Chapter 1: The first Objective

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

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July 19, 2010.
The evolution of humans was developed by scientist. The evolution is made to adapt to any atmosphere such as deserts, deep crushing pressure of the sea, hot liquids and magma, tundra, even disease. This development will be available to the public by August.
August 5, 2010.
The development has sent out to the public. Humans can now live in areas where they could not before.
May 21, 2011.
The ‘Hybrids’ have gone destructive. People that were once peaceful are now turned to violence and destruction. 1.2 million People dead.
November 11, 2011.
The Hybrids begin to form armies and are attacking nearby cities and towns.U.S. Military are helpless at the onslaught assault.
January 3, 2012.
The White House has declared Martial Law in the entire United States. An evacuation has been posted all along the eastern and western coasts of the United States. Over fifty million people made it to Europe and Britain shores.
January 25, 2012.
Congress has declared war with America. President Howell has given a speech in London about issue and assures that it will not leave the American borders.
February 13, 2015.
The First 48th has been annihilated. Families’ morn for the deaths of their husbands, sons, daughters, or wives. President Howell issues atomic bomb dropping.
March 17, 2015.
Atomic bomb has been dropped. Damages estimated to be around twenty billion dollars. Spy plane launched to view aftermath. Bomb took no effect. President Howell found dead later that evening with letter in his hand reading, “God has not done this to us.It was us that we did to ourselves.”
December 12, 2043.
The ‘MechSoldiers’ are ready for deployment.President Maxwell orders deployment of the MechSoldiers on December 19. Her goal is to take the eastern coast and begin to take back America slowly. There is now hope for the Americans.
December 20, 2043.
The MechSoldiers have been launched.Americans pray for a successful assault.
March 27, 2047.
The MechSoldiers have successfully taken the eastern coast.Casualties only range to 3 to 7 deaths.Americans praise the MechSoldiers. They are beginning to take back America. America now watches as the MechSoldiers try to take back the United States. Hope has risen.
Jason opened his eyes. A picture of his skeletal feature was shown giving the clear that he was fine and disappeared. He looked around inside the ATC helicopter at the other nineteen soldiers. As he moved his eyes on each soldier, their names would appear on the IFF. Each soldier had a small keyboard attached to their arms and a glowing chest which was the Crystalline Heart.
Everyone was silent; they only looked around not saying a word. Jason activated his GPS system and an image of a map appeared in his eyes. They were over Clarksburg in West Virginia heading to Charleston, the state capital. The map disappeared.
Jason brought up a picture of him and viewed it in his eyes. He was tall, muscular, broad shoulders, brown sleek hair, blue eyes, and broad cheek bones. That was before his augmentation.Now his hair is only an inch and a half long and his chest has the Crystalline Heart. He closed the picture and it disappeared.
He sighed softly.
Destination arrived.Prepare for deployment.Repeat.Prepare for deployment” The computer voice said. The hull lights turned red. Jason and everyone stood up and pulled out from their compartments above them a blackish-gray helmet with a green visor as a V-shaped. They also pulled out their bodysuits and attached them to their shoulders, chest, and back. They also pulled out arm and leg protection and attached them to themselves. The last thing that they pulled out is their N-45 assault rifles. The rifle was a long rifle with a digital scope, long magazine, and a long broad barrel with blue lights shining, and an adjustable stock.
Jason suited himself up and checked the battery charged magazine. The battery was at full maximum. Everyone turned and stood at attention toward the door and waited.The door opened, allowing air to blow in.Outside the sky was filled with gray clouds, the ground was muddy and the tall buildings were nearly destroyed because of the atomic bomb. What they heard was guns cracking at a rapid pace.
Everyone began jumping out of the ATC helicopter onto the wet mud. As soon as they touched the ground, commands were already being given from afar.
“Alpha 4,” a man said in the helmets, “this is Bravo 3.Proceed going northwest to our location. Be advised that there are hostile enemies in the area.”
“Roger that Bravo 3,” the team’s captain replied, “Alpha 4 is heading your way.”
Everyone began running in the direction the Bravo 3 captain ordered.
“You heard that team,” their team captain was telling them, “If you see any threats, neutralize them. If you have a hard time identifying the hostiles…”
Just then, a humanoid jumps on one of the teammates, Jane Hansen. The humanoid had long sharp fingernails, sharp pointy teeth, pointy ears, and red eyes.
The humanoid drew a knife and raised it. Jason didn’t wait. He shot a blue laser at the humanoid’s head and it fell to the side.
“Threat neutralized.” Jason said. He held out a hand and helped Jane up on her feet. Jason made a scan of her.
“No damage taken. You’re good.” Jason said finishing his scans.
“Thanks Jason.” Jane said.
