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“I don’t think everyone should go. They might think we’re there to cause trouble,” Tyler pointed out.

“Well I’m coming,” Annabel announced stubbornly.

“I hope you’re kidding. Didn’t Tyler just say we don’t want to cause trouble?” Charlie interjected.

“I’m not going to do anything and it’s not like he’ll try to take me back.” Annabel began to get defensive.

“Oh I bet he’d take you back,” Braxton said very seriously.

“But she couldn’t be his pet anymore,” Malcolm laughed.

“I was no one’s pet!” Annabel growled. “I doubt he even wants anything to do with me now that I’m one of you.”

“Hey don’t look at me. I didn’t turn you. Besides…” Malcolm’s voice trailed off as we stepped onto the squeaky front porch. “They’re back.”

Kitane still knocked even though they already knew we were there. The vampires immediately invited us inside, but they didn’t come out of the shadows until the door was closed again and we stood in darkness. I heard the scratch of a match and soon a lantern cast strange shadows throughout the room.

“We came to discuss plans for this evening,” Kitane explained.

“We were just talking about that actually. Maybe you heard,” Charlie said. “You are quieter than many vampires I know.” He sounded more angry than impressed as if it was our fault they were talking loudly as we approached and we eavesdropped on purpose.

“We didn’t hear much and we surely did not sneak up on you intentionally,” Kitane answered.

“So what plans have you come up with?” Troen asked.

“We know of some vampires who may be able to help you. We’ll leave at sundown. We were just trying to decide who is going,” Tyler told us.

“Libbi and I will just hang here tonight. I’m sure we can find something else to entertain ourselves,” Trace volunteered. He and Libbi shared a knowing smile.

“I don’t think it’ll be a problem if the rest of us go,” Braxton said.

“Yeah as long as no one does anything stupid,” Malcolm added, looking directly at Annabel.

“Malcolm please,” Tyler interrupted before another argument could break out. “We’ll all go. You all are going to need to borrow some clothes though. We are already going to look suspicious.”

The clothes weren’t all that comfortable and very constrictive. My legs and feet were covered – something none of us were used to. We looked like the others though and that’s what mattered. Then Annabel appeared with a pitcher and a stack of cups.

“I thought you said you don’t eat,” I questioned, but the smell of blood soon drifted into my nostrils.

“Vampires need blood to survive, but you’re not vampires so I don’t suppose you drink blood do you?” Charlie answered.

“Not often, but we all get the craving every now and then,” I explained. They all looked surprised, especially Charlie.

“Would any of you like a glass? I didn’t mean to be rude,” Annabel offered.

“Actually I would if you don’t mind. Just a small one,” my mouth was watering from the sweet aroma that was now filling the room. Annabel asked if anyone else wanted to join and Adisa immediately requested a glass. I guess the others were not as affected by the wonderful scent or they were just better at suppressing the craving.

No one spoke much. It wasn’t like the other blood I’ve had or maybe it’s just been a while. It seemed richer, more delicious. Maybe they have different animals in this strange world, but I didn’t ask about it. The others drank greedily and refilled their glasses. I watched as the color in their faces increased.

“Now everyone looks a bit more human,” Annabel said happily to no one in particular. “Shall we be off?” We all filed out the door in response.

“It’s a bit of a walk to the train station, but I’m afraid we don’t have a car,” Tyler explained. I looked around at the others to see if they knew what he was talking about. Everyone seemed just as confused as I was.

“I’m afraid we have no idea what you’re talking about,” I told him.

“You don’t… what? You don’t know what a car is? Or a train?” I shook my head.

“Wow,” Tyler sighed in disbelief. “How do you get from place to place?”

“We walk or ride animals – horses mostly.”

“Well, cars and trains are both things you can sit inside of and they take you places, but they aren’t pulled by animals or anything.” I just nodded, trying to comprehend this idea. “I’ll point out a car when I see one and maybe we can ride in one sometime. You’ll see a train soon. Try not to ask questions or the other passengers will get suspicious and whatever you do don’t do that phasing thing you do under any circumstance.” Tyler pointed out a car later on our trip like he said he would. It was a strange-looking thing and I still didn’t fully understand. After that, we walked in silence.

“The train station is just over that hill,” Tyler announced, pointing ahead. As we were climbing, a loud sound ripped through the very quiet night. Everyone jumped, but we all resisted the temptation to phase and prepare for a fight with whatever made the noise. The vampires snickered at our reaction though it had taken most of them by surprise as well.

“That was a train,” Charlie explained. “It’s warning people to get the bloody hell out of the way as it comes into the station.” We reached the top of the hill as the noisy train was slowly moving away from the brightly lit station. I didn’t see any people around, but there was a large building where they could be hiding.

“Everyone wait outside while I get the tickets,” Tyler instructed. We stood by the corner of the building on the outskirts of the lighted platform until the next train arrived, announced by the loud whistle again.

People stared at us as we entered the train. They looked extremely different from our group. None were as dark as us or as light as the vampires; they fell at some strange shade in between. None were as tall or fit either. They came in all shapes and sizes. I continued analyzing these people as we took our seats. I jumped as the train lurched forward, but after that, I was surprisingly calm. After stopping a few times, Tyler motioned for us to follow him off the train.

The moon was high in the sky when we finally stopped walking in front of the large gates of a humongous fancy building.

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