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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



Within his heightened reality, the hybrid state created by mind and machine, Johan felt alive and an order to things that he rarely felt in the world at large while scuttling around from place to place, chaos seemingly everywhere. Now chaos was not madness, rather, but ordered and every little scuttle of every busy worker bee of the society he inhabited had a clear function and purpose within the greater picture of the universe.

He was able, no, forced, though it was exhilarating and pleasurable, to look upon the universe like a God looking upon Earth down from the halls of Asgard. Dots became patterns and patterns became patterns and this went on for as long as he cared to look. The imagery of the world around him as well as within him as gifted to him by his mind's eye exploded with color, dimension, and information that was inexplicable upon first glance. It was the fractal image of life that the human mind's schematic wiring parsed rather tremendously in order to further the multiplication of the unit of life's purpose, the stubborn nucleic acid of the human genome. Johan had always seen things differently, he remembered rather randomly as a child wondering why apple meant that shiny red globule of fruit. His inquisitive nature perpetually caused him to question the essence of everything and think himself and others to death.

But now, he was above all that, above his past, future, and present self, and just was, in the present moment. He was, through the help of his mind altering program, able to see the world in as genuine of a way as possible through the human mind. Johan had always enjoyed this state as his mind was able to grab hold onto tangential, lateral thoughts and information which were just impossible to grasp with the sober mind. He traveled beyond the orb or human reality into that sphere of existence that was closer to the truth, to what he called TRU, the absolute true form of reality. With a human's sensory appendages, one was able to grasp onto the wisps of the tentacles of the body of the beast that would be TRU, but that was a pretty good vantage point compared to say a rock or the average cyborg's artificial brain.

However, there was a place far more interesting then the real world to which TRU's framework took even more fascinating shape, within the NN, the Neural Network. He humorously remembered reading about the worldwide web of the 21st century as a child.

Such medieval technology...

The NN was composed of servers like the old WWW, yet dramatically different as these servers were not mechanical monstrosities but rather, the aggregate minds of the citizens of theUnited Statesconnected through neural shunts. Since the advent of memory chips, data had been more or less stored solely within people's minds, although it was periodically backed up onto failsafe servers from time to time of course. Cultural transmission had reached ultimate efficiency through this technique and the hive mind was truly quite literal to its colloquial usage. One could simply run a query for information, be it a skill, a history lesson, or just plain old common sense, knowledge, you name it, and download the former from the mind of others containing this information. Peer to peer downloading had reached its epitome. No longer were years of schooling necessary to make the population reach status quo for as long as the person held the innate aptitude for something they could merely download such, take a memory solidifying nap to secure it, and wake up with what they wanted.

The NN also contained its own virtual space for those wishing to leave the physical world for the digital realm. This virtual space was one of the few external sides of the NN as it was a completely public, neutral area and therefore for stability reasons had to be contained on an outside server. This is where Johan was headed. He ran his personally encrypted firewall and accessed the NN, his minds eye taking front seat.

Instantaneously he appeared within his private quarters in his elegantly designed home. There were translucent screens floating here and there in addition to quite a few transformative walls which displayed on their surface media of their own. Currently, all of these were spewing large quantities of data and visuals, confirming that his data-mining operations seemed to be running as programmed, persistently flooding information into his storage chip for review. Johan didn't care to look at today's data so he bookmarked the few interesting snippets. At the moment, he was feeling rather euphorically powerful and wanted to be at the heart of the NN. He walked outside with his virtually identical H-board in hand and skirted out of the residential center. His destination was the Mall, the social center of his region's sector of the NN where most business activity took place, a virtual elaboration of the world's old age malls. Today, it was all that was really ever used as there was no need to actually go anywhere in the physical world since anything could be processed with a home or local Matter Formation Machine (MFM), the elements required for construction of one's goods replaced like ink cartridges. Streets flashed by as he zoomed at impossible speeds towards the populated mall sector.

People were able to choose whatever avatar they so wanted within the NN, although many merely used virtual representations of themselves, as Johan did. However the occasional famous face of old to plain oddity could be seen from time to time. Johan spied an Abraham Lincoln talking to a George Washington amidst a crowd, someone obviously thinking their historical farce was hilarious, or perhaps they were Virtual actors getting into character. This wasn't all too rare as the NN's virtual space allowed actors to take on whatever obscure identity they so chose.

He approached the limitless expanse of tents of the Mall with their enormous and obnoxiously flashing, floating signs above them. People got around this enormous locale in real time if they so chose, using the H-board transportation lanes or just teleported to their chosen destination if they didn't feel like lolly-gagging. The Mall was abuzz with activity today as it was everyday and the incredible variation of avatars didn't fall short of captivating, especially in Johan's state of higher awareness. He saw patterns of movement as people circled from stand to stand, walking and talking in sync with the human brain's natural rhythm. Everything was tuned at a biological level and he now saw it in the movement speech, thought, etc. of those around him. He laughed at these patterns as he thought of the humor of the human species and the insignificance of all its trials and tribulations.

\"Hey, meatsicle!,\" yelled a familiar voice. It was Greta, the cocky cyborg female friend of his. Her short brunette hair dangled in playful bangs across her modest forehead. She had a slim, confident figure, curving beneath her short black dress and a personality to match. He hadn't been expecting to see anyone familiar today.Oh well, she's not that much of a bitch,he mused to himself.

\"Hey Greta...my mind is a little \"outsourced\" today if you know what I mean...\"

\"You're always outsourced you screwball,\" she teasingly retorted. \"Well, what new and wonderful epiphanies have you come to today...out there in space?\"

\"Let's see...I see that you're looking at me and talking down upon my virtual essence because of the basic human, hierarchal, emotional wiring telling you to do so....also know as being a bitch. I however, am far from spared from this free will paradox, as my wiring makes me persue the understanding of things in order that I can move up within this evolved society of apes. *Sigh*...The inevitable, savageness...\"

\"Oh, how nice,\" Greta replied with a mockingly, sly grin. \"Shall we talk shop till the Rapture or mess around with these idiots?\"

\"Fuck around, obviously,\" Johan replied amusedly.

Greta might be a bit bitchy, but she was entertaining to be around. The two miscreants glided away from the busier section of the mall into a darker, more shady section of the NN. Here, there were countless half built programs standing around, that looked reminiscent of shoddy bungalows made of multicolored cinderblocks as most if this area was under construction, bugged, or no longer functioning. This was where the illegal markets and more exciting activities within the NN could be found. Greta had introduced Johan to this fascinating culture a few years back when they first met.

\"So what's on the agenda for today...?,\" questioned Johan.

\"Well considering your abnormal, haha, or should I say normal, state of mind, I think we should stick to the least malicious parts of the Dead Zone,\" replied Greta. The area's name was pretty fitting for a black-market locale as many people did end up dead on the other side when problems arose...

\"But I'm a master commander, Gret. I control the entropic forces of the universe. Their patterns and flows beckon to me...\"

\"Exactly,\" Greta replied snidely.

\"Well, what do you propose, oh great commander? Shall we skirt the shunt socking market and see what new treasures await. Shall we try our hands at the H-board track.\"

\"You're not going anywhere near that track if it's the last thing I do you pretentious fool,\" Johan's goofy demeanor finally sparking a nerve.

© Copyright 2020 ErikThorsson. All rights reserved.


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