They continued their march through the city shooting some humanoids in the tall buildings and on the roads. Some of the humanoids tried shooting some of the soldiers, but none died. Jason shot a few humanoids.
The team met up with Bravo 3. They were station behind some cars and trucks from 2010. They were pinned in by sniper humanoids shooting from a distance on a tall building.
Alpha 4 joined them behind the cars.
“Are you guys the reinforcements?” Bravo 3 captain asked,
“We’re it Tennyson.What’s our status?” Alpha 4 captain said.
“There are some Hybrids on some of the buildings over there, but every time we keep shooting them, they keep coming back.”
“Affirmative. Jason, take your team to that marked building over there.Bensen, take your team to the other marked building over there. We’ll keep them pinned in from here.”
“Affirmative sir.” Jason said, “Okay, my team lets get our way through by taking Center Street.Stay as close to the buildings as possible.”
Three other soldiers went to follow Jason. On his IFF he saw the names David Newburry, Orson Bowell, and Jane Hansen.
“Stay low,” Jason ordered. His team bent down low behind the turned vehicles as the bullets hit the cars. Moving away from the battle behind them, Jason takes his team along the buildings in Center Street.
“Stay alert.Switch vision to either x-ray or motion sensors. Your choice.” Jason ordered.He vision turned blue and he saw the ground making white waves going away from them. They proceeded navigating themselves around cars and fallen telephone poles.
Jason saw some red waves coming toward him from his left. He put his hand up, halting his team. He raised his rifle up.
“Jason sir,” David was saying, “I’m detecting ten hostiles forty meters ahead at eleven o’clock. They’re in an alley.”
“Affirmative.Team, get ready for supposed ambush.”
Everyone raised their rifles up and continued to go down the street slowly. Jason’s vision returned to normal.Just then, as David saw, ten humanoids with Uzi’s, AK-47’s, M-16’s, and shotguns, came rushing out of the alley and started firing at the team.
Jane went at the corner of an alley, David ran behind a car, Orson was behind a truck, and Jason was behind ruble of bricks. The other humanoids were behind cars and trucks.
Jason aimed his rifle over the debris and made five shots. The blue laser shots hit the truck, but he didn’t hit anything.He ducked down, avoiding rapid shots from an Uzi. He saw Jane turn from a corner and take two shots and turn back behind the wall avoiding a shotgun blast. Jason aimed over the debris and took another shot but it missed and hit the hood of the truck.
He ducked back behind the debris avoiding more shots. Then he saw Orson aim over the truck shooting three shots and then ducking behind the truck. He aimed over the debris again and this time he saw the humanoid aiming over the hood of the truck about to fire.Jason took his chance and hit the humanoid in between the eyes.
“One terminated.” Jason said.
Jason saw another shot hit another humanoid, “Target terminated.” David said.
“This is delaying us.Who’s on ballistics?”
“Orson here.”
“Get to where I am.Jane, David, cover him.”
“Roger that.” Jane said.
“Affirmative.” David said. They both started shooting rapidly at the humanoids allowing Orson to run and meet with Jason.
“I need you to come with me to get to a high place,” Jason told Orson, “David, Jane, I relying on you to keep the Hybrids here while me and Orson find a good high place.”
“We’re on it sir.” David said. Jason led Orson up the debris shooting some rounds until they were behind the nearly collapsed building. They turned to the building behind and Jason scanned the building and found two entries, one behind and one in front.
“Will this building do?” Jason asked.
Orson didn’t say anything for the moment, “Affirmative sir.”
Jason led Orson to the back door leading to the janitor’s room. Jason kicked the door opened and pointed his rifle in the dark room. Jason’s vision turned night vision. He led Orson through the janitor to the chef room and into the dinning room. His eyes displayed a 3D map of the complex and he navigated them up the stairs to the second floor of the dinning room and then up another to the meeting room. A nearby window had the battle visible.
Jason didn’t need to say a word. Orson slipped off his PC-12, a long missile launcher with a large energy battery at the end and a digital scope at the sight.
“Give the okay.” Jason ordered.
Orson aimed his Pulse Cannon carefully, “I’m red and hot.” Orson said.
“Terminate threats.” Jason ordered.
Orson pulled the trigger. For a moment there was no sound and a large blue beam was fired, then there was loud laser noise and an explosion. Jason looked out the window and saw the area where the humanoids were perched behind was a crater and smoke.
“No visual of enemy contacts.” Orson said. He paused for a moment, “No movement. All targets have been terminated.”
“Damage report.” Jason said.
“I took a bullet in my left shoulder but there’s no injury.I’m clear.” David said.
“Shotgun bb’s have been embedded in my chest and left shoulder. There are two bb’s in my visor and had cracked it.”
“David, take care of the visor,” Jason said, “Orson and I are on our way back.Good job everyone, but we’re not done here. We still have to get to the building and help Bravo 3.”
Orson and Jason met with David and Jane where David is finishing up welding back the cracked visor.
“How’s your vision, Jane?” David asked.
“Back to normal.” Jane responded.
