Dear Diary (from Al)

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March 23, 2011

Hey Joe, it’s Al again!

Today is Wednesday, my favorite day of the week, kind of. This is the day where I get to see all of my friends. Yep, starts out at a 9:30 am, early for us homeschoolers. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my exact schedule so here goes



9:30 – 10:40

French 1 – boring, boring, boring

10:45 – 10:55

Dream Circle – this one’s just weird, luckily it’s a small class

12:00 – 1:55

LUNCH!!! – yay, food

2:00 – 3:10

Geometry – argh, math

3:15 – 2:30

Art – hahahaha… my art is horrible

So now you know. Don’t you feel empowered Joe? And that’s what I did today.

My bestest buddy Kim is in all my classes except for Geometry, lucky her. But I get to make myself feel better because she isn’t even as good as me at math. It gives me a little ego boost, which is very important sometimes. I’ve only known Kim for three years because before that, she lived in Alabama. I forgot why she moved here, but I’m glad for it because I was always hanging with the boys before then. Having a good friend who is a girl has stopped me from spending all my time with the boys, but I still hang with them a lot.

Just this spring session of classes, there has been a new family. I don’t really know where they came from, but they have a lot of money so they will make good friends. The older one is a boy named Justin and the younger one is a girl named Callie. Callie is in 6th grade making her two years younger than me, so I don’t know her very well. Justin is a year older than me and he is cute. Yeah, should I repeat that Joe? I just said, “Justin is cute.” My brain must really be going funny.

And now what was I saying? Oh right, I was talking about what happened today. Kev is my best guy friend; I’ve known him for like 12 years. I’m only in French and Geo with him. Anyways, during Geo he was sitting across the room from Kim and me. I just realized for the first time that he has beautiful eyes. They are grey like the sky over the ocean just as it’s beginning to clear after a storm. The only reason I noticed this was because the problems were really boring. Kev and I have a habit of doing “sign language” to communicate with each other from other sides of the room. He wasn’t saying anything interesting, so I was gazing into his eyes.

Well, that’s really it for today Joe.

Write you later,


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