Fallen Secrets

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: September 02, 2013

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Submitted: September 02, 2013



Author's Note: ... happy reading! ;)

In the dark south corner of West Serte Street, stood two seventeen year old girls, they were laughing and talking about what they were going to wear the next day for picture day at their high school. A mysterious white haired boy quickly ran past them, leaving the two shocked and angry. I had to keep moving or I would surely die a horrible death. "Ashland! Come back here boy!" I heard my father yell, he only wanted me to stop so he could rip my wings out to show everyone that I had 'turned.' Well, I wasn't going to be evil like my brother, Aden. I heard my father's and a few others' footsteps closer to mine and they now matched the rhythm of my pounding feet. 

"Ashland! Stop running! This is for your own good!" My uncle yelled behind me, I heard a almost silent whooshing sound coming out of my father's front pocket. My instincts automatically kicked into overdrive and I dodged the Velrex before it could trip my feet but I jumped away too early and I felt myself tumbling to the concrete below. My wings appeared out of nowhere as if to lift me off the ground and up into the air to lead me into safety. Suddenly, I heard a ripping sound and fire ripped through my entire body. It was happening, my wings were being ripped out by force. "Son, your going to be the village's murderer for the rest of your life." My father hissed in my ear. I screamed out in pain and anger that courses through me. Everyone's going to believe what my father said because he was a 'truthful man.' Well, he isn't truthful and caring at all, he killed my mother. My uncle kicked my ribs until they burned and I swore I heard several of them break all at once. I let out a gasp of pain and the blackness took over.


I woke up with a startled cry. It was just a dream, Ashland. Just a dream, it was really a memory. An awful memory that suddenly popped up in my mind that I didn't want to remember at all. I stand up and stretch my arms over my head and feel the muscles in my back and arms stretch out. I sigh and run a hand through my white hair and walk out of my room, down the stairs and out of the house. I start running, running like that night I had my white wings ripped out. I sighed in frustration as I came to a sudden stop when I heard a familiar voice. I could die again and go to heaven when I hear that voice. Yeah right in your dreams.

"Why are you out this late Elijah?" I growl softly, so he couldn't hear it. "Look, I know your new here and all, but the first time I guess you didn't get my message. Stay away from Elisha!" He yells at me, I inhumanly move in front of his face and my eyes are filled with fury. "Do. Not. Ever. Talk. Like. That. To. Me. Again." I say lightly not wanting to blow up on him just yet. He smirked and walked off, laughing. "You think your so tough don't you, Miller? Well, guess what? Your not, your just a freak that my sister doesn't like." He said as he kept walking away, farther down the poorly lit sidewalk.

I run at him and tackle him to the ground. I've had enough of his stupid taunts and games. "Elisha can like whoever she wants. You are not the boss of who she wants to have. If you ever tell her different, I will kill you. I've kill people before and I'm not afraid to do it again, Elijah. Don't play games with me, if you tell Elisha that I have killed people, your sister will die right in front of you." The last words didn't feel right as they rolled off of my tongue. Those words weren't true. Right? Or were they just to scare him to death? I wasn't quite sure yet. "Remember my warning. Now go home and never talk to me again." I stood him up and gave him a shove toward the direction he was headed to anyway.

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