Chapter 4: The Presidental Breifing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Research note: Navigation systems have improved dramatically in the past twenty years.Mechsoldiers can now pinpoint their exact position by a glance at their Global Positioning System on their arms and transmit those coordinates to any nearby Mechsoldier.
Each longitude and latitude lines on a map make up individual squares.Each square has at least 2,000 points divided up into four sections for accurate location.
Two weeks later Charleston, West Virginia is won by the Mechsoldiers or ‘New Americans’ but its death scale has escalated to fifty three dead.Data from Jason Pratt (deceased) has revealed that sabot rounds can penetrate the helmets of the Mechsoldier.Newer developments of stronger armor has been tested and then now in production three months later.This development is featured with boost packs capable of allowing the Mechsoldier to jump three times higher.Bullet, armor piercing and sabot resistant visors.The armor appears heavy but it is feels almost weightless.
London, United Nations.Temporary Congressional States building…
Diane Maxwell tapped her fingers on the brown painted desk.She was sixty five years old, but she will wait until the war over America is over.The dual doors opened and in came an agent followed by a man wearing a white robe and calculator glasses, designed to be calculator for a person with out the handheld device.
“Mrs. President,” The agent was saying, “Professor Lenning.”
“Thank you Devin,” Diane’s elderly voice said, “leave the room.”
The agent saluted and marched out the door.
“Mrs. President,” Lenning said in the British accent, “It is certainty an honor to greet you.”
“I know.” She said irritably, “I wanted to talk to you about the Hybrids.Now I’ve been told that you’ve been studying the psychology of them, is that correct?”
“It is.And why would you be interested in them?”
Dianne stood up from her chair, “I lived in Washington with my father.His name was George.”
“And what does that have to do with anything about the Hybrids?” Lenning asked.
“Allow me to explain.My father loved me so much that he wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt me.” Diane chuckled, “I remembered the time when my father scared away a boy who liked me.” She laughed, “Oh the splendid memories.When I was twenty-seven, cancer struck him.I prayed desperately for him not to die because I loved him from the deepest of my heart.When the ‘human evolution’ steroids were available to the public, I got him to get the enhancement in hopes that it’ll cure his cancer.His appearance changed, but his cancer was gone and he did more than he used to.
Diane sighed and shook her head, “But then he started to care less about me.Whenever I came over to his house he would be quick to anger and swear at me.In February, he tried to kill me.” She sat back down, “How does one who is so loving turn to a killer the next?”
“Obviously,” Lenning was saying, “The steroids must’ve over balanced the sympathetic nervous system so that anger is always the emotion.Anger is also a motive for murder.”
“But he seemed to try to kill me because some one told him to do it.He couldn’t hide it from me, but it’s as though someone told him to kill.”
“And you believe that a single Hybrid could manipulate all the other Hybrids?”
“I’m not sure of that.If that is so, then that Hybrid is a better leader than me.But by reading some of the Mechsoldier logs, they all say that there is no commanding unit among them.”
“There has to be.A population of individuals always has a leader guiding them.”
“So what you saying?That the Mechsoldiers are not seeing the leaders or lying?”
“Of course not.I’m saying that maybe there is a leader, it’s just not obvious.”
“So who’s yelling out the commands on the battle field?The Mechsoldiers say that the only thing that the Hybrids do is taunt and yell when charging.”
Lenning hesitated, “I don’t know.”
Diane nodded, “I thought you might say that.That’s why I ordered Juliet 9 to capture a Hybrid for you to study the brain wave patterns of the Hybrids.”
“Brain wave patterns?” Lenning repeated, “Why study them?”
Diane smiled, “Based from my knowledge, the steroids did not enhance the brain.The brain is still human.It’s just like steroids from the two thousands.A single dose of steroids enhance the body muscles and efficiency, but it does not alter the brain.It only triggers addiction, making the body think it needs more.The more the person takes steroids, the emotion begins changing.”
“What does that got to do with brain waves?” Lenning asked folding his arms.
“What I want you to look for is abnormal brain waves.It may tell us something.”
Lenning blinked, “Tell us what?”
“I don’t know.I’m hopping you’ll find out.”
“I’m not so certain that what you’re looking for will manifest itself.”
Diane rubbed her forehead and sighed, “Trust me on this Professor Lenning.”
Lenning thought he shouldn’t argue with an already stressed woman and do what she tells him to do.She was the president of the Temporary Congressional States after all.
“I’ll do what I can.” Lenning said nodding.
Diane sighed in relief, “Thank you.I have some one notify you once Juliet 9 captures a live Hybrid.”
“Live?” Lenning gulped.
“You have nothing to worry about.I’m certain that the Hybrid will be bounded.”
Professor Lenning turned to the door muttering under his breath, “For my sake it better be.” And he left the Diane alone in the room again.
Diane breathed in deeply.Now back to work on the bills, she thought.

Submitted: September 21, 2008

© Copyright 2021 Ethyn. All rights reserved.


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