Chapter 3: A tragic end

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Research note: The Mechsoldierss augmentations are crucial to them only because they help them for any situation.There is a primary unit within the brain, which can work like any other computer, and it expands through out the entire body, giving the Mechsoldier 100% update on any injuries as well as diseases and hazardous chemicals.
In the retinal, a special augmentation is placed there.If the brain wanted to see something, for example, inferred vision, the brain would think it and then the retinal augmentation would automatically preview it for the brain.Because eyes see things upside down, the retinal augmentation adjusts to the eyes.If the brain wanted to know of a topic, for example, tracing a bullet path instantly, the retinal augmentation quickly scans the bullet angle and the brain calculates the trajectory of the bullet to instantly track the bullet path and immediately find the sniper and kill him by using the augmentation zoom to get a better view of the shooter.
An internal transmission works similarly with any ordinary radio.The brain wants to send out messages to other Mechsoldiers silently, the brain will send a message to the primary unit to send the message to any Mechsoldier if he is trying to stay quiet.
If a single Mechsoldier is captured and held hostage, an internal self-destruct will be initiated to prevent enemies from learning how to counter the Mechsoldier army.
The dog leapt for Jason and he shot it in mid air.The dog fell to the ground in front of Jason’s feet.
“The Hybrids must’ve genetically enhanced the canines.” Orson said, slipping on his helmet.
“I’d hate to see what a Hybrid cat can do.” John said putting back on his helmet.
“I don’t want to find out.” Jane said already having her helmet on.
Then two dogs came inside, looking up at them and growling.Orson picked up his rifle and shot one, but the moment he did, he killed one but the other charged at them jumping up at Jason’s face.He guarded his face with his arm, trying to keep the dog from biting his visor.John smacked the butt of his rifle on the dog, smashing its skull.
Before Jason could thank John, humanoids began coming inside with 20 gauge shotguns and Uzi’s.Orson shot and killed three, but then one of the humanoids held up a shotgun with one arm and blasted a shot at Orson.His visor shatter and he fell back dead.Blood covered his face and was making a pool.
Sabot rounds! Jason yelled in his mind after scanning the blast.He grabbed Jane’s arm before she could crouch down to Orson’s body and ran down the hall to the left with John behind them.John got hit from five rounds of an Uzi.They couldn’t run very far.They meet a dead end quickly.
They turned to the oncoming humanoids, aiming their rifles.Jason quickly adjusted his laser frequency to 8.8 and his firing rate to automatic.Jane readied a pulse grenade, tightening her grip on it.John aimed his rifle and swung it at every humanoid that was coming close.Jason calculated that their chances of getting through this alive were slim, very slim.
Jason pulled the trigger shooting twenty beams a second.Jane pulled the safety pin and threw it at the humanoids exploding as it touched the ground.John fired single beams, killing one at a time.One Humanoid fired his KGB at John.The rounds started puncturing his armor from his chest up to his visor, breaking through it and killing John.Jane’s pistol was of little effect and a blast of a shotgun round blew her helmet to pieces.Blood spilt everywhere.
Jason knew that his chances of getting out alive were now zero.In his vision, he saw a timer counting down in ten seconds.In less than two seconds he completed a message in text and downloaded it to Alpha 4 data storage about how weak the helmets are against sabot rounds.
Changing his laser frequency to an overload level of 13.9 and aimed.He got hit in his right shoulder, pulling the trigger. A large blast of laser shot from his rifle, killing numerous of humanoids, and his rifle exploded in his hands blowing up his entire right arm.The humanoids kept coming.In his visor, the timer struck zero.
Name: Jason Pratt
Age: 28
Position: Squadron leader 2477
Status: KIA
Time of death: 14:21
Location of death: Charlie 9 ground base (319.4 West 113.3 North)
Cause of death: Self destruct program initiate

Submitted: September 15, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Ethyn. All rights reserved.


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This was a very short chapter I've ever done. I apologize for the shortness but I am working hard on the next chapter.

Mon, September 15th, 2008 3:15am

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