Kingdom of Rosemount : Chapter 1

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I'm not quite sure how to describe this, but this is a story from an amateur writer. The story has some funny scenes you often or rarely see in the real world. It has a mixture of love,comedy,hate,etc. Though I may get my grammar wrong,I will try to live up to the readers expectations. This is a story that started over the throne of the modern kingdom of Rosemount. The eldest brother,Ambrose,was not chosen as the next king and instead,the second prince,was chosen by the previous king.These led to Ambrose's desire to ruin his brother's happiness.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kingdom of Rosemount : Chapter 1

Submitted: June 22, 2010

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Submitted: June 22, 2010



\"He is my younger brother! I am the rightful heir to the throne! Why?!\"he shouted at the gravestone. Ambrose rose up to his feet and gave the gravestone a hard kick. It was so unfair! He was the eldest out of the three and yet his younger brother,the stupid Adrienn,got it instead! What was the purpose of killing his father? He gritted his teeth and stomped his way to the royal stable. Why does his stupid little brother gets the best things and everything he wanted?He got the kingdom and now he is married to the girl Ambrose liked! Katherine,the child of their father's cousin. That girl is also snatched away from him just like everything else!She is now pregnant with Adrienn's children!He climbed on his horse and galloped away from the castle. He knew what he was going to do and he will not stop at anything to get back at his brother. Meanwhile,Adrienn looked at the reflection of himself on the mirror. Sighing,he took the crown off his head and placed it on its box. \"What's wrong?\" his wife,Katherine asked. He shooked his head in reply and lay on the bed. \"Are you worried about Ambrose?\"she poured him a cup of tea. \"I just hope that he won't do anything stupid.\"he sighed. He was really worried! He knew his brother's hatred for him has finally snapped and now he has disappeared without a trace! That could mean trouble for him.

2 years later

\"Please take care of her.\"Adrienn said as he handed a sleeping baby girl to a woman. \"Don't worry,your majesty.We'll treat her as our own.We won't let anyone know.\"the man beside the woman replied.

To be continued.......

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