Birth of Heroes: Part 1

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Nifty little story I started for a project in 6th grade.
It has grown of course, and defintly more to come.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Birth of Heroes: Part 1

Submitted: April 09, 2007

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Submitted: April 09, 2007




Many millennia ago, back when the universe was new, there was a great battle between two species. The reptilian Sheltova against the super smart Xenox. These behemoths wreaked havoc and destruction on every world they encountered. Wave after wave of their great battleships cruised the galaxy, sometimes completely destroying both world and civilization in their wake.

During this great war, the Xenox scientists were doing horrible tests on two dying species. However, these hybrids never came out the way these scientists hoped. So, knowing the consequences; they sent one of there own nuclear missiles toward a small planet that would later become Earth. Although this explosion caused mass extinction of the giant creatures that inhabited the planet, their dreams came true. Some animals did survive the extinction though, and they evolved in such a way that the Xenox took many samples. With these new creatures added to their hybrids, they birthed a being that they believed to be a perfect species. The Xenox could now get back to the war, but never did. For reasons unknown, the great Xenox disappeared, along with the technology and plans they used for their creatures. The Sheltova too were mysteriously wiped out of existence. Forgotten. The hybrids however, still lived on.

Centuries later, after what was called The Great War the creatures known as the Katarii destroyed the planet Konkatill. The people who lived on the planet, the Kez, luckily knew of the oncoming danger and built their own planet, Jelz-Rak. The Kez later became an ally with the very powerful creatures named the Xanitaur. They then started to help fight back the rising tide of Katarii. The other allies of the Xanitaur were the Dracons, on their planet Draconis. This planet was known for it’s fierce reptiles, the Dragons. The Dracons found a hidden stairwell in a sacred place called The Halls of Fire, A huge cave. After vast exploration of it’s colossal chambers they found out that the Sheltova didn't disappear off the face of the world, they went under it; they where trapped, locked away, for centuries under this planet. The Dracons unknowingly awoke these mighty beasts. Because the Sheltova lacked the necessary technology, they caused chaos on the small, defenseless world. The alliance between the Xanitaur and the Dracons was failing. For decades the Xanitaur, Kez, and Dracons fought against the Katarii, and Sheltova.

Chapter I

Great, morning. Thought Kale as he got off the hard, cold, stone floor of the Waiting Floor. At least I think it's morning. He said to himself. As he looked around from his little corner of the Waiting Floor, More like a Waiting Hallway. He thought. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the other Xanitaur with him. They had gotten to know each other the night before.

“Yeah, I’m in the war too.” He had said earlier, “I fly and make ships.”

“That's pretty sweet.” I said, “ I’m a lieutenant.”

His name, he said later, was Azulin. They had talked more about the war, and a little about they’re up-coming children. After that they mostly stayed to themselves the rest of the night, until the Kez walked in. Kale could tell that he wasn't a fighter, but he had a sort of aura around him. Maybe it was just the way his legs, powerful even at birth, tensed or the way his whole body swayed like tall grass in a breeze. It was almost hypnotic in a way, and he found myself getting sleepier.

Kale, suddenly, heard a voice and I snapped out of his thoughts. He looked over and there the Kez was again, just as he had left him. Was he like that the whole night? He thought.

“ I said ‘excuse me sir’.” Came the voice again. Kale turned to his left, and popping through the now open door was a head. “They want you two to come inside now,” the head said.

“Well, lets go,” Kale told Azulin. “ Whew, finally.” He said back, groaning as he stood up. As he looked back at the Kez, he was also going into a room, and was that fear Kale saw on his face? Oh well. His problem. He stepped through the high arched door after Azulin.

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