Slaughtered? They were just three drunk women. How could they be dangerous?” Richard asked.

“We have to talk about who they really were. Come. Let’s use their tents to sleep for the night. I can tell you about them soon. Le’me get the tents ready for sleep and then I’ll tell you about those people.” Elrond turned and started toward the tents leaving Richard clueless.

When Elrond finally came back Richard and him sat on a log near the fire. “I found some extra Motoine. Would you like some?” Elrond offered.

Richard had remembered Motoine from when he was a child. His father had always given Richard a sip of it when he was good. He loved it. He thought it tasted like apple juice with just a bit of a tang in it.

“Sure, thanks.” Richard grabbed the glass bottle from Elrond’s hand and popped off the cork. “Ah, hadn’t had some of this in some time.” Richard was glowering down at the bottle, aching to have a sip of the refreshing alcohol. With no hesitation Richard chugged the bottle until it was gone.

“That was great!” Richard knew better than to drink a whole bottle of alcohol but Motoine wasn’t as potent as most other local drinks.

“So who were they?” Richard asked.

“They were Kosists,” Elrond said.

“What? How is that possible? Okay, they were drunk and all, but they didn’t even use their powers. How could that be?” Richard leaned closer to Elrond.

“Well, whenever Kosists use their powers they drain themselves of their power, and can’t do anything about it,” Elrond whispered back.

“Okay, that answers that. Where were you all day?”

Elrond looked up to the sky, his eyes glinting from the reflection of the fire. “I was captured by the Kosists. A different group, mind you. They were… kind, to me. I can’t explain it any other way. They were just, different than any others.” Elrond’s face lit up with a radiant smile.

“Could you be more cryptic?” They both laughed. “Sorry, I just, wouldn’t trust anyone with what I would tell them. Not even you.” This appalled Richard.

“I don’t know what to say. I mean, I’ve known you my entire life. We’ve always shared things together. Why would you keep what you’re hiding from me?! What could I possibly do to jeopardize anything of yours?!” Richard got up and started towards the tent.

“Richard, don’t go. That didn’t come out as it was supposed to. Richard!” Elrond watched hopelessly as Richard walked to the tent, hands in a fist.

Elrond sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He got up and went to Richard’s tent. He opened the flap.

“I’m sorry, for what I said. Please don’t be mad, Richard. I just don’t want to share a secret of mine. Can’t you respect that?” Elrond peered in at Richard’s face. The only thing lighting the tent was the fire.

Richard turned toward Elrond. “I can respect that. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I guess it was just a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. Good night, friend.” Richard turned on his side and closed his eyes.

“Good night,” Elrond barely whispered. He went to his tent and fell asleep.


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Richard woke up to birds chirping and the smell of bacon and eggs. He got up to see what was going and as he opened his flap and looked outside he got a warm greeting from Elrond, who was crouching next to the much smaller fire.

“Good morning! How do you feel?” Elrond was surprisingly cheery.

Richard wiped his eyes and walked outside. “Fine, thanks. That smells delicious, by the way.” He sat on the same log he had sat on the previous night.

“Thanks, I found all the food in a big box just behind my tent. I also found some other things you might like.” A smile came across Elrond’s face.

Richard didn’t ask what it was that Elrond found and he was too tired to ask so would just wait and see what it was.

“It’s done!” Elrond took the pans by the handle and set them to the side of the fire. “I’m afraid that there were no plates, sorry. We can just eat out of the pans.” He handed Richard a fork and started scooping the eggs into his mouth.

“Hot! Hot!” Elrond panted rapidly trying to cool his mouth. He swallowed and gasped for air. “That was delicious!”

Richard and Elrond ached with laughter. Richard started eating his food slowly, making sure not to burn his mouth. The air was cold, but not too much to affect Richard. The sun was up and the sky was clear; it was a beautiful day. Richard couldn’t wait to get moving. They had wasted too much time as it was.

Richard finished his food and set the pan back on the ground. “So what is it you were going to show me?”

“Oh yes, that’s right! I almost forgot. Follow me.” Elrond got up and walked to the back of his tent. Richard followed.

There were two boxes and a weapon rack. One of the two boxes had food in it and the other had Kosist dolls and things that Richard had never seen before. The rack was amazing. There were spears, swords, katanas, bows and arrows, axes, and exotic weapons Richard had never seen before.

“Choose one.” Elrond gestured his hand toward the rack.

Richard stepped closer to the rack. He had no idea of what he should choose. He was good at using most everything on the rack. He circled it a few times and then decided.

Richard picked out a knife with a steel blade and handle. It was smooth and fashionable. The sunlight reflected from it. Richard liked it because it was a single piece of steel that was shaped like a horn, except sharpened on the knife side.

Richard found its leather sheathe and put it on him, sliding the knife in with it.

Richard chose a second item: A bow. It was the finest bow Richard had ever seen. It was so well designed and amazed Richard. He grasped it, caressing it with his hands. He breathed in, feeling the power of the bow being absorbed into him. The bow was made out of an unfamiliar material that was strong, but flexible. It was silver, like the knife, and seemed very different from that of a common bow.

Richard grabbed the silver arrows that were with it and placed them inside their holder and then strapped it to his back.

Richard chose those particular weapons because he was so used to them. He was the one caring for his family. Every other day he would go out to hunt with a bow he had made. It wasn’t the highest quality of a bow but it was what he had. He caught deer and would have to skin them with his knife he bought in town. He left both of them at his house, though.

“How do I look?” Richard asked

“You look amazing! Very intimidating too.” Elrond smiled and walked to the stand and chose what he wanted.

Elrond picked out a simple iron sword and a knife similar to Richard’s. He sheathed them both and looked towards Richard. “I have a bag of the necessary supplies we’ll need in my tent. We can go when you’re ready.”

“Okay, thanks. I’m ready to go now,” Richard said.

“Great. Let’s go!” Elrond circled around the tent and picked up the bag of supplies.

They started walking down the dirt road. Richard started to hear a small beating sound in the air. He looked around trying to find the source of it.

“Do you hear that?” Richard asked Elrond.

“No, why?”

“I hear something. It’s getting louder.” Richard looked around some more. As he looked behind him he saw a large group of men marching towards them.

“Elrond! Look!” Elrond snapped his head back to see what it was.

“Who are they?” Richard asked.

“I don’t know.” Elrond said

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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