A Kiss for Luck

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Reunited after college, a group of high-school friends join again. They find that they're feelings are still strong, and so are their tensions.

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Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



The two shapes were intertwined against a beautiful backdrop of a summer sunset. There was a gentle breeze blowing from behind Jim Lambert, and it ruffled Kat Jackson’s hair wonderfully. They broke apart for a second.

“A kiss for good luck.” Whispered Kat.

“I sure came home safe.” Replied Jim.

Their figures met again. The cameras zoomed out to reveal the full landscape.

“…And cut!” Yelled the director, Matt Cameron. “You did good guys, but Kat, you gotta make it a little sweeter… you sounded a little sarcastic.”

“You got it, Matt.”

“Take 3, then.”

Jim walked out of the shot, but Kat stayed. She straightened her hair a bit and stood so that the camera got a three-quarter view of her looking off into the distance. Owen, Jim’s character, walked up behind her; he stopped about six feet away.

“Penny?” He said, incredulously.

“Owen?” She turned and ran to him. Her arms wound themselves around his neck, and she kissed him.

They broke apart for a moment.

“A kiss for luck.” Kat whispered, as much in sweet remembrance as she could muster.

“Well, I sure came home safe.”

They leaned in again.

“…And cut! That was great guys, umm… That dress looks fantastic on you, Kat, just so you know. Yep, sexy, I like how it looks on your figure.”

“Thanks Matt.” Kat said, blushing a little.

“Hey, Matt, you haven’t told me how handsome I look in uniform,” said Jim, faking annoyance.

“You look very handsome, Jim… don’t worry… Real hot, I’m burning up over here.”

Kat giggled. Matt was always so funny, sometimes a little too sarcastic, but she didn’t mind.

Later, as she was leaving, Matt came up to Kat.

“A kiss for luck?” He asked in a teasing tone that masked real anxiety.

“What do we need luck for? We know ‘A Soldier’s Journey’ is going to be awesome.”

“Kiss me anyways.”

“Matt… Fine, just this once.”

“C’mon, don’t act like you don’t love me too.”

“Matt!” Kat said indignantly.

“You told me Kat, don’t forget that.” He snagged a kiss before he jumped in the back of his limousine.

Kat stood there blushing for a minute before calling a taxi. Kat, Jim, and Matt had known each other as children. When Kat was 13, they made an adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey with a few of their friends. The idea never really left Matt; he always thought he could do a better job. So, once he was 23 and out of college, he called the two central characters back together to make a student film “A Soldier’s Journey”.

It was another adaptation of the odyssey, this time, set during the World War 2. Owen had to go off to war and Penny, his girl, stayed at home. Like in the Odyssey, she always stayed true to him even though she was the prettiest girl in town. She never expected him to come back, especially when it was reported that his fleet had been destroyed.

At the time of the first film Matt made with Kat and Jim, Kat had fallen for Jim. Eventually, she became sure that Jim had no feelings at all for her because she told him and he basically started to ignore her. After that Kat started looking around, though she was still infatuated with Jim. Matt in particular appealed to her. He was more her friend than any of the other boys she knew, and he was nicer and less annoying than most of them.

That’s when she fell for Matt, but she never really gave up on Jim. The three of them, stayed together just as friends and Kat even went through many boyfriends very half-heartedly. All her relationships were short-lived and they always ended in nasty arguments. Her exes would never talk to her again, so her only real guy friends were the ones she had made a long time ago. Girls would generally ignore her because of her reputation and the fact that she would accidentally steal their boyfriends’ hearts.

When the three reunited after Matt was out of college, Kat and Jim were 22, and both boys changed their perspectives on Kat. It was most unfortunate for all of them. Matt was the most open about it, he always asked for kisses or he wanted to take her to dinner; he followed her around everywhere. Jim was quite shy about it, especially because he had known for so long that she liked him and for so long, he had always made nothing of it; he just kept her as a friend. Jim had a hard time confessing to her, but her heart was torn between them, as it had been for so many years.

It was lucky for Kat, that Matt’s brother Andy did the casting. Otherwise, Jim would have been the grocery store manager and the movie wouldn’t have been as romantic because the lead would have been Kat’s least favorite person. Andy followed the lines of the casting for the first Odyssey adaptation, and him as the antagonist and Jim as the main character.

During the taxi ride to her apartment that she shared with Beatrice, usually known as Trice, Kat thought over what Matt had said. She remembered the moment when it just slipped out that she was in love with him and Jim. They had been at the sight of one of the scenes, and Matt was complaining about how Jim was always the lucky one. Kat made a snappy comment that it could have been Matt, and he should shut up and be happy because Jim wasn’t her boyfriend. After that, Matt did shut up and they got on with the filming.

