Chapter 2: The second Objective

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Research note: The development of laser weapons was developed in 2039.The idea of having laser weapons sounded too absurd to the public.This reason was because enemies could see the allies’ weapon fire.However, this development also meant that the frequencies can change to a high frequency to melt through walls, concrete, even the thickest of materials.Also, the development of pulse cannon has the basis of the laser weapons only its power is focused through heavy fire power, the same with pulse grenades.The pulse cannon have the fire power of a tomahawk missile.This same fire power is added to the air marines fighter jets.
Jason shifted in his chair.
“Stop moving.I trying to get it off of you.” A medical specialist named Sarah said.She was welding back together the thick metal of Jason’s armor.
“I can’t help myself if I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes.” Jason shrugged.
“I would’ve been done a long time ago, but you keep on moving, making my job harder.”
“Sorry, I’m just not used to sitting in one place for a good amount of time.”
“Well, it’s about time you started, huh?”
Jason shrugged, “Yeah, I guess I could.”
“You ought to; otherwise I might burn you if you don’t hold still.”
“Alright, alright, fine.”
Sarah started the welder and fused together some cracks and holes.After two more minutes, the body armor was welded back together.
“Now I’ll need to see your helmet.” Sarah said.Jason removed the helmet over his head and handed it to Sarah.He smelt the moisture in the air and the smoke along with it.On his helmet his could see that there were some bb welts in the helmet and was scratched on the back.Sarah used the welder and smoothed out the dents and scratches and handed it back to Jason.
“There you go, ready for combat.”
“Thanks.” Jason took the helmet and slipped it over his head.
“Jane, Orson, David, are you all green?”
“Affirmative sir.” David responded.
“I’m good to go.” Orson said.
“I’m just waiting for my helmet and I’ll be ready.” Jane answered.
“Good.As soon as Jane is all set, we’re going to get back at the front lines and help out Bravo 3.Now that the towers is down, we’ll be able to take the state with a little easier.”
“I wouldn’t bet on that Jason.” Alpha 4 captain said, “I just got word that Delta 8 is under fire and has severe injury reports at coordinates 407.08 West , 109.01 North.Your team’s going to aid them and get them to Charlie 9’s ground base.Time is now the essence Jason, hustle!”
“Roger captain.Alright team, you heard him.Get prepped up fast and head down to Delta 8’s position.”
Everyone acknowledged.Jason picked up four pulse grenades and strapped them to his utility belt and then picked up his rifle.He ran out of the barrack and turned heading north west to Delta 8’s position.Jane, Orson, and David all joined him.
Nearly at a hundred yards, five other MechSoldiers were hunkered behind a truck all firing at humanoids that were shooting at them.Jason aimed and shot a humanoid, Jane killed two, David killed one, and Orson killed one also.The other soldiers killed several more.
“You’re going to have to take a different route Jason,” said one of the soldiers, “There gonna keep coming.”
“Roger that Rick.Rerouting our course.” In Jason’s eyes, a map of the area appeared.The location of Delta 8’s position was marked by a blue dot.Quickly planning his route he finally made up his mind.
“Alright team, move to 1900 west and proceed on.Our time is running short, move it.”
Everyone acknowledged and ran for the street.Jason spotted three humanoids on the roof, aimed and killed the three snipers.Jane killed two that were spotted on the street.Orson killed two snipers in the high towers.Five humanoids sprang from the sewer hole and fired their Uzis.Jane took ten shots, Jason killed two, David killed one and Orson killed two.Jason didn’t bother checking Jane and kept running.Jason felt his head get hit by a forty ought five and David shot the sniper.
A hundred yards later, a large group of humanoids, maybe at least forty-one, came running out on the street and began shooting at the four.They ducked for cover behind tossed trucks and began firing back.Orson readied his PC-12 and aimed.For a brief moment there was no sound and then came the blast of the cannon and the explosion of the area.There were still fourteen left.Jason aimed around the truck and shot killing three.Jane took another hit at her head but she managed to kill two.David aimed over the truck and killed two.More humanoids came running up to aid the other humanoids shooting rapidly at the four.
