Hidden within the Dark

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Not everything is as it seems. Curiosity for the supernatural is dangerous, and doesn't Briony know it.
Will she be able to keep her family safe with the help of her strange brother? We'll just have to wait and see.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hidden within the Dark

Submitted: February 09, 2013

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Submitted: February 09, 2013




"Briony! Briony, come on; wake up! You’re going be late; mum says you need to drop me off at Emma's before you go to school. Plus, you need to get ready, in like 45 minutes." Tawny panicked. 
"Tawny please, do us all a favour, and shut the hell up! It is 7.05am; I should be dreaming about Tom Cruise right now, not listening to you. I'll be ready in 20 minutes, my clothes are sitting over there and you can make me breakfast." I replied as I pulled the pillow from under me, over my head at an attempt to block my delightful sister out.
"Really? Are you serious? I need to get ready, this will be the first time I have seen Mick for like ever! Get your own stinking toast!" She yelled. 
"Do you want a lift or not? Remind me who is getting up early just to help you out? Remind me who is seriously not a morning person? Oh yeah, ME! Now get out or you are walking to Emma's!" I yelled back at her, burying my face in the matress. 

I watched as my little brat of a sister stormed out of my room, slamming the door behind her; listening to her moan at our mother. It was times like these that I wished, that with enough concentration and effort; that I could make her explode into a million pieces with my mind. I had tried it on numerous occasions but it had never worked sadly. I rolled off the bed, and onto the floor with a thud. "Ouch.." I winced as I got to my knees, pushing myself up from the ground and scanning the room for someone who may have seen my embarrassing move. Thankfully, everyone was downstairs getting breakfast. 

After deciding on what to wear, I fixed my hair into a ponytail and walked downstairs to be greeted by Tawny once again. "Oh my god, would you hurry up and get dressed! I'm going to be late if you don't hurry up." I gave her my best fake smile, gritting my teeth together and shoved her out of my way. Ignoring her, I turned to my mum. "Where's Thom? Why can't he take drama queen here to Emma's?" I could see my mother had no interest in what I was saying. She grabbed an apple from the table and walked to the door. "I'll see you girls at dinner. Oh and Briony, remember to go give the new neighbours across the road the welcoming basket." The door shut behind her as I watched, throwing my hands up in the air. "Great, just great." 
"Mum left your lunch in the fridge, I'll go get my bag and sit in the car. Hurry up!" Tawny practically squealed, running up stairs to her room. I lifted the basket of goodies and walked outside, putting my bag into the car. I jumped up the porch of the neighbours house across the road, ringing the doorbell. No answer. I tried again, but nothing. I rolled my eyes and scanned the deck. After another shout from Tawny, I decided it was best to come back later and try. 

Five minutes down the road, and I was ready to strangle Tawny. "Would you turn that damn music down or find some earphones; I'm going to go deaf!" I yelled over the so called 'music'. 
"It's Boys Allowed's new song, isn't it awesome?" She asked as she nodded her head to the beat.
"Yeah, if I were deaf or an irritating fourteen year old like you. Just, turn it down or you are walking the rest of the way." 
She sighed and did as I asked. There was silence for a minute before she started again. "Did you know vampires are real?" 
I didn't answer, thinking she was making a joke. I looked at her when I realised she was being serious. "What?" 
"Vampires, they're real. I saw it in a magazine, there was an article about vampires killing humans in Bulgaria or something. Pretty cool huh, that we didn't even know about it." 
"When you say magazine, I assume you are referring to those Twilight novels that you read?" I focused on the road, trying my best not to laugh at my little sisters innocence. "Remember what mum said, not to get too obsessed...or, Robsessed" I stopped outside her friends house and looked at Tawny, stiffling a giggle at my own joke.
"Fine then, laugh; make a joke. But when they come here, looking for fresh blood; don't be surprised when I show them to your room." She got out, slamming the door behind her. I rolled down my window and yelled back to her, "Little harsh don't you think Bella?!" I laughed as she flashed 'the finger' at me. I drove off, shaking my head; I wonder what really goes on in that head of hers. 