When the taxi pulled up in front of 8997 Ashland, Kat hopped out and gave the taxi driver two twenties and told him to keep the change. Kat had always been in the habit of paying with whole twenties because she had never been short of money for her whole life and she always had most of what she wanted. Kat had a car, but she rarely used it because she didn’t like driving.

Kat fished her keys out of her over-sized handbag from coach and she unlocked the front door. Trice heard her tromping up the stairs, and she stood in wait for her roommate to come up the stairs; they lived on the second floor. The two girls shared a room, but they divided it across the middle so that each girl got her own half to decorate. Kat and Trice shared their favorite color, blue. So the walls were blue.

Kat’s half of the room had a few pictures that she had painted. The twin-sized bed had a blue and white flowery quilt, blue sheets, and a white frame. A small white open cube with large blue dots on it sat next to her bed. A silver reading lamp sat in the corner farthest away and it shone on the nightstand. A purple diary that she had gotten from her mother lay closed in the middle of her table with a pen lying diagonally across it. Her Mac book was stored inside of the cube along with a few of her favorite books. Along her wall, there was a small bookshelf where she kept her textbooks and notebooks, painstakingly organized by subject; each course even had it’s own color scheme. She had three outfits, one each for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; every Sunday, she would lie out what she would wear for the next week.

Trice had a picture that her mom had sent on the wall next to her bed. Her twin-sized bed had a plain pink quilt, and white sheets. She had pink nightstand where she kept a white reading lamp. Her diary was pink and it sat on top of a few cluttered papers and a couple of pictures of her long-time boyfriend, Kev. Her dell laptop sat in the bottom of her nightstand with an assortment of books on top of it, each with a random sheet of paper stuck in it to serve as a bookmark. On her wall, there was also a bookshelf with her textbooks and notebooks grouped together by subject. Below the shelf, she had her shoes laid out; a pair of pink flip-flops, blue flip-flops, black flats, white heels, black heels, and pink slippers. On top of her bookshelf, she had her clothes in piles: short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and sweaters/jackets.

“Hey, Trice!” Said Kat as she came in to the apartment. She kicked off her black heels and replaced them with blue flip-flops.

“Hi, Kat! What’s up? You look like you had a rough day.”

“Matt was just reminded me of who I’m in love with.”

“Kat, you’ve got to admit, he is really sweet.”

“Always has been, Trice… He never changes.”

“He changed once.”


“He fell in love with you.”
“Oh, right. That change.”

“Yes, that change, Kat. That very important change.”
“That very important change that made my life ever so much easier.” She rolled her eyes.
“Come on Kat, you would have fallen for him anyways.”

“Yeah, I know… How’s Kev?” Kev was Trice’s boyfriend, another childhood friend.

“Kev is working right now, he’s two years older than us, remember?”

“Yeah… it’s the 13th right?”

“Uh huh, why?”

“Jim’s birthday is tomorrow, August 14. Matt’s is in two months.”

“October 19, I know.”

“What should I get him? Jim, I mean.”

“I don’t know, what does he like?”
“You know what he likes, I just want it to be something special.”
“Being from you, it’s going to be important to him anyways.”

“True… I’d better start getting ready, I’m going to dinner with Matt and Jim because we finished with the movie.”

“Have fun!”

“Don’t worry, I will, lots of fun.”

Kat walked off into her bedroom. She pulled a box out from under her bed, where she kept her extra clothes. An old skirt caught her eye. It was white with blue flowers. It was the same skirt that she had worn when she nearly mooned all the boys she knew. She had bent over to get something in her bag, forgetting that she was wearing a very short skirt. Luckily, she had leggings on underneath, but she would never forget Matt’s comment, “All skirts should be just like that one.” He apologized afterwards; it was only fitting.

She picked the skirt up; it was still in good shape even after nine years. She found a white camisole and a blue sweater. And just remembered a pair of black shorts, just in case she bent over like that again. With one sweeping motion, she put her hair up and pinned it. Pearl earrings and a necklace completed the outfit. Kat wiped off her movie make-up and replaced it with a dash of blush eye-shadow and a thin line of eyeliner. Her mascara was re-done and a hint of cherry lip-gloss finished the effect.

“Bye Trice, I’m going to walk. Don’t stay up for me; I might be out late. But help me get the door shut if either of them is trying to get in. Bye!”

“Bye Kat!” Trice called after her as the door slammed shut.

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