Rhia Paige: The forgotten

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I got the idea of this novel from LaceyRisa's ~The Forgotten: Trix~ i dont own the character Robin Trix. I only own Rhia.

"It is sure the hardest science to forget!"~Alexander Pope

"But they still managed to forget us !"~Trix Robin

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rhia Paige: The forgotten one

Submitted: August 16, 2009

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Submitted: August 16, 2009



Chapter One


You forgot about me. I’m almost 100% sure about that. Really, it isn’t your fault. It isn’t like you could do something even if you remembered me. Heck, the only people that did do something forgot about me, but they’ve had a lot on their plate—saving the world and all.

Still wondering who the heck I am? Figures. Sure I only made one appearance in front of a few other mutants and an evil scientist but… Nevermind, it’s probably a good thing you forgot me. No way for people to run after me if, in their memories, I don’t exist.

Going on; my name is Rhia Paige. Or Paige Rhia, whichever strikes you fancy. My friend Robin Trix, same thing.We usually go by Paige and Trix except for this one really annoying guy… but I’ll get into that later. I have black hair with silver streaks and silver eyes. I’m kinda pale and pretty tall for my age (I think…I’m still not sure what my age is but myfriend thinks im around 13). My wings are—

Well, I have my own set up here in NYC along with my freind Trix. I’m a crime fighter—like Spiderman and superman except not as retarded. And, I fight the crime that New York’s best fail to fight. Like, say, laying X amount of people to give the CEO’s a quick buck. Kinda like Robin Hood and his group, except it's only 2 of us, me and Trix. So, technically, I’m a criminal fighting crime. Go figure.

I have a sword and I wear a mask, like one of those batman wears, but no cape too annoying and dangerous.

Anyway, the mask. I want to be able to walk down the street and not be recognized. Or arrested. That would be extremely bad. Bars and me don’t work well together; bars and me just don’t mix. Neither do bars and Trix.

So here I am, cruising through the skyline with my batman mask, next to Trix, feeling like the world is all mine. Flying does that. Twisting through buildings, your feather’s brushing the smooth glass. Even just sitting on top of one, without a railing to keep you from falling or a door to get inside the building. It gets you every time.

Regular old humans seem to think this too, so they stare at us a lot. And they’re always trying to take those pictures! But luckilyTrix can halt the use of electrical devices. In other words, she can turn things off. There are no pictures or videos ofus ANYWHERE. And Trix has, ever so politely (cough), asked the TV stations and newspapers to not make any mention of us. So whatshe threatened to short circuit their entire building (I thinkTrix can actually do that).

If you haven’t figured it out,We don’t want people to know about us. Evil scientists might still want to poke needles in us and stick us in a dog cage. And there are these other flying-freaks-of-nature. I like them but everyone is after them.We don't want that; We are fine with where we are.

I folded my wings tightly against my back and untied thehoodie that was around my waist. And then I, well, put it on and took off my mask, stuffing it in one of my huge pockets. I’ve found that getting beat up by a girl is WAY more humiliating than getting beat up by a superhero.

Stepping from the shadows we attempted to look like normal, innocent girls. The beat-up-ee was giving us frantic eye signals as he saw us first and was trying to be the hero. Hel-lo. That was why we werethere. I winked, which confused and distracted him enough that the delinquents actually got a hit on him. Oops, sorry.

“That wasn’t very nice.” I said. Everyone looked at me like in one of those movies. The hero-wanna-be could have gotten away, uncomplicating a lot of things for us. But NO, he had to stand there like a complete boneheaded idiot.

One of the guys, probably the lead lunkhead, grinned and looked at me like I was a T-bone steak. His lackeys chuckled like something was funny. So, either he was going to mug me in all of my girlish innocence or he was horny and wanted some.

“I guess I’m just a bad boy.”

Horny. Defiantly horny.

“Really?” My eyes turned into wide saucers and his crooked grin became wider. He gave his henchmen one of those waving nods and they got back to business as he cornered me. The wall was cool against my back as I tried to look scared. When you’ve seen things that could qualify as major nightmares formost ofyour life, then these guys wouldn’t scare you much so this was a harder task than youcould imagine.

He reached for my chest coming a bit closer. My foot connected with his crotch. With a pitiful whimper, he crumpled, holding himself.

The lunkheads heard him go down and whipped around. The one with the knife turned back around and was ready to take care of the guy they seemed to hate. Trix lunged forward, seeing that he actually seemed to know how to used it. They didn’t thinkshe was very fast because they were so surprised whenshe had his wrist firmly inher grasp. The blade was about an inch from the guy’s chest so shewas lucky.

“What the fu—“ he started;Trix twisted his wrist, nearly breaking it.