“Good, now let’s hurry,” Jason was saying, “We’ve been delayed far too long.Let’s move swiftly but cautiously.”
David put his welder in his utility belt and picked up his rifle. Jason continued to lead them down the street.About hundred and fifty meters away, a humanoid came out in an attempt to shoot them but Jason shot the humanoid just before it could shoot. Then another one came running down the street to kill them, but Jason aimed his rifle and shot him in the head.
Then ten more came out from the alley and begun firing their guns.
“Don’t bother taking for cover, just shoot.” Jason ordered.Everyone shot at what ever humanoid came their way.Jason shot three humanoids and took a hit in his right shoulder. Jane went to his aid but he shook her off.
They continued going down Center Street with more humanoids coming out onto the street.Now they were coming from behind. They couldn’t go anywhere. They were shooting at whatever humanoid that was coming. Jason took another hit to this chest, while he shot two other humanoids. He realized that this was delaying them even more.
“Get inside!” Jason yelled and opened a door behind him. Everyone followed him inside while shooting at the humanoids.
Jason slammed it, “Barricade the door!” Jason ordered. David and Orson grabbed long slabs of two-by-fours and a metal desk and held the door shut. Just then, a slam at the door almost forced the two off.
Jason made contact with Bravo 3, “Bravo 3, this is Jason Pratt. My team is pinned down at Center Street. We’re barricaded inside an office but we can’t hold them off. We need air support.”
“Roger that Jason, I’m connecting you with air patrol.”
He waited five seconds, “This is air patrol, what’s your situation?”
“We are pinned down at Center Street, coordinates…” Jason glanced at his arm with the small thin screen, “120.03 West, 96.17 North. I’m requesting air strike at Center Street from 75.00 West to 150.25 West. I am now marking building where my team is pinned down. ” Jason quickly typed in some numbers and pressed send to the air patrol.
“Roger that, attack wave west, confirmed?”
“Affirmative.Standby for air support.”
They waited for fifteen seconds when they heard explosions from their Pulse Laser Cannons. The continuing explosions moved past where they were and went further on until they heard no more explosions.
“Area leveled,” The air patrol said, “You are clear to move on.”
“Affirmative, air patrol.” Jason said and turned off communications, “Alright team, we should be able to get there much quicker now. Let’s hustle.”
David and Orson moved the barricade out of the way and opened the door slowly. The entire street was decimated, with bodies of humanoids lying around. This time they ran for the building. They saw some humanoid snipers from the tall buildings and they shot them down. A few humanoids came on the street and the team fired and killed them.
Jason looked up at the marked building. It was closer now. He saw some gunfire from the highest windows. They made a left turn onto another street. Jason had his motion sensors to be sure that there were no humanoids around any corner. But there were only few red waves coming toward him. When the humanoids appeared out their hiding places Jane shot two rounds, killing one.David shot three killing two.
Ten minutes later, they were in front of the marked building. Five humanoids guarding the building spotted the team and fired their P-90’s at the team. Jason was taking damage in his armor at a fast rate.He was getting his so fast he couldn’t aim his gun up and shoot. Jane, David, and Orson shot at the guards and killed them. David turned Jason around and did a quick scan of him.
“Massive damage on the right abdomen, center chest, and right shoulder.” David said, “minor stray shots in all areas of the armor. Your body armor percentage is down to 58%.”
Jason nodded, “I’ll be fine.We have to complete our objective.” He got a short quiet breath.
“Jane, Orson, secure the entry.” Jason pointed.The two ran forward keeping their guns up. Jason brought up his armor percentage and moved it to the top right corner of his eye.
Jane and Orson stopped at the entry and turned to their left and right.Jane raised her hand up in the air and flexed it to her side. Jason and David ran to meet them turning their backs to them and watching the street.
“Orson, scan the complex.” Jason ordered. Orson did a scan of the building.
They waited ten seconds, “Data scan is complete. Now transmitting data to all MechSoldiers. Jason brought up his mini map and moved it to his top left corner of his eye.
“Switch vision to x-ray.” Jason ordered. Everything was slowly turning blue and Jason could the two-by-four in the walls and soon, the skeletons of his teammates.
Jason signaled to them to move forward through the common area now covered in debris. He led them to the stairs and had his hand on the door knob. Jane moved to the right side of the door, Orson with Jason, and David had his gun at the door. Jason slowly opened the door being ready to shoot. The stairs were clear.
His team moved up the stairs, aiming their guns up. Jason saw a skeleton sitting at the third row of stairs. He signaled to his team and pointed at the target. Jason adjusted the laser frequency on his rifle to 8.0.He aimed at the targets head and fired. The laser shot through the concrete and hit the targets skull. It fell to the side and slid down the stairs a few inches.He adjusted the laser frequency back to 5.0 and signaled to his teammates the clear signal.
