Fallen Secrets

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: August 29, 2013

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Submitted: August 29, 2013



The piercing sound of a bell ringing meant it was time to go home. I stood up and walked out of the classroom, I threw my books into my locker, angrily and stormed out of the building. I didn't know why I was so angry but I was always angry at something.

I stop at a sight that I never thought I would see, it made me ball my fists up, and my face turn red. There were scratches on my car, from the hood down to my trunk. I stared at it and looked for any sign on who may have done it, suddenly I feel something hit me on my head, I whip around and saw Elijah Greene, behind me. "You had no reason to do that." I say through my teeth, shaking with anger. He only smirked and walked past me, only stopping to say. "Stay away from my sister, or it'll be more than just your car." Elisha came out of the building and saw what her brother did. "Eli! Why did you do that?!" She screamed at her brother. Elijah started to laugh and got into his car and drove away. "It's alright, I'll try and fix it when I get home." I say calmly to her still angry. She nodded and gave me a soft smile and headed toward her house.

I needed to find out where Elisha lived so I could take them down for good, the only place to find out where someone lived. Student records. I unlock my car and throw my books in the backseat. Shutting the driver door, I put a hand on the side of my car and a soft glow start from the center of my hand and all of the scratches that were there before, were now gone. I smiled and headed home for a night full of questions going through my head.

As I went into my house, I saw that there was a folded letter wrapped with a yellow ribbon. I opened the letter and read what it said out loud. "Ashy, come by my office at four PM, Thursday I have to speak with you about something important. Sincerely, Cassie M." Cassie? What did she want to talk about? Thursday was tomorrow which was fine by me since I got to skip school. I sigh and remember the days when Cassie and I were together but now it was just awkward between us.

I left the letter on the counter and dropped my stuff in my bedroom upstairs and headed outside to think. I opened my front door and see Elisha at my front steps, holding up a hand to knock on the door. She put her hand down and smiled in a friendly greeting. "Hi Ashland, I was wondering if you'd like to hang out? Since you asked me what I was doing after school...and yeah here I am." I stare blankly at her and go through my options, tell her to go away and slam the door in her face or go with her. I nod and shut my door, locking it behind me. "Where did you find me?" I ask Elisha cautiously and look at her. "I asked the front office and they told me your address, is that OK with you?" I shrug and started walking in the direction of the woods.

"Where are we going?" Elisha curiously asked me. I stop and turn to look at her with a cold look in my eyes. "Don't ask me questions." I continue walking ahead of her and didn't look back to see if she was following him. Elisha balled up her hands and stomped after me. "Why are you so angry with me? What have I ever done to you? I'm actually trying to be nice to you." I ignore her questions and keep walking. She reached out to touch my shoulder, before she got to me, I quickly turn around and glare at her. "You know what? Why don't you just go home and forget about me. I shouldn't be here, not in this way. I wasn't assigned here to make friends." I explain to her, trying not to give away too much but it already seems like she is trying to piece together something in her mind. I start jogging away from her but still she followed me.

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