I arrived at school a good twenty minutes earlier than I would have usually arrived. I walked through the hallways of the school to my locker, trying to remember my number. "Shoot.." I tapped my fingers against the lock. I tried numerous different combinations, none of them working. "Try G14, I remember seeing it all over your notebook last year." I turned to find my friend Steph grinning at me. "Oh, hey. I forgot you're always here early." I tried G14 and my locker opened. "What would I do without you?" I asked with a smile. "Where's Clarissa?" 
"My guess, she's probably just getting up. You know what she's like, expect her about second period." 

Steph walked me to class, discussing Tawny's sudden outburst this morning. "You can't be serious?" 
"I'm completely serious, she's gone all 'Twilight fanatic' on us." We both laughed at the thought.
"Who's those new neighbours you have anyway? Mia was talking on Facebook, apparently she's dating the new guy." Steph rolled her eyes, "Like who would find her the least bit interesting?" 
We stopped outside my class, "I'm guessing he does. We can discuss it at lunch, I better get to class." I replied, walking into the room. It was obvious the teacher was even later than I was, as I walked into a high school war zone!


I crawled through the crowd of classmates throwing paper aeroplanes over to the other side of the class. A group guys having a burping contest, and a group of girls gossiping about a freshman who had apparently slept with the entire football team; which was obviously a load of crap as it was the first day and lets be serious for a minute, most of those guys prefer sleeping with teachers and their best friends older sister. A freshman just isn't in the same league. "Briony!" I stopped in place as I heard the most irritating voice say my name. I looked up to find Mia standing over me with a hand on her hip. "Now, this is stalking a crush at a whole new level." She grinned at me as I began to stand up, keeping my distance. "What are you talking about?" I looked at her with confusion. At that moment, the whole class went silent as the teacher walked in. "Everyone to their seats please. John, put that done!" 

After two hours, I escaped English. How I could be in a class with such idiotic people, I have no clue. I sat on a bench in the sun, trying to block out Mia's annoying voice that seemed to be circling my brain. "It's probably her way of freaking you out. Ignore it, ignore her." Clarissa said as she sat beside me. I always loved how laid back she was.

"When did you get here?" I asked. 

"About ten minutes ago. You know me, I'm not one for morning classes." She grinned, pulling another grape out of the bag. "Want one?" 
I nodded, taking a handful. "Thanks. Hey, have you seen Steph? I told her to meet us here." 
"I'm only in, there is really no point in asking me. But hey, have you seen the new guy? Talk about hot!" 
"Who, Mia's boyfriend? Nope, and I couldn't care less if I never see him. He is either a jerk or a complete jerk." I said and chewed a grape. 
"Geez, talk about stereotypical. We know nothing about the guy." 
"Exactly, and until I know what his deal is; I will think of him as a jerk." 

We sat at the bench gossiping for a few minutes until Clarissa decided to go to class. I spent the rest of the day in Chemistry and after school journalism. "Miss Toland, there's a call for you on line two." Mr. Peters called from the office.

I lifted the phone, "Hello?" 
"Briony, I need a lift home." 
I exclaimed an angry look, "Tawny, what the hell? I'm busy, can't you get the bus or walk?" 
"Pfft, no. I have standards you know. Besides, dad called. He's coming over later. I'll be waiting." She hung up and with a sigh, I turned to Mr.Peters. 
"I'm sorry Sir, but can I leave a few minutes early please. Personal reasons." He nodded as I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. 