Jason aimed and killed two others then sustaining a shot at the top of his helmet.Just as he was about aim again, a grenade landed next to Jason.He quickly grabbed the grenade and tossed it back to the other side hearing an explosion.Orson fired the PC-12 again and again there was no sound for a brief moment and then an explosion.He had killed six.David tossed a pulse grenade, it exploded and killed three.
Jane shot and killed four but sustained two shots on her head.David killed two others but sustained a shot through his left fore arm.Jason peeked over and saw a humanoid aiming an RPG at them, so he quickly shot the gun and then the humanoid.He quickly ducked back behind the truck avoiding a shotgun blast.Orson fired another blast from his PC-12 and killing five others.
Jason switched his firing rate to automatic and fired rapidly at the humanoid army killing ten.Jane and David did the same thing and killed eight to ten each.Jason did it again and killed another ten but then got hit multiple times around his chest.Jane killed nine but sustained a shotgun blast.David killed eleven but sustained multiple shots on his shoulder and left arm.Orson blasted another shot killing seven.Jason killed the last three.
The street was now littered with dead corpses.Jason and his team stood up, “What’s our damage report?”
“I’ve gotten hit mainly around my left shoulder down to my forearm.Body armor percentage is to 91%.” David said.
“I’ve been shot in my chest and partially my right shoulder.Body armor percent: 84%.” Jane said.
“I’ve sustained no damage, except for some of the recoils my cannon has been given me.Body armor percentage: 99%
“As for me, I’ve been hit around my fore head and head.Helmet damage is down to: 62%.My armor has been hit nine millimeter bullets and has brought my Body armor down to 89%.That was a big fight, but Delta 8 may already be neutralized by now.We’ve got to hurry down there and aid them quickly.
They all responded with a ‘yes sir.’
Walking over the dead bodies, they proceeded down the street killing the oncoming humanoids that were out to kill them.Jason had killed three snipers in the high buildings and two on the street.David shot down a sniper on the roof of a building.Orson killed three on the street, but at the same, received two hits.Jane killed for humanoids running down the street with KGB’s.
Jason looked up in one of the buildings and saw an RPG sniper in one of the windows.He aimed but it was too late.The shooter fired the RPG and the missile was heading toward them.
“Watch out!” Jason yelled, but it was a second too late.The missile impacted on the street and exploded sending the team to fly toward the ground.Smoke was all around Jason as he slowly stood up.Switching to his x-ray vision and increasing the laser frequency to 8.0, he shot the shooter that was hiding behind the window and then switched everything to default.
“Is everyone alright?” Jason yelled.
Jane groaned, “Just fine.I’m alive.”
“Same here.” Orson said.
Jason looked behind him and then saw that David was lying on the asphalt with his leg nearly blown off.Blood was spewing all over the street and David was yelling in agony.
“Man injured!” Jason yelled and ran to David.His right calf had been blown apart with the bones, flesh, and wires showing.Jane and Orson went to aid David.
“Alpha 4, we have a severe wound on David left calf.The injury was from an RPG missile and it could be fatal.We are requesting back up and immediate medical attention.Transmitting our location now.”
“Roger that Jason,” Alpha 4 captain said, “Sending immediate back up now.”
Then Jason got a hit in his back by a forty ought five bullet.He turned and fired at the humanoid and then killing five others but receiving six hits.
A minute later, troops came rushing down the street and guarded around David.Two medical troops carrying a stretcher hoisted David up on the stretcher and carried him back toward main base.
“We’ll hold this position.” One of the troops said.Jason acknowledged and led Orson and Jane up the street without David.
“The Hybrids are going to regret ever blowing David’s leg off.Every single one of them.” Orson said.
“They will Orson, but keep your head in the game.Just because they nearly killed one of ours, doesn’t mean we have to angry about it.Stay focused.” Jason said.
“Focused sir.” He responded.
Jason synchronized communications with air patrol, “Air patrol, this is Jason.How’s Delta 8 holding?”
“Standby,” he waited for at least fifteen seconds, “Delta 8 is pinned down at 401.1 West, 111.3 North.Multiple Hybrids detected, but we are unable for air support due to an enclosed area.”
“Enclosed?What do you mean?”
“They’re inside the Tri-city mall.The Hybrids are pushing them inside.”