“Don’t swear around a lady.”Trix growled, kneeing his gut. He fell with a grunt.

One of them came up from behind me, his arm around my throat. The other two were getting up, slowly, but it was happening. Two other guys had the beat-up-ee pinned to the wall by the throat and were making a punching bag out of him. Instead of grabbing his hair, and smelly arm, I elbowed my guy right between the ribs. His hold loosened but he didn’t let go. Persistent little buggers.

The head hauncho stood, glaring at me, “You’ll pay for that bitch.”

“What did she say about swearing?”I growled ~like it actually matters~I thought, turning my head to the side and squirming myself out of the guy's grip. I kicked his knee in and he fell withacry of pain. Spinning, I swept my leg underneath the lead lunkhead. He fell too. Poor baby.

Jumping up, two other guys, the last two (other than the ones that seem to think human beings are punching bags) looked at me and trix. Before they could think of anything to do, I roundhouse kicked one to the ground. The other caught hold of my sweatshirt hood and threw me into the wall. Ow.

SoTrix grabbed his shirt, throwing him to the wall and then to the ground. That nose will never be the same. She threw herself across the ally, ramming into one of the punching machines. He made an acquaintance with the wall. The punching bag managed to get the other guy off of him and downed him.

“Thanks.” The guy we’d just saved said, smiling at us. I wiped blood from my mouth and nodded.Trix bent down and pulled a wallet from the lead lunckhead’s back pocket. “Are they okay?”

Apparently, he thought I was checking for a pulse or something. No chance.

“I dunno.”Trix opened the wallet, wrinkling her nose.We could see why he was mugging someone, there was dust, a peanut shell and a twenty in here. We’ve seen richer.

I think he realized what Trix was doing when he asked, “What’re doing?” Somehow, he thought stealing was wrong or something ridiculous like that.

“Receiving our well-deserved salary.” I explained, “People gotta eat.”

“But it’s wrong!” He argued, suddenly mad at his savior.

That made ME mad. Who was he to tell me what was freaking wrong?My very existence was wrong! How dare he? Even though he’s correct, he doesn’t have the right to TELL me that!

“Let ME show you something that’s wrong!”Trix hissed, grabbing his wrist. He tried to wrench his arm out ofher grasp, but she had an iron grip.

She dragged him a few blocks and then turned down an alleyway.She let go and I looked behind a dumpster. A man in dirty, ripped clothing sat there. He looked up at me, smiling.

“Hey there, Rhia, Robin.” Yes, this is the one annoying guy that can call us Rhia and Robin without getting his teeth punched out. “How’s it going?”

“We’ve come by some extra cash, Pete. You wanna join me?” I asked, extending a hand. He took it and I pulled him up easily.

Pete is the only person we actually gave a rip about. He’s the only human who knows about our secret, the whole wings and superpower package. He’s the one who introduced me to movies even though he barely had any money. Heck, he taught me my ABC’s and 123's.

“Who’s your friend?” Pete asked nodding to the arrogant jerk.

“Friend?” I said the same time the jerk decided to introduce himself.

“Ash Scott.”

“Hello Ash Scott,” Pete extended his hand with a warm smile. Ash, after a breif hesitation, took it,

“I’m Peter Westren.”


“He seemed nice.” Pete broke the silence.

“Sure.”Trix said, picking up a small rock and tossing it at the wall facing us. We’d just gotten back from a hearty meal at McDonalds’s and were walking back to where we'd found him.

“Come on Flygirls.” Pete said, referring to an annoying nickname he used when we were all alone. “You need to have friends other than old fogies like me.

"But there all so stupid and annoying." Trix grumbled throwing another rock. "Now trixie, be nice." I said imitating an old lady that feeds the birds in the park every morning.

“You’re supposed to be at your age!” Pete said, “not playing Robin Hood.”

“I don’t even know my age and this isn’t a game, Pete,”Trix said, very grumpy, “We're helping a lot of people.”

“And screwing a lot.”

“They deserve it.” I grinned, leaning into him. Sirens suddenly periced the night air. “Gotta go Petester.”

“Don’t get hurt.” He said, sighing. I stood, putting on my incredibles mask and tying my hoodie tightly around my waist.

“I will.” He raised his eyebrows, “I promise.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Flygirl.”

“I’m the superhero, remember? They always dominate.” I grinned again, “Bye, Pete.”

“What have I told you about saying goodbye?”

“To not to. Goodbye is forever.” I smiled and Trix and I took a few running steps then took off. My wings barely fit in the ally but I manage to get high enough to not run into any buildings.

“Here we go.”Trix said as we flew after the blinking lights and shrieking sirens.

Oh yeah. I have wings. No biggie. And I spent most of my life in New York, New York’s, sewers.

Ringing a bell now?

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