"Get in dork!" I yelled to Tawny as I stopped the car beside her. She jumped in holding the latest issue of 'Super-Natural Magazine'. "Do you think it's wise for you to be reading that? You might get nightmares." I smirked.
"The only nightmares I'll be having are of you." She smirked back as she flicked her hair to one side.
I ignored her comment, moving to a more serious note. "Did dad say why he was coming over? He doesn't usually come to see us unless there is something in it for him." 
She sighed, fidgeting with her skirt. "He didn't say, just that he had missed us all. The usual excuse." We were both silent for a moment. "Do you think dad is coming to take Thom away?" 
I glanced at her quickly, suddenly feeling a little sad. "I doubt it, dad doesn't have time to visit us every so often; never mind having Thom and his drunken state permanently." I tried my best to sound positive, but the idea of our big brother disappearing to dads was making me feel nauseous. After mum and dad split up, Thom had been the man of the house. Mum expected him to do everything dad would have done; to look out for us. But it got too much for him; he couldn't cope with all the responsibility. It started with Thom staying at a friends. We wouldn't see him for a few days and then when he came back, he would look awful. Like he were on drugs. He swore to mum that he wasn't on anything, but she didn't believe him. After a while, he started drinking. Now he spends most of the day in bed and sneaks out at night. Well, it's not exactly sneaking as mum knows he is going out; she just does nothing about it anymore. So with dad suddenly deciding to visit, it raised suspicion; which put Tawny and myself on edge. 


We arrived home around five to find the house empty, Thom must have left early. I sighed as I read a note from him basically saying that he was going away for a few days and wont be back till Friday night. "Is that from Thom? He's not in his room." I looked at my sister, so young and innocent. Yes, she was a pain at times, but the thing is; she's my sister and there's nothing I can do about it. "Yeah, but he's okay. He's just going away for a few days, he'll be back soon don't worry." I tried my best to smile at her, but she could see through it. 
"Don't forget to give the welcome basket over to the neighbours before mum gets back, she'll be mad." She faked a smile back at me and went into the garage to use the computer. 


I stopped outside the neighbours house holding the basket, as I knocked the door. I looked through the contents, shaking my head. I didn't notice the female figure standing at the door until she spoke. "Hello young lady, may I help you?" I jumped, flushed. "Oh sorry dear, I didn't mean to frighten you." She smiled at me, but her smile didn't seem at all warming.

"Hi, um I'm Briony Toland. I live across the street. My mother wanted me to give you these as a welcome to the neighbourhood gift." I smiled at her as she took the basket. 
"Thank you dear, that is very kind of you." I couldn't help but notice the décor inside of the house. I must have made it rather noticeable that I was looking as a figure appeared right where I had been looking. "Who's this?" He asked. 
"Logan, this is Briony Toland; she lives across the street." I smiled at him, but he didn't return it.

"Yeah well maybe she should keep her eyes elsewhere and not inside our house." He pushed past me, almost too fast to be a walk but not a run. "Oh no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude..." The woman interrupted me mid sentence.

"Don't worry dear, Logan is just joking. Right son?" She said, looking at him with fierce eyes; which seemed to have darkened just a little. I watched as he drove off, "I should probably get back, I left the oven on..." I lied, I didn't know what to say; this little experience was getting a little uncomfortable.

"That's fine dear, thanks again for the basket."

I walked down the porch and turned, "I'm sorry, what did you say your name was again?..." But she was gone. The door was shut, the blinds closed. I looked at the house, but my attention was averted by the honk of a car across the street. "Hello cupcake! Miss me?" I smiled at my dad as I walked across the road towards him. "Hey dad." I hugged him. 
"Where's your mother?" He asked, embracing me. 
"Work I guess, she got held up." I replied. 
"Good, I wont have to pretend to be happy in her presence any time soon then." 
"I know I know, be civil." 