“Affirmative.Try to clear out as many Hybrids that are in my path.I’m located at…” Jason checked his arm with the small thin screen, “371.2 West, 74.5 North.Sending course route now.” In Jason’s eyes, the map of the route he chose appeared with a bar that was being filled up with blue was full.
“Course received.Standby for air support if needed.”
“Roger that.Jason out.”
Myles who was flying the F-35 Viper steered his craft to the designation that Gold captain had given him.In his eyes he the blue beacon flashed in the area Jason was in.He checked his altitude: 110 feet.He looked over his shoulder and flipped three switches above him.In his eyes he saw the Pulse Cannons were being charged to minimum: Frequency 12.8.
To the left of Myles’s cockpit was a map of the area.He flew until there were red lines going west then north and west again.
He performed a U-turn and flew over the route.Switching to x-ray vision he saw multiple red skeletons in every building and on the street.Turning on the targeting computer he aimed the cannons down at the red skeletons on the street and he began firing the Pulse Cannons.Blue beams were being shot from the Cannons and exploding on the street.
Myles continued firing on the street and following the route that Jason sent killing as many humanoids as possible.He finally reached a point where he couldn’t fire anymore due the circumstance of friendly fire on Delta 8.
“Jason this is air patrol,” Myles was saying, “You’re route has been leveled.”
Jason signaled to his team to follow.Everyone ran down the destroyed street shooting at the humanoids in the windows.Jason spotted another RPG shooter and killed him, Orson shot and killed three snipers, while Jane killed two.Jason followed the destroyed street and turned left to 2000 north and hurried down the path.Just then, a humanoid tackled Jason and began wrestling with him.The humanoid began beating Jason with a pipe blurring up his vision.Jane took aim and shot the humanoid in the back.
He dropped dead and Jason pushed him off.He picked up his rifle and they continued on down the road.Jason shot two that were on the street, Jane shot and killed three in the windows, and Orson killed one in an alley.
They ran to the next street and they had sight of the Tri-city mall with thirty or more humanoids running inside.Jason switched his firing rate to auto and began shooting rapidly at the humanoids.They turned and returned fire.Jason and Jane took cover behind a car, while Orson took cover in an alley.
Jason aimed over the car, shot rapidly, and killed five.Orson aimed his PC-12 and fired.There was no sound for a moment but then an explosion came after the blue beam.He killed nine.Jane shot over the car killed four, but then she got hit in the shoulder.Jason pulled out a pulse grenade, pulled the pin, and tossed it over the car.Three seconds later, the grenade exploded and it killed four, injuring two.Jane switched her firing rate to rapid and began firing again.She killed five, but then she got hit in the right forearm.Orson shot the PC-12 again and killed eight.But no matter how many they killed, more kept coming.
“It’s like we’re fighting the entire city even though many were killed.” Jason said to himself.He aimed over and fired, killing four, but got hit in the mid-section.He switched his frequency to 8.6 and he began firing again.The laser shots were burning through the humanoids and killing the ones behind them, killing eleven.Jane did the same thing and she killed seven.Orson fired again and killed eight.There were four more humanoids remaining, so Jason killed the three.
Standing up cautiously, Jason slowly moved to the mall, keeping his gun up and aiming.Just then five humanoids ran out from a nearby building and starting shooting at Jason.He aimed and killed two, but he got hit in the right upper chest, abdomen, and his left shoulder.Jane shot the other three in their heads.She ran to Jason, but then a fifty millimeter bullet pierces her right shoulder and she fell to the ground.Orson grabbed his rifle and shot the far off sniper, tacking the bullet trace.
Jason and Orson ran to Jane.She was still alive, but there was blood spilling from out of her shoulder where the bullet impacted.
“Got…careless.” Jane groaned.
“We all got careless.” Jason said.He grabbed her injured arm and hoisted her up.Jason took her rifle threw the sash over his shoulder it.Jane drew her pistol from her holster.The pistol had a large square barrel, much like the assault rifles, but it had a meter on the side.The pistol cannot switch frequencies and it can over heat if shot rapidly.This is standard procedure where if one arm is injured, then the other will just have to use a pistol.