“Team,” Jason said on his internal radio, “We have a lot of floors to clear and less time to do it. Be as silent as you can and take out any target with stealth.”
Jason moved his team further up the stairs to the first door.
“Orson, clear out this floor.When you’re done, radio back at me.”
“Affirmative.” Orson acknowledged and slowly disappeared behind the door. Jason moved further up to the next floor and ordered David to this floor. As Jason was at the next door, he was about to order Jane when she spoke first.
“Jason, your body percentage is too low. You can’t go by yourself even with that critical damage. You’ll need help.”
“I’ll be fine. We need to take this building as quickly as possible, with low percentage or not.”
Jane nodded and disappeared behind the door. Jason slowly made his way up the stairs.He saw another skeleton walking slowly down the stairs with a rifle in hands. Jason adjusted the laser frequency back to 8.0, aimed, and shot the skull. The skeleton fell back against the wall.
Jason turned back his laser frequency back to default, 5.0. He reached the next door with twenty four floors to go. Jason slowly opened the door with his gun raised. He slowly entered the room. All the glass and computers were crushed and shattered. Papers were scattered all over with the old skeletons lying around. The old skeletons appeared as green on Jason’s x-ray vision. Jason turned left and saw there were five red skeletons perched next to the wall. He scanned the wall density and adjusted his laser frequency to 7.5 and aimed his rifle at one of the skeletons.
He switched the firing rate to automatic and pulled the trigger. Multiple lasers projectiles were shot at a rapid rate at the five skeletons fell to the floor. He was just about to turn right when he was slammed against the wall by a female humanoid. The humanoid’s long fingernails penetrated through his armor and she held him up against the wall. Jason’s vision was back to normal.
“You’re a sneaky one.” She said and she stuck her tongue out like a serpent. She touched the side of his helmet, “Too bad I have to kill you.”
Jason quickly scanned an analysis quickly found the arteries. He pulled out his knife out of his utility belt and stabbed her forearm. She screamed in agony as blood was spewing out of her arm. The female humanoid turned pale and she slowly fell to the ground and closed her eyelids.
He wiped the blood from his visor and brought up the x-ray vision again. He picked up his rifle and returned the settings to default. Then he sheathed his knife and switched the firing rate back to semi automatic.
Jason returned turning right and saw a skeleton aiming a shotgun at Jason. He quickly rolled to the side, dodging the blast of the 12 gauge. He quickly shot the humanoid in the leg and then stood up shooting the humanoid in the head. He quickly walked through the office room into the next room.
Two skeletons charged at Jason.Jason quickly shot the two oncoming humanoids and they fell to the ground.
“This is Orson; I’ve cleared out this floor.” Orson said on the internal radio
“Very good.” Jason said, “Now move up three floors to the next floor.If there are no Hybrids on that floor then move on to the next one.”
Jason slowly opened the door with his gun raised.One skeleton was reaching for his pistol, but Jason quickly shot him. He looked around. The skeletons that he just shot turned green and there were one red skeleton two rooms ahead. Jason scanned the two wall densities and adjusted his laser frequency to 10.5. He aimed his rifle at the skulls head and fired. The skeleton fell to the ground and turned green. Jason switched his gun settings back to default.
All the humanoids had been terminated on his floor.
“This is David, I’m clear.”
“Jane here, me too.”
“Good job everyone. Now move up to the next floors and clear them all out.”
“Jason,” Orson was saying, “floors five, six, seven, and eight are empty and I just cleared out nine.”
“Good. Now move on up to the next floors and clear them out.I think the most force will be at twenty-six through the thirtieth.”
Jason quickly left the floor room and climbed the stairs up to floor thirteen. He quickly looked around the floor area and only spotted one skeleton with an RPG. Jason adjusted his laser frequency and fired at the skeleton. There were no other skeletons.
“Something’s not going right.” Jason said and turned his radio frequency to the Alpha 4 captain, “Captain this is Jason.”
“What is it Jason?”
“Are you seeing anything unusual out there?”
“Not that I can see.We’re under heavy fire.Why?”
“There are fewer Hybrids in the building than what was expected. Where’s most of the attack force coming from?”
“I’d say from the twenty-seventh through the roof. That’s the only parts that are visible from out position.”
“Affirmative. Team, stay alert for anything. Meet up at floor twenty-five.”
Jason moved up the stairs remembering one of military wisdom words. If your plan is going too good, you’re walking into an ambush. Jason saw that Orson was in the room of floor eleven shooting a skeleton. He kept moving up Jane just barely left floor twelve. She had done a scan of his armor.
“You were pinned on a wall by a Hybrid.” Jane said.
“She was sweet and all, but long nails aren’t my type.” Jason said sarcastically.
The two went further up the stairs skipping floors fifteen and seventeen.At eighteen, Jane shot three humanoids through the walls. At nineteen Jason slowly entered the room and Jane continued on.