We sat down at the table for dinner which dad had brought in, Chinese food of course; it had always been his favourite. "Where is Thom? I got his favourite meal." He smiled. Tawny and I shared a look. 
"Um, he isn't dining with us tonight. He's away on a trip for a few days..." I watched my dad's face drop at the news and I felt for him. He wasn't all bad. Yes, when he and mum divorced he didn't fight for us; and he only visits every other month. But I believed in what he said about him not wanting to leave us motherless. And the truth was, I liked having him around. I knew that if I spent what time we had together hating him, or punishing him; then what time would we cherish. I put my hand on his, "Don't worry dad, he'll be fine. He's Thom, when has he not been fine." He smiled back at me and Tawny, but I knew that he was hurt,  Thom blames him for the break-up of our family and he really was trying to make it up to us all. We ate and discussed school; boys and of course Tawny had to put something in about vampires. Dad took a different approach from me and excused himself. I eyed Tawny, "You know dad doesn't like hearing stuff like that." I whispered. 
"Well he better get used to it, 'cause they are coming for us all!" 
I looked at her shaking my head, "You are going to end up in the nut house with the crazy people if you don't wise up!" She stuck her tongue out at me, that was her only response. 


I slept like a baby all through the night; dad had to stay over as mum didn't get home till after one in the morning and he didn't want to leave us in the house without someone there. Usually Thom would have been here, but seen as he was away for a few days, there was no man of the house. I was awoken by the heavenly scent of sizzling bacon in the kitchen, instantly making the day great! I jumped out of bed, and into the shower; I didn't even notice Tawny's Justin Bieber album playing in the background. 


"Morning cupcake, bacon roll?" Dad asked, standing in the kitchen with an apron on. I smiled at him. "What?" He asked. 
"Nothing, I just never thought I would see you standing in the kitchen with the apron on making breakfast again." I smiled, "It's nice." Dad smiled back at me, "This apron always did look good on me." We both laughed. 
"I would have used a different word, but nice will do I suppose." Mum said, standing at the bottom of the stairs. She looked exhausted. "Good morning." 
"Morning mum!" 
"Connie..." Dad said, trying his best to fake a smile as he put my bacon roll on a plate. I smiled at them both and went to get a glass of water when I noticed Tawny hiding behind my car. I turned off the tap, "I'll... be right back..." I explained, walking out the back door. I stood beside her, "What are you doing?" I asked her, as she grabbed my hand pulling me down beside her. "What the..." 
"Shh!!" She whispered, "They'll hear you!" 
"Who will hear me? And what are you doing behind my car?" I asked her. 
"The neighbours... I think they're vampires." 
I looked at her silently. "That's it, you have finally cracked!" 
She gave me an irritated look, "I'm serious. Look, there is the basket you brought round yesterday." Sure enough, there it was in the bin. I shook my head. "That still doesn't explain why they are vampires or why you are spying on them?" 
"I just have a feeling... they creep me out." 
"Tawny, they only moved in the other day. You haven't even spoke to them before." I explained. 
"Yeah, but you have! What were they like?" She asked, persistant. I thought back to last night when I had my first encounter with them. It was unusual, but that was no reason to imply that they were vampires. Beside, vampires weren't even real. "Come on, let's get to school already." 


"I say you should keep your sister away from those Twilight books; they're going to her head." Clarissa exclaimed. 
"Maybe she is just very imaginative. I mean, we have all gone through that stage of believing in the supernatural. Remember when Harry Potter first came out?" Steph asked.

"Steph, I don't think Harry Potter is supernatural..." I added.

She rolled her eyes, "That's besides the point. What I am trying to say is that she is doing no harm. She's what, fourteen? Would you rather she were caught up in books or boys and drugs and rock and roll?"

I laughed, "I guess you're right. Maybe I'm overreacting." I said as they both nodded. 
"I didn't want to bring this up, but I feel obliged to; my parents saw Thom last night. Apparently he was with a group of guys who looked, well, kind of 'off' if you get me."

I looked at Clarissa. "Explain..." 