Orson did his best to patch up Jane’s injury and preventing more blood loss.After Orson had done that, Jason led his team inside the Tri-city mall.At the entrance, five other soldiers were hunkered behind fallen pillars.Jason’s IFF identified each of the soldiers.
“Are you Delta 8?” Jason asked.
“What’s left of it.” A man, identified as John, said.
“We’ve lost seventeen and three injured.We got ambushed as soon as we landed.”
“Right.Our objective is to get you safely to Charlie 9 ground base.From what my GPS is telling me, it’s about seven hundred twelve meters away.”
“And can you guarantee that we won’t be harmed?”
“No, I can’t.We’ll have whoever can carry another soldier on their backs carry the injured while the rest of us will have to cover.
John turned to the other soldiers, “You three can carry them.We got your backs.”The three soldiers identified as Matthew, Kadden, and Brad jumped over the pillars and ran inside the clothes department.
“So what are the injuries?” Jason asked.
“A broken leg, a severe bullet shot from a fifty millimeter, and glass shards from a visor in eyes.”
“I think we shouldn’t carry the glass shards one.We ought to just guide him through the street.”
“I figured we might.I was more worried about carrying him than you were.”
Kadden came back with a man with a cast around his leg, Brad came back with a man who’s hip was severely shot, and Matthew came back guiding a man without his helmet and his eyes was carefully bandaged.The three injured men were identified as Henry who had the severed hip, Burt who had the broken leg, and Michal who had glass in his eyes and was bandaged carefully.
“Are we all ready?” John asked. They all acknowledged.
“Alright,” Jason was saying, “I’m going to have two people leading and two behind incase of rear attacks.Orson and I are at front, John and Evan will take the rear.I want to get to Charlie 9’s ground base as quick as we can, but not so quick that it’ll hurt you guys.Understood?”
“Understood.” Everyone said.
“Alright then, let’s move out.”
Jason and Orson led Delta 8 out of the mall.Jane went with the injured, John and Evan kept watch in the back.
In Jason’s eyes, the beacon of where Charlie 9 ground base is located appeared with the remaining distance next to it.Then he switched his vision to motion sensors and his vision faded blue and he saw white waves going away from him along with other waves that Jason’s team and Delta 8’s squadron were emitting.Just above Jason, he saw red waves coming toward him from the windows of a building.Jason aimed his rifle at where the red waves were coming from and fired.The red waves stopped coming after the shot.
Then he heard laser blasts from the rear.He turned and saw that John and Evan shot some humanoids coming from behind.Jane went there to aid them in their repulse.Jason turned his head back at the front and saw red waves coming toward him from the southern direction.He aimed and waited for view of the humanoids.Orson did the same but he began firing at them.Jason activated his internal targeting computer and waited for targets to appear.The motion detection vision makes his vision range shorten so he can only see twenty-five feet in front of him.
As he waited, bullets were zipping past him and Orson.Finally, after seven seconds, eight seven small green targets appeared.Jason aimed his rifle, being able to see a line of where the gun was pointing and aimed it inside the targets and fired.He shot five targets and they vanished.Orson killed the last three.As they proceeded, more small green targets appeared.Jason shot them and six small targets disappeared.Then a bullet hit his knee.Jason scanned quickly.He saw a red line going away from his knee and then a target appeared.Jason shot the target, but it didn’t disappear.Orson shot the target and it disappeared.
“Jason that Hybrid was hiding behind rubble.Didn’t you see that?” Orson said.
“No I didn’t.” Jason said, “My vision is currently in motion sensor.”
“Oh, I see.”
Then Jason saw red waves coming from the right of him and then four small green targets appeared.He aimed and shot three targets and they disappeared.The other one turned yellow, indicating that the humanoid was injured.He fired again and this time he hit the target and it disappeared.Checking the remaining distance, they were now 68.7 meters away.Then he saw red waves come from behind him.He turned and saw a humanoid in a building taking aim at the squadron.Jason was about to take aim, but then a small laser beam burned through his head.He looked down and saw that Jane had shot the humanoid with her pistol.
Then he saw red waves behind him.He turned and saw a humanoid charging at them with a samurai sword.Orson quickly killed the charging humanoid.Then Jason saw multiple red waves coming towards them and quickly there were about fifteen targets.