Five skeletons aimed their automatic weapons at Jason. He quickly plucked out of his utility belt a pulse grenade from behind him and pulled the pin. He held onto the grenade for two seconds and then tossed it at the humanoids. They struggled to get away but a second later; the pulse grenade sent a blue wave of energy, burning the humanoids to their bones.
Jason quickly held his gun up and fired at more humanoids charging in the room with automatic weapons. He turned at shot at more humanoids aiming their guns at him. Jason went to a room and shot two humanoid snipers through the wall.
Just as he was about to turn, he was punched in the back of his helmet. He back kicked the humanoid behind him, turned, and shot the humanoid. He looked around for anymore red skeletons. There were none.
“Floor twenty is cleared.” Jane said.
“Floor twenty-one, clear.” David said.
“Floor twenty-two, clear.” Orson said.
“Okay, I’ve just cleared Floor nineteen, now clear out the next two floors and meet me at the twenty-fifth. I’m on my way to the twenty fourth.Jane, meet me there.”
“Affirmative sir.” Jane said.”
“David and Orson, clear the twenty third.”
“That’s an Affirmative sir.” David said.Jason left the nineteenth floor and continued up the stairs, meeting Jane at twenty fourth door.
“Are you ready?” Jason asked.
Jane nodded. Jason slowly opened the door and Jane aimed inside. She shot a humanoid and they both hurried inside shooting whatever humanoid was within sight. One humanoid blasted a shotgun at Jason. The force of the shot made him step back. Jane shot at the humanoid, but then a humanoid wrapped his arm around Jane’s neck. Jason aimed his rifle at the humanoid but he turned and Jane was in front of him holding a pistol at her head.
“Don’t try to shoot.” The humanoid said, “or else your buddy here is going to get a bullet in his head.”
Jason quickly lowered his gun frequency of his gun without taking his eyes off of the humanoid and turned the frequency to 3.0. He aimed at the humanoid’s gun and shot his hand. He dropped his gun and loosened his grip on Jane. Jane threw him over her body, on to the ground and snapped his neck. Jason returned his settings to default.
“I’m not a man.” She said. She picked up her rifle and they continued to search the floor. Two humanoids sprang out from their hiding spots and shot their automatic guns at Jane. She was being hit with an incredible rate that she couldn’t aim. Jason quickly aimed his gun and shot the two shooters.
He went to Jane’s aid and did a quick scan of her.
“Body armor percentage is down to 63%.”
“I’ll do just fine.” She said.
Jason switched his vision to x-ray and looked around. There were two more humanoids behind them hiding behind a wall. He aimed and fired at the two behind the wall at a high frequency.
“Floor twenty four is cleared.” Jason said as his vision returned to normal.
“Standby,” Jason said. There was laser blast noise in the background, “We’re clear here.We are now heading up to where you are.”
“Roger that.”
Jason and Jane left the floor and headed up to the twenty-fifth door.
“So,” Jane was saying, “What’s the plan now?”
“Just try to figure out how we’re going to clear out an entire building of the Hybrids. I was thinking we use automatic firing rate.”
“Terminate as many as we can quickly.” Jane said.
David and Orson met up with them. Jason switched back to his x-ray vision and looked through the walls. There was a large group of skeletons all huddled around this one skeleton. He pointed at the wall.
“There’s a large group of Hybrids behind this wall. Tune up your guns to 9.0 and switch your firing rate to automatic.”
Everyone acknowledged and adjusted their rifles and aimed at the wall. Jason backed up to them and aimed.
“David and I will start from the far left while the both of you will start from the right.” Jason ordered. It was a military tactic called firewall.
“Three, two, one, fire.” Everyone pulled the trigger and started firing laser shots at a fast rate. Jason and David started at one side of the wall and slowly moved their way rightwards. Slowly, the large group of skeletons was falling to the ground. When everyone’s shots met, they stopped and all of the skeletons were on the ground and were green. Jason gave the clear signal and they moved up to the next floor.
Behind the wall, Jason saw that there were a large number of skeletons perched at the windows firing their guns at Bravo 3.
On the internal radio Jason gave orders, “Jane and Orson, go up to the next floor and clear it out. David, with me.”
Jane and Orson went up the stairs to the next floor.Jason signaled to David to use their pulse grenades. David pulled out a pulse grenade, getting ready to toss it in.Jason grabbed one too. Then he opened the door slowly and just enough to throw the grenades in. David pulled the pin and tossed his grenade to the left of the room while Jason threw his to the right. He closed the door and held it shut then they heard the pulse grenades explode.
Then he opened the door swiftly and they both went in with their x-ray visions still active shooting any humanoid perched at the windows using their fifty millimeter rifles to shoot at the army below. Jason shot five while David shot seven. In the next room, Jason saw a group of skeletons aiming their rifles at him. He quickly rolled to the side and the automatic guns went off. He only sustained two hits to his back shoulders.
