Andromeda: The Spiders

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Andromeda, the name as old as the stars. She is only one of the five. Together, they are supposedly unstoppable, and they have made it through a lot, but are they truly unstoppable?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Incident 1

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Chapter 1: Incident 1

Pain. It describes just about everything right now.

Disaster. What happened 3.41 seconds ago.

Injured. How everyone else around me is.

I still can’t let them get the Destroyer. Luckily for everyone, I am mostly uninjured. All the people around me, all the innocents, are still lying in a daze. Rubble keeps falling from the ceiling, and I know that this structure will not hold much longer.

I cannot waste any time. Scanning for spiders, I cautiously stand. A telltale clicking noise echoes around the space. Pinpointing the direction it’s coming from, I can see it’s going right for the Destroyer. The only way to get there in time is quite risky.

Running over the side of the big pile of rubble, I accidentally kick some of it down onto the injured below me. No time for guilt now, I have a mission. The Destroyer hasn’t even moved. The spider almost makes it there before me, but I manage to crash into it first. It roles over to the side, and I wait for it to rise.

It stands slowly. As it stands, its shadow creeps over me. The spider must be 10 feet tall at the least. It’s pincers click at me. I feel movement behind me. Turning is my mistake. At least the Destroyer is standing now. Pain rips through me as the spider’s pincers close.

I can feel myself screaming. All I see is red and I can smell blood way too strongly. I can feel fire running through my veins. Then it ends. I am stuck in my own subconscious, a place of terror that I have not visited for so long.

All the monsters that have ever hunted me chase me now, but my wings no longer unfold and I cannot run. And then I see the Destroyer lying on the ground, unconscious. The monsters abandon their attack on me to kill him. I watch in horror as they lunge for him, but I forgot one of the abominations.

I wake. The scream dies in my throat when I see all those who surround me. Klapp stares at me sternly. Glitter smiles like she pities me. Ren looks at me; he can give me confidence like no other can. I open my mouth to speak, but Ren beats me to it.

“Andromeda, there was a lot of damage. I couldn’t… I tried, but I couldn’t… I’m sorry.”

“What happened? Ren?”

“You lost your legs, your wings and your left hand.”


“The spider almost killed you, we are all glad that you made it. There was a period when… we weren’t sure if you would survive.”

I sigh. I should be happy that I am still alive, but it somehow doesn’t feel right. I can still feel my limbs and they feel exactly the same. Cautiously pull the sheet away to reveal elaborate pieces of machinery. The engineering is unbelievable. All the actual pieces of metal are encased in clear durable plastic.

The new limbs imitate the actual ones perfectly. Every joint is there and the contours match mine. They really are pieces of art. I lift my left hand to examine it. Tiny gears spin as I move the fingers. I notice that there are blades folded into the nails.

“What are these for?” I ask Ren.

“Something I thought might come in useful for a fight. They will switch out when you want them to, but you can lock them if you want. I would advise locking them now.”

I concentrate on locking them and they stay still even when I try to use them. When I think, “unlock” and then try to use them, the blades swivel out. Now I have claws on my left hand, which gives them a good use during fighting, other than stabilizing me and holding extra weapons.

There’s only one thing now that no one’s really said anything about.

“What about my wings?”

“They are metal now, but they are more durable and lighter than they were before. They should be much more powerful so you can fly faster.”

“When can I try them?”

“When you’re healed. Just a few days ago, you were basically dead. Don’t try to fly for a while, the muscles in your shoulders need a bit of time to heal around the metal.”

“We should leave her alone now, she looks a bit tired.” Says Glitter.

She touches Ren on the shoulder. He nods once more to me, pleased that I like his handiwork. Glitter grabs his arm and drags him out of the door. I wonder what that’s about; she was never like this before.

I look around; Klapp is the only person who still stands at the foot of my bed. He gives me a small smile now. He is wearing his cape and mask. The mask leaves holes for his eyes and a piece comes down to protect his nose. His gold plated sword rests in its scabbard at his side.

“You are wondering why I am in full gear.” He states.


“We have a fight to go to. The Destroyer will be here in the HQ, but all the rest of us will be fighting. Don’t worry; the spiders aren’t expecting us this time. We should be back by 16:00. If not, lockdown procedures are in order. Press the blue button on the control.”

He hands me a small device that fits easily in the palm of my right hand. There is a blue a button and a purple button.

“What’s the purple one for?”

“That’s if we come back after you’ve gone through lockdown. The monitor, up there, will show you the 5 doors we will possibly come in through. The other 3 are closed and locked and protected by a few robots.”


They all leave me alone here and I wonder where the Destroyer is. All they leave behind is an invalid who cannot fight. With this happy thought, I close my eyes and try to get to sleep.

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