Jason turned off his motion sensor vision and indeed there were about fifteen humanoids.Four humanoids were armed with RPG’s, six of them had P-90’s, and five had M-16’s.
Jason and Orson took aim a prepared to fire. Just as Jason was about to pull the trigger, a large laser beam crashed into the streets and exploded that looked liked half a blue sphere.After the explosion subsided, the fifteen humanoids were gone.
Jason looked up and saw an F-35 Viper zoom over the buildings.
“Hey Jason.” Said a familiar voice, “This is air patrol, otherwise known as Kyle Christensen.Charlie 9 ground base is just ahead of you.”
“Thanks Kyle, but don’t expect me to repay you for saving our skins.” Jason said sarcastically.
“Don’t bother.This is war, remember?There are no return favors in war.”
“Copy that.Jason out.” As soon as Jason cut off communications there was another explosion behind them.He turned and saw just barely the blue explosion disappearing.He signaled to the squadron and they all were now running to their destination.Within view he saw groups of men and a large 2043 tank standing guard or shooting at the humanoids.As they came within fifty of the ground base, some of the soldiers slung their rifles around them and came to relieve the soldiers carrying Henry and Burt on their backs and another guiding Brad into the ground base.
Jason, his team, John, and Evan came following the soldiers into the base.The led them inside the barracks and taking them to the medical room, carefully laying Burt and Henry on the beds, while Brad sat on the couch.As the three soldiers were leaving, they patted Jason’s shoulder and went back outside.The medical experts came to the injured and begun tending to them.Jason and his team left the medical room while John and Evan stayed inside.
Jason leaned on the wall and slid down to the floor sighing.He removed his helmet feeling air cool his sweat.Orson and Jane removed their helmets.Orson was white, had shaved brown hair and small side burns.Jane had short red hair and had green eyes.
“Tired already?” Orson asked.
Jason nodded, “We’ve only been here for at least two hours.I know I shouldn’t be exhausted now, but I am.I might as well enjoy the short minutes of rest.”
Jane nodded, “Most of us are exhausted, but that’s only because we weren’t trained for so long.We’ve only been trained for about a week and here we are, at the front lines.”
“Only because reinforcements were needed.” Orson said.
John came out of the medical room and came to Jason and removed his helmet.John had brown curly hair with a bushy mustache.
“I have to thank you for what you’ve done for us.Well, the rest of us, that is.”
Jason nodded, “It only because we had orders to do so.”
John shrugged, “I don’t care.If you and your team hadn’t come to rescue us, we’d probably be dead right now.”
“Yeah I guess.” Jason held out his hand and Jane pulled him up to his feet.
“I thought we weren’t going to make it out alive, but I guess we did.” John said, “If you need anything, let me know later after the war is over.”
Orson chuckled, “That’s if we’re alive to see the war end.”
“Yeah maybe.” Jason said and put back on his helmet, “I just hope the war will end.”
Everyone put back on their helmets.Just then they received a static transmission from a Charlie 9 soldier, “This is Vincent.Can anyone hear m………I don’t know how long I can hold them………They’re coming for Charlie 9 groun………. Does anyone hear me?This is…AAAAHHHHGGGG!”In the background they heard a growling noise and then more static.
Then there were yelling outside the barracks and laser blasts.Just then, the door was slammed opened and a creature jumped inside.The creatures head had yellow orange skin that looked like a lot of armor plates, it had long claws dripping with blood, teeth also dripping blood, and it had glowing red eyes.
The creature growled and readied itself to attack.Everyone put on their helmets and Jason was already aiming at the creature, changing his laser frequency to 8.7.
“I hate dogs.” Jason said.

Submitted: August 21, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Ethyn. All rights reserved.


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Maple Bowen

HAHAHA, I really liked this chapter. I like how it ended with Jason saying; "I hate dogs" while he aimed at the creature, that added a humorous touch to it. Very well done Ethyn, glad that you posted another chapter! Can't wait to read the next one! =)

Thu, August 21st, 2008 10:00pm


Thanks. I'm trying to get to work on the thrid Chapter. Just wait for the third objective.

Thu, August 21st, 2008 3:03pm

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