Birth of Heroes: Part 2

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 09, 2007

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Submitted: April 09, 2007



The hanger the two ships landed in was, in a word, messy. Things of such beauty and excellence didn’t seem so belong in a place like this. With controls and monitors stacked from the debris filled floor, to the stained roof. All the tools you could imagine where probably somewhere in the building; Either on the floor, or a shelf, or a box, or any other number of things. Various creations, in the making or demolishing, were piled in the corners too.

“Well Michello, you run a good race. You gave the Fly II a run for it‘s money.” Said a Xanitaur, poking his head out of the roof of the ship. The top was slowly shifting so he could step in and out.

“I try Teias, I try.” Said Michello, he too stepping out of the glossy craft. “Now, you're sure we could borrow these? They are your dad’s newest models.” He then continued, flicking a speck off the Fly I’s seamless surface.

“Oh yeah, just as long as we get out of here before he gets back!” Teias said, running toward the exit, beginning to shut the hanger bay doors as he went. Michello ran after him, Yes, but this is one race I will win.

After passing the guards and entering into the castle, the two Xanitaur lounged around one of the parapets overlooking the market. The sun was just past its great arch. Already, long shadows crept over the land.

“May the gods of love bless me.” Whispered Michello.

“What was that?” Teias asked, coming to lean on the barricade with his friend. “Don’t tell me you see my sister down there. Honestly.”

“I can’t help it man. She is the image of beauty. A glowing crystal in a cave of darkness. She is like the sun; she’s here, yet I can’t touch her.

His friend tried not to laugh, and failed. “I think you’ve been racing too long my friend. Where in the worlds did you hear that load of garbage?”

Michello looked up from his reverie indignantly, yet smiled. “Actually I overheard some old Dracon telling someone‘s future. Poor guy.” They both laughed and looked back down on their home.

It was true, Karissa truly was beautiful to almost any Xanitaur’s standards. However, at the moment she was only interested in getting things from the market. The two Xanitaur watched her from the tower as she moved from stall to stall looking at food, jewelry, toys, and the many different colored, cape-like stiffs. The two also watched her talk to a young Kez sitting outside his stall. He seemed to be roughly the same age, but with the Kez, it is sometimes hard to tell. After she had gotten a few things, plus a new stiff from the Kez, she walked down to her house on the end of the grass-trampled street.

“Still, what I wouldn’t do to at least get to know her.” Michello continued, following her down the street with his eyes.

“Hmm. Although what you’re doing is basically stalking my sister, I'll tell ya what; My family is inviting Elder Perfin to dinner tonight. How about you join us? I’ll introduce you.”

“Teias, Perfin and I are friends with you, even Karissa, and me. I don’t need to be introduced.” Michello said, raising a ridged eyebrow.

“Are you really that stupid? Listen Mitch; you and me are best friends, but you worry me sometimes.”

“Hey hey! C’mon now, some friend. I know you want to introduce me to Karissa. Thanks man.”

“Whew, you had me scared.” Teias said, giving Michello a shove. They both headed down the ramparts and were soon among the fading crown of the market.

“Valandiil, come back to your studying.” Whispered a serpentine voice from inside the hut. It was getting rather warm out, but it was breezy. However, Valandiil was glad to get back inside. Even after talking to that female Xanitaur and watching her walk home from his small stiff stall.

“Yes father Kelton.” Answered Valandiil, strutting back inside.

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