Jason returned his vision to normal and aimed around the corner and shot the humanoid shooters in the heads. Then a humanoid whacked him with the stock of a deer rifle, but Jason shot his leg and then stabbed him in the head with his knife. He shot another humanoid in the head and another in the chest and then sheathed his knife.
All of a sudden, a smoke bomb exploded and filled the room with smoke. Jason tried to switch his vision to x-ray but then a large humanoid came out of the smoke, grabbed his neck, and held him up in the air. The humanoids hands were crushing Jason’s neck and a warning signal was flashing in his eyes.
Just then David shot the large humanoid in the neck and dropped Jason. He kneeled to the ground gasping for air.In his eyes, a breathing capacity bar was at 72% and was increasing at a fast rate.After five seconds, his breathing capacity was back to 100%. David helped him up back on his feet. His vision was blurry for a few seconds and then subsided back to normal.
“All clear.” David said.
“Good.Come on let’s get to the twenty-eighth floor.” Jason coughed.
They both left the floor room and moved up two floors to the twenty-eighth floor. Jason switched to his x-ray vision and saw there were more skeletons at the window than the other floor.
He signaled for another grenade throw and David pulled out his grenade ready to throw. Jason readied his grenade with only one more remaining on his utility belt. Jason slowly opened the door only enough to throw.David pulled the pin and threw his pulse grenade, and then Jason threw his. He slammed the door shut and held it as the force of the pulse grenade tried to blow it open.
Jason threw open the door and David headed in first. Jason shot two humanoid snipers and they fell out of the window. Then Jason turned and shot another humanoid just as he was about to stab him with a knife. David ran in the other direction shooting the remaining snipers in the windows.
Then Jason was being shot in the back by a 9 millimeter pistol. He turned and shot it out of his hand and shot his head. His body armor percentage went down to 34%. He quickly shot the other humanoids running at him with AK-47s. One of the humanoids tackled him to the ground and pulled out a long knife. He raised it up in the air but then a laser shot came burning through the walls and killed the humanoid. Jason stood up and with his x-ray vision he saw two blue skeletons on the stairs just going up. His vision returned to normal.
Jason aimed his gun and killed three more charging at him. He turned around at the corner of his eye he saw a humanoid was about to shoot his fifty millimeter. He rolled to the side avoiding the blast and he shot the humanoid in the head. Just as he was standing up, a humanoid wrapped his arm around Jason’s neck and was beginning to drag him off. Jason quickly grabbed his knife and stabbed the humanoids arm where one of the arteries was. He let go of Jason and bled to death.
Jason saw David get tackled to the ground and was about to be stabbed. He quickly shot the knife out of the humanoid’s hand and then shot his head. Jason quickly ran to David’s aid and helped him up.Just then, Jason felt a blast hit in his back by shotgun bb. David aimed over Jason and fired, killing the humanoid.Jason’s damage level was down to 27%.
Jason switched his firing rate to automatic and fired at groups of humanoids or oncoming humanoids. David turned and shot other humanoids charging or hiding behind walls. Jason shot the last humanoid through the walls. Then he hand signaled to David to sweep out the floor for any remaining humanoids. They both went in different directions carefully inspecting each room for any humanoids hiding.
Opening a door carefully, Jason aimed his rifle inside the room.One humanoid punched his visor, nearly shattering it. Jason’s vision was impaired.Quickly, Jason brought up his x-ray vision seeing the skeleton of the humanoid clearly and shooting him in the head. He looked around and saw a blue skeleton shooting two red skeletons. They were the last two humanoids.
“This is Jason; floor twenty-eighth is cleared.”
He heard static on Jane’s end. He waited until Jane’s voice spoke, “Jason, we’re pinned down on the twenty-ninth floor. There’s too many of them. We need backup.”
“Roger Jane, standby for backup. David I need you to weld together my visor.”
David went to Jason pulling out his small welder.
“Dang, that’s some face you got there.” David said sarcastically.
“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.”
“Sorry sir. Just couldn’t hold in the humor.”
“Just hurry.” Jason said impatiently.
David started the small fire on the welder and began burning the cracks together. When David was done, Jason’s visor was good as ever. David put his welder back on his utility belt and followed Jason out of the room and up the stairs. Jason looked through the door and saw two blue skeletons hiding behind a wall shooting out of the door way at the group of red skeletons.
“David, we’re going to use the tactic, crossfire.Jane did you hear that?”
“Affirmative sir.” Jane acknowledged.
“Alright David, I’ll start from the left and you, from the right.”
“Acknowledged.” David said.They both pointed in the different directions.
“Three, two, one, fire.”
