Aliens! Chapter 1

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A girl is abducted by aliens! Find out what happens when she is abducted!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Aliens! Chapter 1

Submitted: April 02, 2010

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Submitted: April 02, 2010



"Ah" I screamed from the top of my lungs. I was looking through a telescope. Oh, the stars that gave light were incredibly beautiful. The next thing I know I'm in a space ship. I couldn't believe that they had abducted me. I mean I believe in abductions, but why me? Well you got to admit I'm a real prize. That's where I found myself screaming.
I was caged in small clear box and green aliens with big black eyes stared at me. They had gigantic bobble heads. In fact, it was tempting because I just wanted to smack it in order to see it move! Their space ship had super advanced technology that isn't even imaginable. The space ship had screens and the aliens just stared at me. I then noticed up on the screen that were about to crash into a meteorite.
I screamed to warn them about the meteorite we were about to crash into. The alien simply snapped it's fingers and in half a millisecond the space ship took a right. Then a alarm sounded and a solid crystal dish came out. In it there was a green goo. Did they expect me to eat it? I remembered I had a Kit-Kat Chocolate Bar in my pocket. I took it out and waved it in front of their faces. If they even had faces.
"See, this is good food! Actually it's really considered junk according to my mom, but to me this is food." I took a bite out of the chocolate and savored the taste, but they only stared at me.
"What," I questioned.
"Do I have something on my face or is something wrong with your neck that you can't stop staring at me? By the way, do you ever blink? I mean it's weird not to blink!"
"Well, technically we don't blink like you humans that blink every second. I mean do you every stop blinking?"
"Touché, wait you can speak English?"
"What did you expect? I bet you expected me to speak French. Hello, were from United Aliens of America. The land of free aliens and of the alien soldiers."
"That's weird in our country… oh my gosh you copied our countries name."
"We were going to call it, the city of aliens, a.k.a. Peru. Then actual Peru sued us for copying their name." Then the creepy alien moved toward the controls of the spaceship. Their skin changed as they walked and could be easily compared to a chameleons.
"You know you remind me of John, a short guy who would always tease me that aliens were mean and violent, but he so wrong. Oh, I can't wait to rub it in his face!" While I talked I was distracted by the alien's features. For example, the alien had that weird chameleon skin and those creepy big eyes.
"Don't mean to be rude, but what's up with your eyes and skin dude!"
"Well, our eyes are huge, but in real life were only wearing extremely cool sunglasses. Our skin naturally changes to its surroundings. It's quite useful actually, in fact we used to spy on you. Once we went through your stuff."
"Whoa, you did not just go there!"
"Dear Diary, Jake is so cute! Do you recognize that?"
"You did go through my stuff!"
"Oh stop bragging you saw it coming."
"Okay, changing the subject," I continued.
"You know I was kind of hoping you would let me out of this cage. You that sooner or later I'm going to have to go to the restroom."
"You have a carpet next to you that'll come in handy."
"I am not your pet! Get that in your over-sized bobble head. Unless it's full of air!" On the screen I saw that we had passed all the 8 planets. I was scared now. I was at least more than a million miles away from home and I didn't have a stuffed animal here with me. Anyway, I kept talking on and on, but they didn't listen to me.
Then the bobble head creep started to power a huge machine. I immediately thought that they were going to vaporize me. No! I had never gotten a chance to get on a roller coaster with a loop in it or get in an actual food fight. I haven't even gotten the chance to get an autograph from a famous person. All that gone it's as if someone has put my life goals on a piece of paper and crumbled it until every last piece was destroyed. I quickly closed my eyes because I didn't want to witness my death. I soon discovered that this so called killer machine was actually a ice cream machine. Can you believe that?
"Here's some ice cream now shut up!" For the rest of the trip I ate vanilla ice cream. They even had whip cream. The bad news was that there weren't any cherries. Anyway, the real problem was that they still didn't let me out of the cage, but I still managed to see outside from a nearby window. There was a spectacular view and I still got to witness our travel. Soon I realized that we had landed in a planet.
This planet was much like earth except I probably would get my eyeballs sucked out of my head if I didn't where an astronaut helmet. That's when the alien unlocked my cage and grabbed a hold of my handcuffs. They opened the door and I could already see the blue ground with several trees. You know what this place reminded me of? This place looked a lot like the pictures Dr. Seuss had in his stories. They pulled my handcuffs and soon we were out of the spaceship. I fell to the floor and started to roll on the ground with a crazy look in my eyes.
"Excuse me, but what are you doing?"
"I'm about to have my eyeballs sucked out of my head because there is no oxygen here," said I.
"Of course there is oxygen on this planet! That is one of the main reasons why your still alive!" I simply stood up and wiped the saliva off the corners of my mouth. I was embarrassed becauseI was having a fake heartattack right in front ofthe aliens! My cheeks turn hot red.Icould already tell this was to be an adventure, but I hope I wouldn't run into anymore inconvient accidents!
To be continued…

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