Fighting For What?

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 12, 2010



Chapter 7

The next day when I was at work, Leah stopped in. “Hey there Elyse!” she said in a very upbeat voice.

“hey Leah! It’s good to see you again!” I told her with just as much enthusiasm. I was trying to separate her from association with Jared. She was her own person and that means that she and Jared shouldn’t be in my head at the same time.

“Same goes with you! When do you get off your shift? I was wondering if you wanted to go and hang out or something.”

“Oh, well I would love to, but you see, I am taking my sister to find a dress for her school’s dance tonight. Sorry.”

“Really? That’s wonderful! No, it’s all good. Where are you taking her for dress shopping?”

“The stores around here maybe? I really don’t know. Where do you recommend?”

“Psshh! Please! Do not take her to the stores around here. You will find nothing! You could actually go to Port Angeles. They have a much better mall and a much better selection!”

“Ok. That sounds good.” That’s when I got an idea, “do you want to come along with us? I mean, I never went to any school dances when I was in school and I really don’t know the best styles, plus I have no clue where Port Angeles is.”

At this Leah beamed with excitement. “Of course! I would love to! I went to my share of dances so I know what we’re looking for. If you want, you can pick me up and then we can go from there since it’s on the way.”

“That sounds great! Oh I’m really excited now! Thank you so much!”

“Any time! I have a feeling we are going to be great friends. So your sister gets out of school around 3 right? So I’ll see you guys around 3:30?”

“Ok. How do I get to your house?”

After that, she gave me the directions and I was set and ready to go. I was now really excited. I was starting to make a friend, which I was somewhat nervous about. I had never really had a friend besides Chrissy. Sure I had acquaintances, but never an actual friend. With that thought in mind, I continued my days work.


Leah’s POV

I was so excited to go with Elyse and her sister to Port Angeles. I really did like Elyse. She was a nice refresher from the guys and the other stuck up snobs that lived in this town. When I got back to the house after my errands, I started getting ready to go.

“Hey Leah, where are you going? You know the pack is coming over here for the meeting right?” My little brother Seth asked.

“Hey Seth. Yeah I know they are having a meeting, but I’m sure you guys can survive without me. I’m going out tonight.”

Then the rest of the pack walked in at that moment when they heard I was going out. Embry laughed at this. “Bahahahaha! You?! Going out tonight? With who? The usual me, myself, and I? And anyways, you can’t go. Sam needs all of us here to discuss our new guests that mysteriously disappeared and how we are increasing people on shifts and stuff.”

“Well, you were certainly able to meet without me before at the last bonfire that no one told me about, so I am sure you guys can do it again.”

“Oh come on Leah. We told you we were sorry. We just had a lot on our minds from the wolf that almost mulled me. Can’t you give it a break?” Sam asked in a tired voice. I looked at him and saw the light scars that were still on his face and arms and chest from the attack a few weeks ago. Whoever that wolf was, I want to give her a hug! Sam (along with the rest of the guys) needs to be shown up sometimes and put back in their place.

“Look, I already made plans with Elyse and I’m not backing out. You guys can have your little wolfy meeting and just fill me in later. It’s not like my presence makes any difference anyways since you guys ignore what I say.” Jared perked up at the mention of Elyse’s name.

“You’re going out with Elyse? Why? Are you two friends now or something? Can I come along? What do you have that I don’t?” Jared asked.

“Look Romeo, sorry to break it to you, but Elyse really doesn’t like you. And that little stunt you pulled last night didn’t help your cause either. And personally, I’m all for Elyse’s decision. So even though you may have imprinted on her, I strongly suggest you back off. Something tells me that she keeps her promises. That’s why I like her so much. And NO you cannot come with us tonight. We are dress shopping for Elyse’s sister. And if I so much as see any of you within a five mile radius of us, you will regret it.” Once I was done with my little speech, everyone was shocked. Thankfully, that’s when Elyse pulled up in front of my house. Talk about perfect timing. “Tu-tuls!” I said and then ran out the door with my purse in hand.


Elyse’s POV

When I came up to Leah’s house, I saw a bunch of guys inside. “Geese! Who would think all of those big guys would fit in there!” Chrissy said. Leah came running out with a smile on her face.

“Hey girls! Ready to hit the stores?” She said still smiling. She got into the front seat and we were off.

About half an hour later, we arrived at the Port Angeles mall. Leah figured that Chrissy was about a size 5 or 6 so we started pulling all of the dresses in those sizes off the racks.

“Man, this is really fun. It reminds me of my high school days.” Leah said as we waited for Chrissy to try a dress on.

“Really? Did you go to Forks High?”

“Nah. I went to the school on the Rez. It was really nice there. Very small though, which meant lots of drama.”

“hahaha…yeah I’m glad I was able to avoid all of that drama. But I’m just glad that Chrissy is able to experience this stuff. And I’m so glad you are here. I would have no clue what to do if it was just us.”

“Really? You never went to your school’s dances? Not even with your friends?” Leah asked with curiosity in her voice.

“Nah. I dropped out of high school at 16. I needed to support both Chrissy and myself and I couldn’t do that while I was in school. So I gave it up.” I could tell Leah was shocked by this and about to say something else. “but I really don’t regret it. Chrissy is the book-smart person in this operation. I’m glad that I can give her the opportunity to do all of the teenager things you know? And if that means that I don’t learn things that I will never use the rest of my life, then so be it.”

Finally, Chrissy came out in a dress. It looked really nice on her, but just didn’t look like her. “So what do you think?” she asked a little uncertain.

“Absolutely not. It looks nice, but it just doesn’t seem like you. Try on that magenta colored one instead.” Leah said.

“I couldn’t agree more with Leah,” I said.

Chrissy agreed and tried on the magenta colored one. While she was in the changing room, Leah told me all about the guys from La Push. How they were all rather cocky but could be really sweet when they wanted to. She explained who all of the guys were that first night they came to the Diner and it somewhat helped to know that I wasn’t the only one who thought they were somewhat cocky and stuck up.

When she came out of the dressing room, my mouth almost hit the floor. Wow! She looked so beautiful in it! “That’s the one.” I told her before she could ask. Chrissy was smiling from ear to ear and was definitely agreeing with me. Leah nodded her head in approval and said, “yep, that dress looks perfect.”

After we bought the dress, we went out to dinner. Leah treated us to this cute little pizza place. Their food was amazing. We all ate two large pizzas together until we were finally stuffed. “Well, we should probably get you home. You have school in the morning missy.” I told Chrissy.

We went back to Leah’s house and said our good-byes and thank you’s. After she started to walk back into the house, I tried to start the car. Try being the key word. It wouldn’t start. The engine kept trying to roll over, but to no avail. “Oh no. come on, come on, come on!” I said as I tried yet again. Nothing. “Shit.” I said.

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