At a rapid rate, David’s and Jason’s shots were melting through the walls and they moved closer to each other while Jane and Orson were shooting through the walls in the other direction. At a fast pace, one by two, the red skeletons were fall to the ground turning green. After fifteen seconds, all of the skeletons were dead and were green. Jason kicked the door opened and inspected the floor. Only three skeletons remained. He aimed and shot through the walls killing the three and there were no more humanoids remaining on the floor.
Jane and Orson came from the room they were hiding in to meet Jason and David. Jason scanned Jane.
“You’re damage percentage is down to 41%, and you’ve suffered an injury on your right forearm.”
“I got shot in the arm,” Jane said, “But then Orson got it out.”
“Orson’s damage level,” David was saying, “is down to 70% and has pulled a muscle on his neck.”
“I got hit in the head.” Orson said.
“Jason, come in.” Alpha 4 captain said.
“Jason here.” He responded.
“Bensen has cleared out the entire complex on his side. What’s going on with you?”
“We’re just about done here, just hang tight.”
“We’re counting on you to get that building. We’ve already had a casualty.”
“Affirmative sir, Jason out. Okay team, we’ll all have to clear out the last remaining floor and the roof.”
Everyone acknowledged. They left the floor room and continued up the stairs to the last floor. Jason ordered everyone to use their grenades. They all pulled out their grenades and Jason pulled out his last grenade, opened the door slightly, everyone pulled the pins and tossed the grenades inside. Everyone held the door shut as the explosion force almost blew them away.
Then Jason kicked the door open and everyone went inside, shooting any Hybrid in sight. The explosions of the grenades nearly leveled the room almost killing every humanoid. Jason shot and killed five, Jane killed three, Orson killed six, and David killed four. Jason killed a humanoid just as she was about to shoot Orson. David smacked the butt of his gun on the head of another humanoid. Jane shot through a humanoid killing another behind him.
With his x-ray vision on, Jason killed five red skeletons through the walls. He looked around and saw only the three blue skeletons.
“This floor is secure. Move on to the roof.” Jason said. Everyone left the floor room and continued up to the end of the stairway. On the other side, Jason could hear gunshots and RPG’s sounding off. He put his hand on the doorknob, everyone aimed their guns at the door and Jason opened the door. They started coming out on the roof shooting the snipers. The humanoids turned their guns to them and started firing.Jason killed an RPG shooter and a fifty millimeter sniper. Jane shot another RPG shooter and as he fell to the ground the missile shot in the air.
David shot two more and kicked a humanoid off the roof. Jason killed the last humanoid on the roof.
“This is Jason.The marked building is now clear of Hybrids.” Jason said. David and Orson punched each other’s fists.
“Great job Jason and company.” Alpha 4 captain said, “Now hold that building until we…” There was a pause and some muttering, “Jason, Bensen!Get out of there! The bomb squad detected explosives within the building! You don’t have any time to disarm them all. You’ve got exactly two minutes until the complexes explode!”
“Roger Alpha 4. Team, you all heard that. Get out of here as quickly as you can!”
Jane ran for the door and held it opened for the team. They Orson and David went in first while Jane went in after Jason. They rushed down the stairs as quickly as they could, but then five humanoids come up the stairs with Uzis in hands. David and Orson shot three but one was already shooting, hitting David rapidly.Jason shot the shooter and killed the other one just as he was about to fire.
In Jason’s mind he kept saying to himself, I knew it was an ambush. But he shook it off and they kept on rushing down the stairs. Jason brought up the timer and they had a minute and thirty seconds left. They kept on hustling down the stairs and met up with three more humanoids. David and Orson didn’t hesitate and fired at them. Down at the fifteenth floor Jason took a shot at an oncoming humanoid.Fifty-three seconds.
David and Orson shot at the oncoming humanoids without stopping and taking hits on the way. They finally reached the lobby room with thirty-four seconds left. Five humanoids were at the exit and they fired their AK-47’s. Jason aimed and killed two, David killed one, and Orson killed two. They barged out the doors and ran left back to Center Street. Humanoids that were on the street spotted them and aimed, but they were quickly killed by David and Orson.
Every floor exploded in flame and the building collapsed, creating smoke and sending it through the streets. Everyone took cover in an alley and the smoke rushed past them. The rumbling noise finally ceased after ten seconds. Everyone did a quick scan of each other. Orson damage level was down to 54%, David was down to 71%, Jane was down to 38%, and Jason was down to 15%.
The smoke finally subsided after two minutes when Jason was receiving a transmission from Alpha 4.
“Jason, are you there?” the captain said.
“Affirmative captain. My team and I are all alive.” Jason said breathing fast.
“That’s good, what about you Bensen?” there was no response, “Bensen?”
“…are alright captain.Matt suffered a broken leg, but he’s alive.”
“Thank goodness. Both of you get your team back to home base and get fixed up right away.”
“Acknowledged captain.”
Jason looked at his other teammates.Jane gave him a thumbs up, David nodded, and Orson waved his hand.
“Affirmative captain, we’re on our way back.”