"Well, they said they were all super muscular with leather waistcoats and stuff like that. Apparently Thom stood out like a sore thumb." I was silent for a minute, and as if she could read my mind she added, "He's fine though, no blood or anything; I'm sure he'll be alright Briony." 
"I hope you're right..." I added. 
"Hey, isn't that the new guy?" Steph asked. "Holy crap on a cracker, he is really hot!" 
"Didn't you say that yesterday?" Clarissa asked, eyeing him up also. 
"He's a jerk..." They both looked at me. 
"You can't make assumptions up like that remember." 
"I'm not assuming anything, I brought over a welcoming basket last night and he was rude. Therefore, he is a jerk." They both looked at him again, Mia all over him; it made me sick. He looked over at our table, as if he knew we were talking about him. I looked away uneasy, and he walked off with Mia. "Damn, I hate her." Steph said, as we all nodded in agreement. 

By the end of the week, Tawny had become even more crazy. I had found her surfing the internet about how to keep vampires away. I told her she was crazy and to grow up, but she did what she did best and ignored everything I said. Thom was supposed to be coming home tonight, I'll try and get him to talk to her; he's better with that sort of thing. But until then, it was up to me to keep her sane. I was watering the plants out front when I heard screaming. I dropped the can and turned to see Tawny running out of the neighbours house. I ran up to her and put my hands on her shoulders to calm her. "Hey hey, calm down. Shh, you're okay. What's wrong?" I asked her. 
"I... I think he's dead.." She sobbed. I looked up at the house and gave her a quick hug. "I want you to go home and call Thom, tell him we need him." 
"What... what about the dead body... Will I... call the police?" She cried. 
"Just keep calm, here take my cell and keep calling Thom. Everything will be okay, I promise. Now go, go!" I shooed her on, as I turned to face the house. I took a deep breath and ran up the porch steps; grabbing what seemed to be a curtain pole. I walked in the front door slowly, pole in hand. My grip tightened the further inside the house I got. I stopped outside the first room, taking a breath and opening it quickly. Empty. 


I walked on, and jumped when the front door slammed shut. I dropped the pole and ran towards the door; shaking the handle hard. I screamed as battered it, hoping someone would hear me. "Help! Someone, please!" 
"What the hell are you doing in here?" I turned round to see Logan shirtless. With my back against the door, I watched him silently. "I said, what are you doing here?" He took a step closer to me and I flinched. 
"Don't come any closer..." Right then, Mia walked out of the room where Logan had come out of. She too, was topless. "Hey look, it's the freak of nature. What's with all the screaming? Totally killing the mood." 
I looked at them both, as they stared at me; probably thinking how insane I was. "I um... Tawny said she saw a dead body... I... I'm sorry..." Was all I could answer with. Logan watched me closely as Mia laughed.

"You thought he was dead? Oh honey, he was just busy with me. I relax him, shall we say." She smirked.

"Maybe I should go..." I turned around looking at the door. I flinched when a naked arm stretched beside me and opened the door. I looked up at Logan, "Thanks... Like I said, I'm sorry..." I practically ran out the door and across the street. The whole school would know about the most embarrassing moment of my life by tomorrow no doubt. 


I refused to talk to Tawny the rest of the night; even with our call crying for help, Thom didn't come home. Mum was furious, with Tawny more so. She was grounded for two weeks and vampire novels were banned. By the time I woke up on Saturday morning; the events of last night had reached the entire school. With 13 missed calls from Steph and Clarissa, and numerous text messages; I assumed they had also heard the news. I could never show my face again, how embarrassing! I opened my bedroom door and Thom shoved past me. "Come on in then..." I said to him, closing the door and turning to him. 
"Are you alright?" He asked me, not giving me eye contact. I folded my arms.

"I'm fine, not that you care." He looked at me then. 
"Don't say that, of course I care!" 
"Really? 'Cause I didn't see you coming to the rescue when we needed you. No, you were too busy doing whatever it is that you do!" He didn't say anything. He stood up and stopped beside me. I looked at him, seeing the hurt on his face. He walked on and into his room, locking his door. It had been the first time I had seen him during the day in months, it was almost strange to me. 


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