Birth of Heroes: Part 2

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The continuation of a project I had to do in the 6th grade.
Many decades after Part 1, a city is under-attack. The inhabitants must decide how to face this threat, and many others. How can mere children discover the secrets of war and their own planet in order to overcome these foes?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Birth of Heroes: Part 2

Submitted: April 09, 2007

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Submitted: April 09, 2007



 The sun was high as the two Xanitaur raced across the plains. Their sleek ships shook the grass in great wakes like water. The ships themselves were small, and reflected the surroundings in their new paint. They actually resembled bugs, glossy, with two fins protruding from each side, almost touching the ground as the crafts hovered on air.

“Hah! You can never out-race me. Never have. Never will!” Came a gravely voice on the intercom.

“You think so, eh? You’ll see what these babies can do soon enough. Just watch me when we reach this canyon.” Came the reply.

Indeed the two “bugs” were reaching a deep canyon. It’s edges reaching upward, toward the sky like castle spires. The sun reflected of its sheer walls in reds and oranges.

The leading ship kicked in a boost of speed, for the canyon was only one ship wide. They kept going, kicking up grass, dust, and gravel as they zipped through the narrow pass. When it clearly looked like the leading ship would win, the second ship seemed to lift higher off the ground and come straight at the first. Then, it angled itself in mid-air, shot to the right, climbed up the steep canyon wall, and barrel-rolled to the front, nearly landing on the first ship. Now the second was in the lead.

“What the- How’d you do that?” The losing ship exclaimed, seeming out of breath.

“Anti-gravity field. These speeders are able to hover sideways, and upside-down.” The second voice said, matter-of-factly. “C’mon, I’ve beaten you enough for today. Let’s head back to the shop.”

The two ships sped off a little further until they saw their destination. A great white tower loomed and glistened in the distance. Its base could easily surround the two ships, tip to tip.

Today, the large outdoor market was bustling, for it was quite a beautiful day. Xanitaur, Kez, and even the occasional Dracon, came to trade, sell, or purchase the many goods found their. That was exactly what the young Xanitaur maiden, Karissa, was doing.

However, the two ships weren't heading for the castle, they were heading to the small mechanic building just outside its Western outer wall.

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