Submitted: July 23, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Ethyn. All rights reserved.


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Maple Bowen

WOW! That was very facinating. You have a very creative mind that brings your stories to life. I am very intrested to see what you happen to create next! Good work, and can't wait to see more posted! =)

Fri, July 25th, 2008 4:47am


Great! Thanks! I will keep working on it. It's good to know that I have someone who appreciates my work. Just wait till objective two comes out.

Sat, July 26th, 2008 7:50pm


Thank you for the advice. I hope you keep posting.

I'd like to warn you about the history in the beginning. It's a little choppy; it needs to be proof-read a little more for grammar. I also noticed that you favor some words more than others. That can make your novel sound almost repetitive and affect the tone you want to achieve.

I like your novel thus far, its very intriguing and you make it sound like the reader's inside Jason's HUD.(And I hope I didn't sound too critical, I tend to step on people's toes when I give advice.)

Please comment on the 2 new posts for Life Death and Honor.


Sun, August 24th, 2008 9:26am


Well, I like it if you would specify on what you mean so I can edit it. Good advice though, thanks.

Thu, August 28th, 2008 2:46pm


It needs some proofreading and I would have liked more detail. Also, you have mislabeled some terms (i.e., hybrids are a mix of different species of organisms, not genetically enhanced beings, and evolution is natural, not artificial, ext.). Other than that, though, it was excellent.

Mon, September 1st, 2008 4:52am


Wow. great beginning. Even though its a small detail, i like the fact taht martial law was imposed in the whole of the US; it shows the gravity of the situation. Excellent read!

Mon, September 1st, 2008 5:01am


Nice, can't wait for the next part if there is gonna be one

Tue, September 29th, 2009 11:12pm

fantasy writen

Omg! Good job. Very creative and filled with detail. The whole thing was interesting and had an intensity level of 100! I hope you keep adding on chapters because if you don't ill kill you. Lol jk, but really you have some nice work here. Outstanding.

Sun, January 31st, 2010 9:10pm



Mon, February 8th, 2010 6:33pm

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