The Akiyamas and the Kawasaki

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Thought of the story while writing Kingdom of Rosemount. This is almost familiar to Kingdom of Rosemount,except that this is in the 21st century.Another person with hatred in his heart.The Kawasaki arrives in Japan from France. The Kawasaki,known for their huge wealth, befriends the firstborn heir,Krystalyn Akiyama,and starts their new life with fun with new friends.However,as they starts their new school life,a mysterious girl resembling their deceased mother. Is she a relative of theirs? Can they find out who she is?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Akiyamas and the

Submitted: June 25, 2010

Reads: 124

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Submitted: June 25, 2010



\"Ouch.\"the girl was on the floor. Evangeline Kawasaki was just walking in front of a dressing store when a girl run against them and fell. \"Are you alright?\"she asked the girl. The girl stood up and bowed in apology. \"I'm sorry! I was...\"she looked at Evangeline as she dusted her skirt. The girl was probably the same age as her and they were both the same height. \"A tourist?\" the girl asked. Evangeline shook her head. The girl looked curiously at her and nod. \"You're probably half-Japanese.\"the girl looked like she was half-Japanese as well. \"I'm Evangeline Kawasaki.\"she introduced and held out her hand. \"Krystalyn Akiyama.A pleasure to meet another person like me.\"Krystalyn smiled as she shook hands with her. \"I'm sorry about colliding with you just now.\"Krystalyn apologised. Evangeline shook her head and smiled. Krystalyn looked at her watch and smacked her forehead. \"Oh no!\" she cried. \"I'm sorry but I have to go.It was nice meeting you!\"Krystalyn said as she ran. Evangeline looked at her watch and realised that it was already noon.Great,she would be in trouble. She lost track of time and now it was lunch. She was going to be late if she don't hurry up.

\"Kawasaki.I think I've heard that name before.\"Krystalyn thought to herself as she ran home. Today was a Sunday,which means that her father would be home for a while. She sighed as she entered the house,or more like mansion.And as usual,her butler was waiting for her. \"Miss,the chairman is waiting for you in the dining room.\"Charles,her butler,informed. \"My sister?\"she asked. \"She said that she would be late.\"he replied. She sighed as she walked to the dining room. Her sister would be late,again.

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