Starry Messenger

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Quentin has been ordered back to the Collective by the Synod. He receives a heartfelt letter from Regina pleading for him to help the world.

Quentin knows if he stays, he will violate his orders to such a degree that there will be no turning back.

Quentin looks in the mirror and decides he will make his decision another day.

Chapter 19 (v.1) - Reflections

Submitted: January 22, 2016

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Submitted: January 22, 2016



Chapter 19: Reflections

“Earth will know its last days when it experiences great prosperity. Do not despair for it shall not last. The Anti-Life is now in the world.”

--The Daemoniorum Libris


When Dante skipped off to his bathroom, Regina walked into her study with the coin Quentin had given Dante that first night. She looked at the inscription again: “Opportvnvs Adest.”


Here at an opportune time.


Regina sat down and began to write a letter to Quentin. She would hand it to him the next time they saw each other. She no longer trusted emails.


She completed the letter just when Dante entered the kitchen, his freshly scrubbed face smiling at his mother.  Regina folded the paper and stuck it in the drawer. She turned her attention to her son, clenched the coin and said a silent prayer.


The man called Quentin stood alone in his room. He held a piece of paper in his hand and could not decide if he should look at it. Indecision was rare to him, but now whenever it occurred, it always made his head hurt. The Synod had responded to his report with a specific directive. Earth was to be left to its own devices. Humans have embraced the Degans. Leave them to their fate. Return to the Collective, the Synod said. Had Quentin done so, he would have not been there to save Dante. The boy would have suffered a horrific fate that would have been undeserved.


How many other humans fit that description?


Why should we give up on them? Why should I give up on them? It is obvious Aron has. Perhaps he is even working with the Degans against the humans. That is certainly not Yar’s Way. What about the words of Scribe? This world is tied to the fate of the universe. That alone makes it worth saving.


Quentin knew he had a responsibility to involve himself in Earth’s affairs.  Of course, there was Regina. He could not stop thinking about her. He had gone to see her again after he told himself he would not. It made little sense to him. The feelings he had for her were unlike any other.  He did not want to leave her. He had bonded with her. He loved her even though he had not said those words to her.




Was it because he was bonded to another? No. He could no longer even picture the face of his betrothed. They had long drifted apart. He knew the real reason.


I have a duty and a world to save.


Or do I?


If the Synod did not deem this world worth preserving, then why should I?


Quentin finally willed himself to look at the paper he was holding. It was a letter from Regina.


Dear Quentin.


Thank you.


You saved my son and showed me the world for what it truly is. You gave me love again when I had begun to think there was none. For all of those things, I am eternally grateful, but there has to be more. The world is in danger. I knew this before we linked minds. All I have to do is turn on the television to confirm it. The religious tensions in the Middle East are worse than they have ever been. A slow rise in sex crimes in this country has been reported. There is a growing food shortage in third world countries.


The World Health Organization has called for more aid to combat the new diseases that are coming up. Then there all of the natural disasters that have been happening I have never heard of so many earthquakes, tornados, and volcanic eruptions going on at one time. More and more doomsayers are coming out saying that we are headed for destruction. Maybe I, and the rest of us, should take Walter more seriously.


Rex Talion was doing so much for the world, but now all he does is make speeches and promises while conditions worsen. Was this just a plan to lull us into a false sense of security?  I believe it was all one big set up and he is linked to everything. Please, if you find time look into this and find out who Talion really is. I have thought long and hard about why all of these terrible things are happening at once. It is the sign of evil. Evil in the truest sense. Now, thanks to you, I know it is an evil not of this world.


Quentin, you MUST stay and help us. That HAS to be why you are here now. You are the starry messenger sent by God to warn and help deliver us from this evil. If that is not who you are, then what chance do we have?


I love you.


Always Yours




Quentin disintegrated the letter in his hand. The contents were just what he feared. A heartfelt plea from a woman he should have no feelings for, to help a planet that should be beneath his notice. He found himself pacing around his room.


He stopped in front of the mirror.


I have seen Earth’s fate in my dreams. Total annihilation. Blight. What should I do? Return to the Collective or remain here and save the humans. Save Regina and Dante. It is my choice. Not the Synod’s. I must decide for myself.


A smile suddenly spread over Quentin’s face. His head stopped hurting. No need to make a decision today. There’s always tomorrow.

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